Brainstorming Ideas

Today is the first day in a long time that I feel like I could write some fiction.  During that lull in time I have been thinking about what to write next. I've dabbled with the idea of writing a 5th arc to fs02, but I'm not sure where I want to go with it … Continue reading Brainstorming Ideas



It’s always great to see a Domme with a love for fur.

Journey to Submission???

Fur. It’s sexy and feels good, especially when rubbed against my breasts.

What is the fascination with fur? There are a great many men who have a fur fetish and a great many woman who, if not have an obsession, at least take immense enjoyment from wearing it.

It’s understandable. There is nothing else like the feeling of fur against bare skin. The soft, silky texture of it, running your hands over it, watching the fur ripple as you do. Delicious.

I have two fur coats in my possession. A short mink and a long beaver (I am Canadian after all!) When I wear them, I feel sexy and somehow powerful. I have worn them during a scene to put me on the mood. However to be honest I don’t keep the fur on for very long because I get a bit heated.  Just long enough to feel the fur…

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Erotica Short: In the Hands of a Sadist

I tremble as I feel the cool leather of her gloves take my wrist in hand and close the padlock, locking chain to wrist. Her eyes consciously avoid mine. Her face is calm and stoic. My naked body shivers in the cool basement air. The quiet hum of the electric fan whirs in the distance, … Continue reading Erotica Short: In the Hands of a Sadist

Erotica Short: A Quick Scene

Author's Note:  I almost decided not to post this.  I wrote it quickly because I was wanting to feel something other than what I was feeling but I wasn't able to channel my writing mental space nearly as well as I would have liked.  I figured I should post it anyways.  It is written from … Continue reading Erotica Short: A Quick Scene

fs02: A Domme’s View – Arc 4 – Chapter 46

Chapter 46 The alarm blares and I open my eyes. Ugh. Already? I feel Brendan’s legs shaking. “What’s wrong, pet?” “I have to pee, Mistress.” I let out a laugh and reach for the keys… which are… uh… somewhere. I roll out of bed. I don’t want to get up. Not on the nightstand. Not … Continue reading fs02: A Domme’s View – Arc 4 – Chapter 46

fs02: A Domme’s View – Arc 4 – Chapter 45

Chapter 45 We sit in silence at the grave. I just hold him. His trembling soon slows. I pet his hair. I lose myself in thought and realize another missing piece of my dominance. Even with James I never really saw my role as being a nurturing force as much as I saw it as … Continue reading fs02: A Domme’s View – Arc 4 – Chapter 45