fs01 – Arc 1 – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Kimmy hates me.  Kimmy is Mistress’s new wife and sub.  She’s 12 years younger than Mistress and they are almost polar opposites.  While Mistress is tall, elegant, slender, and refined, Kimmy is short, built like an hourglass with enormous breasts, shallow, and her mouth works without a filter.  An outsider might say she has spunk.  She makes my life a living hell.

“Fuck you! Don’t look at me!” Kimmy shouts, holding up her middle finger in my direction.
I don’t look. I know what she’s doing. Kimmy’s hand moves furiously, her eyes stay on her tablet.
“Get the fuck out!  How am I supposed to cum with a sissy fag in the room?”
I leave the room, I know better than to tempt the dragon. Kimmy loves to masturbate in the living room watching various types of porn.
“Fuck face, get back in here!”  I return to the room, eyes on the floor.  I can’t speak, Kimmy doesn’t like the sound of my voice so I wear a gag daily.  I kneel before her and bow my head.  She slaps me across the face.  Tears well up.
“Sissy maid gonna cry?” she mocks.  “Bring me a beer and a hair brush.”  I scurry from the room and return moments later, presenting them both on a silver tray.  Kimmy grabs the beer, takes a drink, and sets it down on the table.  No coaster.  If I don’t clean that up before Mistress returns I’ll get punished.  She yanks the tray from my hands and sets it on the table.  I close my eyes.  I feel a tug at my neck.  Kimmy pulls me to my knees by my collar and shoves my chest and shoulders onto the couch.  She climbs on, I feel her rear on the back of my neck.  I gasp for air with my face buried in the couch.  The back of my maid’s dress rises.
“I…” smack.
“Fucking…” smack.
“Hate…” smack.
“You…” smack.
“You…” smack.
“Lousy…” smack.
“Piece…” smack.
“Of shit…” smack.  I begin to weep.  She continues.
“Why…” smack, harder.
“Don’t…” smack, harder.
“You….” smack.  I yelp behind the gag, sobbing.
“Just…” smack.
“Fucking…” smack.
“DIE!” smack, left cheek, right cheek left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek. I flail to resist. I can’t touch her, it’s not permitted.  She climbs off and pins me down by my neck.
“I just wanted to remind you what I thought of you, in case you had forgotten,” she sneers.
“Go finish your fucking chores and get away from me.”
I stand and take a step.
“Oh, I forgot, Mistress wanted me to tell you to have the driveway and walkways all shoveled by the time she gets home.  It really came down earlier.”
I look at the clock, it’s 4:57pm.  Panic.  Mistress will be home at 5:20.  I hurry to the closet.  I can’t find them.  My coat.  My boots. My mittens.  They aren’t here.
“Better hurry up, asshole!” shouts Kimmy with glee.  I hurry to the garage.  The big shovel is gone.  I take the little one.  The wind bites the exposed flesh on my thighs.  My cheeks burn, fingers sting. I dig with all my might.  The shovel bows under the weight.  Smaller scoops.  Must hurry.  Faster.  I’m cold.  I’m freezing.  Work faster. I hear a creak and watch the gate open.  Mistress is home.  I watch her large black SUV drive up.  It pauses and the window rolls down.
“You were supposed to be finished by now, pet!”
I hang my head in shame.
“Why aren’t you wearing your coat?”
I shrug my shoulders.
“Pet!” I am afraid.  I am sad.  Her irritation comes through loud and clear.
“No dinner for you until this is done.  Come in and cook.”  The window rolls up and the car passes me into the garage. I want to cry.  I enter the room.  Kimmy clings to her arm.
“Did my little fur girl miss her Mistress?”
“I missed you so much, Mistress.  I love you.”
“I brought you a present.”
“What is it?” I doubt her excitement is genuine.  Mistress retrieves a pink fur scarf from her bag and wraps it around Kimmy’s neck, sliding it back and forth like a strip tease.
“I love it, Mistress!” Kimmy squeals.  They wrap arm in arm and look into each other’s eyes.
“Kimmy, why didn’t the maid finish shoveling?”
“He’s lazy.  I told him about it this morning when I let him out and he said he didn’t want to go outside in such a sissy coat and boots and he would do it later.  I thought he was full of shit so I gagged him.”
Mistress lets out a sigh.
“You’ll never guess what he did later, Mistress.  Come and look.”  I watch them depart to the living room.
“Maid! Get in here now!” Mistress is angry.  I walk into the room with a bowed head.  I trace Mistress’s arm and follow her finger.  I see the coffee table.  “FUCK YOU!” written in lipstick.
“He ruined my lipstick and made a big mess.  He’s such a jerk to me and so mean, I wish you’d just get rid of him.  I hope it’s okay I spanked him.”
“You did the right thing, Kimmy.  I think the maid will have some answering to do later tonight.”  I catch a glimpse of Kimmy’s eyes in passing.  They stab me.

