fs01 – Arc 1 – Chapter 8.1 Bonus Extra

Author’s Notes: This is the first “bonus chapter” for my fs01 series.  The bonus chapters are ideas that I wanted to write into the story line but didn’t really fit for one reason or another.  Part of the feel of the original work was that I wanted to have a build up of “ever increasing adversity” that reached a climax of intensity before winding down.  The “major events” followed this pattern as well, putting the protagonist through extensive physical or mental stress and then balancing it with intimacy and feeling of  emotional closure (originally parts 3 and 4 were intended to be a single chapter as well as 5/6, and 7/8).

Unfortunately, this pattern prevented me from flushing out a handful of ideas that were part of my original brainstorm outline.  They were either a step back from the buildup or just weren’t part of the flow.  I guess you could think of these as being part of the “director’s cut.”

This specific chapter would have fallen between chapters 1 and 2.  This occurs before the bonding events between fs and Theresa in part 6.  As of this point in time, Theresa would be familiar with fs, but the two haven’t really spoken at all on a personal level.

Chapter 8.1
The Contract Signing

I sit at a large wooden meeting table.  Mistress is to my left. Theresa sits across from me.  A large stack of papers sits in front of me.  It was 4 days ago that Mistress let me know about Kimmy.  They leave tomorrow to go on a trip together for a week.  Kimmy will move in after that.

Mistress knows that I fear she will abandon me… that Kimmy will replace me in her heart and I will be all alone.  Her solution to subdue my fears was to create a binding labor contract that will make it nearly impossible for me to leave her or for her to dismiss me.  Theresa was in charge of making that happen by taking advantage of any legal means necessary.  To make my bond to Mistress legal.

“Are you ready, pet?” asks Mistress. I’m nervous.  She senses this.
“Yes, Mistress.  I’m ready.”
“fs, the papers in front of you represent several legal means to bind the two of you together.  The first packet is for Power of Attorney.  The document here is a durable Power of Attorney granting all powers to manage major decisions in your life.  It also includes specific clauses for over 100 special case situations that must be itemized to be covered legally.  Do you understand what this means?”
“I believe so, Miss Theresa.  It gives Mistress the power to manage my legal affairs and act in my name on a legal level, right?”
“Pretty much, fs.  Do you understand how much power this gives her over you?”
“Yes, Miss Theresa.”
“Do you consent to give her this power willingly and of your own free will.”
“Yes, Miss Theresa.”
“fs, you’ll see a number of colored tabs.  The green tabs will require a signature.  The red tabs will require initials.  The blue tab will require your signature and a date.  Cass has already signed where she needs to.  Please read the document and sign and initial in the designated places.”

My fingers fidget.  I feel agitated.  My breathing becomes heavy. Mistress extends her hand and clasps mine.  Our eyes meet. Her face is warm and loving.
“It’s okay, pet, this is the step we’ve always wanted to take.”

I nod, flip to the first tab.  It’s green.  I sign.  The next tab, red.  I initial.  Theresa stops me.
“fs, you really should read this.  Today you are in the process of signing your life over to Cass.  Don’t you want to know exactly what it is your giving up?”
“It’s okay, Miss Theresa.  I trust Mistress.  I love her even more.  I trust you as well, Mistress speaks highly of your abilities.”

She remains silent as I flip my way through.  The scratching of the pen between the flutter of pages.  I reach the last page.  I sign and date it and pass the papers to Theresa.

“fs, I will be acting as the notary public for this document.”  She signs and stamps the document.  “Since you didn’t read it, I will mention that the the power of attorney is set to expire upon completion or termination of the contract.”
“It’s not permanent, Miss Theresa?”  She furrows her eyebrows and looks puzzled.
“No, fs, did you want it to be?”  I blush.
“Umm, Miss Theresa, I just wasn’t sure.”

Mistress smiles and lets out a small, barely audible laugh.

“fs, the next document is your labor contract.  Since I know you won’t read it before signing it, I will try to summarize the contents of its 176 pages.  To be honest, fs, this is the most lopsided contract I have ever worked on.  This contract puts you almost completely within Cass’s power with no way out for you under the threat of a very strict financial penalty.”

I nod.

“Your official title will be “maid.”  Your work hours will consist of 7 days a week service, on call 24 hours a day.  You will be entitled to 0 vacation days.  Do you understand that, fs?  You will work 365 days a year, every year.”

I nod.

“In the even that Mistress is out of town, you will be supervised by someone else that she has granted that power to.  You will not be paid, in exchange for your services you will be granted room, board, medical and dental benefits only.  This also makes her your exclusive employer and you will not be able to hold any other job that generates income.  Basically, you are not allowed to make any money for the duration of the contract.  Do you understand that, fs?”

I nod.