As I prepare dinner they talk as if I’m not here.  Kimmy sprawls across Mistress’s lap.  Kimmy loves to flirt.  Mistress’s eyes glow while they speak.  It wasn’t supposed to be this way.  I watch from the corner of my eye.  Mistress laughs and plays with Kimmy’s breasts.  Kimmy touches herself through her shorts.  Kimmy is Mistress’s cum slut.  Her cute little ski bunny.  Her fur princess.  Mistress revels in Kimmy’s overtly sexual nature.  It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Dinner is finished.  I serve them, watching Mistress enjoy the food.  It makes me happy, I cook with love.  I stand at attention, ready to refill the wine, ready for anything.  They finish eating.  Mistress approaches me.  I hang my head.
“Where is your coat?”
I shrug.
“Is it true you wouldn’t wear it because it’s ‘too sissy?’”
I shake my head no.  Our eyes meet.  Mistress knows I hate that coat.
“Have it your way.”  She hooks her finger onto the ring of my collar and pulls.  Her long strides leave me stumbling to follow.  Down the hall, into the coat closet.
“Were you freezing out there, maid?”
I nod.  She pulls off my maid’s cap and tosses it over her shoulder.  Mistress turns to Kimmy’s side of the closet.  Her hands find a “cute” pink hat with a huge fur pom pom.  I lower my head and she puts it on me.
“Hey, that’s mine!” Kimmy exclaims from the doorway.
“I’ll get you another one, sweetie,” coos Mistress.
My eyes dart around, following Mistress’s hands.  She picks up a pair of huge pink fur earmuffs and puts them on me over the hat.  My face flushes bright red.
“Hah! Look at his face!” shouts Kimmy. “It looks like he’s in pain!” Kimmy laughs.
Mistress continues in silence.  A fur scarf and some matching mittens with big fur cuffs.
“Show Kimmy how cute you look, maid.”  I whimper and turn facing the door.  Kimmy’s laughs fill the room, she continues and soon holds her sides.
“I think he’s perfect, Mistress.  I think you should plug him with a fur tail.”
My body stiffens at the thought.
“I think the maid is much much cuter this way, don’t you Kimmy?”  Please don’t do this, Mistress.  My eyes tear up.
“Definitely, I think we should keep him this way all the time!”  I feel sick.  Mistress rubs the scarf up and down my cheeks.  My sex strains against the confines of the belt.  I can smell her.  I love her.  It wasn’t supposed to be this way.
“Maid, you’ll wear these as part of your uniform until Kimmy can design you a new one.  I think she’ll love doing that.”  My heart sinks.  She swats me on the ass.  I let out a muffled yelp, the bruises from Kimmy’s beating earlier are tender.
“Go finish the driveway and walkway.”  Kimmy makes faces at me as I walk by.

Hours later I finish the snow removal.  Inside there’s a piece of bread on a plate next to a bowl of water.  The bread is stale.  I’m starving and eat what I am given.  I look at the clock.  It’s 9:30.  Time for punishment with Mistress.

I go down the stairs and enter the basement.  It’s chilly the way she likes it.  I adapt quickly, sleep here every night.  Kimmy is supposed to turn up the heat when I’m in my cage but she never does.  Mistress is in the dungeon, waiting. I scurry forward and kneel before her.  I feel her hand on my head.  I bow lower and kiss her feet.  First the right, then the left.  She wears her fur trimmed velvet robe and hat.  I feel the strain of the belt.  I love her.  I endure for these moments.
“Up,” she commands.  I keep my head low and quickly rise, moving to the marks.  I spread my legs wide and place my hands behind my back.  Mistress fastens the steel shackles around each ankle.  I steal a glimpse of her form.  My Queen.  I raise my arms forming my body into an X.  I feel the cold steel of the shackle click around my wrist.  Her hair brushes against my face.  The smell intoxicates me.  I crave her.  The other shackle clicks shut.

She paces across the wall, pressing the red button.  The whir of the motor groans.  I feel the cuffs pull taut.  I strain as it spreads me apart.  I bark in discomfort.  This is farther than normal.  Mistress is upset.  My legs strain from the stress.  My hands tingle.
“Naughty little slave.  I’ve warned you about giving Kimmy trouble and today you were late with your chores.”  Her voice is cold, deliberate.  My spine tingles.  Hairs stand on end.  I fear her.
“And what’s this about refusing to wear the coat I had made for you?  It matches perfectly with your maid’s outfit.”
I scream “No” but the gag blocks the words.  It’s not true, Mistress, it’s not true.
“I think today we’ll use the strap. ” She paces across the room towards the wall of evil.  My arms flail, shaking the chains.  I sob.  Please, stop.  She calmly retrieves the prison strap from its hook.  She snaps it in her hands and I flinch.  Tears flow freely.  Muted howls.  Mistress approaches me.  She moves the handle, tracing a ring around my nipple.  I strain.  With her other hand she lifts the front of my dress.  Tap tap tap the handle bangs against the metal tube imprisoning me.
“Only 147 more days.”  She smirks.  I let out a groan.  Her eyebrows arch.  I know this looks well.  Mistress is wet.
“Your service today was poor, slave.  I think you need a reminder of what happens for poor service.”
My jaw strains, “No, no, no, please, no!” but a mess of low groans and mumbles fill the air.
“Good, I’m glad you agree, slave.”  Her paces steal her from my view.  The cloth of my dress dances on my legs, moving upward.  She secures it to the hook on the back of my belt.  Her gloved hand caresses my bruised buttocks.  I wince.
“Kimmy really did a number on you.”  I flail my arms with limited success.
“A punishment like this doesn’t deserve a warm up…” Smack.  I shriek.  Pain.  Tears.  Smack.   Sobs fill my lungs.  Smack.  I cry out.  I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.   Smack.  I wail.  Smack.  The world blurs, my eyes obscured by their flow.  Smack.  I shudder and shake in response.  A low growl seeps out from behind the gag.  Smack.  My body recoils on impact.  Smack.  Someone please save me.  Smack. My body collapses and falls limp against the shackles.  That was only 9.  Smack.

I can’t move.  I barely exist.  The whir of the motor lowers my limp form.  I hear a click and I slump to the side.  Another click and my chest meets the floor.   A tug at my ankle, then the other.   I feel the gag shake in my mouth.  Her hands are on my lead.  The rustling of the buckle and free.  I can only weep.  The bruises will last for weeks.
“You may speak.”
I lose myself.
“I love you, Mistress.  I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!”  The pitch of my voices dances from desperate to falsetto between sobs.
“Oh, my pet.”  Warmth returns to her voice.  I feel her arms on my shoulders. The soft embrace of her bosom on my back.
“Kimmy didn’t tell you about the shoveling until it was too late, didn’t she?”
I nod.  I can’t speak.  I sniffle.
“And you couldn’t find your coat because she hid it?”
I nod.  Mistress strokes my head.  It feels different with the hat on instead of my hair.
“The lipstick was her, too.”
I nod again.  Mistress knows, she knows everything.
“Do you remember our first month?”
“Yes, Mistress.” My voice is tiny.
“Do you remember the fantasies you wrote for me?”
“Yes, Mistress, a new one each day.”
“Do you remember the one about the two Dommes, and only one likes you?”
I nod.  My body trembles.
“Do you remember the one about chastity and once a year orgasms?”
I nod again.
“Do you remember the one about the sissy maid?”
I nod.  Regret enters my heart.
“Do you remember the one about being an abused slave locked in chains?”
I cup my arms around her waist.
“How about the one about me taking a femsub and humiliating you?”
I squeeze her.
“Do you remember how we met?”
I nod vigorously.
“Venus in Furs seeks a Severin to compliment her Wanda.”
I feel her petting the fur.  My ears, my hat, my neck.  She is my Goddess.
“You are my Severin.  Am I your Wanda?”
“Yes, Mistress.  I love you.  You… own… my heart… and my soul.”
“I love you too, pet.  You are mine.  I know you will endure this.”
“I hope so, Mistress.”  My voice squeaks with a hint if tears.
“I know you will, pet.  This is as much for me as it is for you.  You’d still be here even without the contract.”

She rises.  I kiss her feet.  First the right, then the left.  I press my forehead to the ground at her feet.
“You really do get me, pet.”
I look up.  Her smile is warm enough to fill the room.
“You may kiss me, once.”
I rise to my knees, press my face to her robe.  It smells of her.  My head spins with love and desire.  I trace the contours of her body with my nose.  I can smell her sex.  I touch my lips to the robe, press its fur against her and kiss.  She lets out a low moan.  Her passion boils.
“Thank you, Mistress.”
She smiles.  Happiness enters my heart.
“Speech privileges removed.”
I lower my head.
“Finish up your chores and be on call.  I have to go take care of Kimmy, she’s aching to feel me inside her.  You know how she gets if I make her wait.”
My face turns red.  I’m jealous but I won’t disappoint Mistress.  I watch her pace across the room.   Longing.  Only three more days until I can taste her again.  My sex presses against the metal hell locked around my waist.  I need her.  Longing.

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