“In addition, any ‘tips,’ gifts, or other monetary bonuses granted by guests or other patrons will be considered Cass’s property.  The duration of the contract is 15 years.  Either party may terminate the contract with written notice and a monetary buyout of $50,000,000.  How much money do you have, fs?”

“Everything is in the control of Mistress, Miss Theresa.”  She rolls her eyes.

“So you understand, you have no way out of this for 15 years, right?”

I nod.

“Okay… as for rules.  All of the rules you currently obey with Cass are included as part of the “Code of Conduct,” any failure to obey those rules will lead to consequences listed under “Penalties.”  You may want to check those out.”

“It’s okay, Miss Theresa, I trust you.”  She closes her eyes slowly and shakes her head.

“In addition to those rules, all of the rules that were given to you by Cass have also been included.  Also, this contract allows for addenda to the terms of the code of conduct that may be added through written authorization from Cass.  Basically, she can add to or change the rules on you at any time and make them legally binding.  Do you understand that, fs?”

I nod.  She clenches her teeth.  I glance at Mistress, she looks amused.

“I will add that there are two rules that are set to benefit you.  The first of which is that Mistress, while she is in her role as primary supervisor, guarantees at least 30 minutes of “personal review” time with you every day and at least 2 hours of “specialized training” time each week.”

I smile.  Mistress squeezes my hand.  She’s beautiful.  I lover her.

“As for the penalties… these are very open ended.  fs, it grants them the ability to punish you in any way for any violation of the code of conduct.  You have no protection from this in any way. I really don’t think anyone in their right mind should sign this contract.  Do you understand?”

I nod.  She flips her pen on the table.

“I have to tell you something, fs.  This state and county have some very odd laws and legal loopholes regarding these.  When they banned the use of corporal punishment in schools, and against women, this county allows for its use on men if they grant their legal consent.   This area had a long history of indentured servitude and there are many laws that were unique to this county that are still on the books for specific cases on how to deal with them, and considering who it was that wrote the laws, you can probably guess which side it favored.  fs, if you sign this, it will give the legal right for anyone empowered as your supervisor to beat you.”

“That’s fascinating, Miss Theresa, I thought they had basically wiped out all of the laws in regards to both corporal punishment and indentured servitude.”

Theresa looks at Mistress.
“T, I’ll bet you half a pound of Cacio Bufala that you just gave him an erection.”
“Stand up for Theresa, pet.”  I blush and do as I’m told.
“Pull the sides of your pant legs back and show her, pet.”

I pull the pants back.  My tent is clearly visible.  My face burns brightly as I hang my head.

“Damn it, Cass.  So I’ll take that as a sign that you are okay with all of this so far, fs?”

I nod.

“You may sit, pet.”  I release my pants and sit.

“In addition, fs, there is also a county law that anyone who attempts to flee from a labor contract may be hunted down by an empowered posse and returned to their employee using ‘any amount of force deemed necessary for retrieval.’”

“Care for another bet, T?”
“No way, he’s probably still hard from the last one.”

Theresa looks flustered but entertained.  Mistress is good at pushing her buttons in just the right way.  I smile.

“There is also a county law that allows for imprisonment and restraint used on ’employees’ that are deemed as a flight risk.”

Mistress chuckles.
“T, you are amazing at giving pet some mental pornography, you know?”

Theresa blushes and shakes her head.

“fs, there is also a stipulation that at any time Cass may loan, lend, or rent you out for your services.  Any monetary or physical benefit from such an act will be her property.”

A lump forms in my throat.

“However, that clause also includes specifically that this may only happen if the outside supervising party is female.”

I breathe a sigh of relief. Mistress squeezes my hand.  Theresa is flustered.  Mistress is having a ball.  This has turned into a game for her.

“What else…” Theresa talks to herself.  Her train of thought has been broken too many times.

“Fuck it.  Blah blah blah, maid’s uniform, blah blah blah, chastity, blah blah blah, they can hit you whenever they want to, blah blah blah, you’re broke, blah blah blah, you have no protection.  Got all that, fs?”  Her face shows a mix of displeasure and exhaustion.

“Yes, Miss Theresa, that’s fine.”

Theresa stands, extends her arms to the table, and leans on them, looking straight down.

“Lastly, If anything should happen to Cass, measures are in place to make sure you are take care of financially to put you in a position to get back on your feet.  This isn’t something pleasant to consider, but I wanted you to know that I tried to think of everything. Any questions?”

“No, Miss Theresa.”

“Well, then if you would…”
She looks up as she speaks.  I’m busy signing the 5th page. This one has a lot more places to sign.  They talk while I work.

“I owe you a bottle of wine, Cass.”  Mistress smiles.
“Yes, you do, T.  What was our other little bet again?”
Theresa responds in a sarcastic sounding voice.
“That after he signed the first page, he would sign everything else without hesitation, and ‘any delays would probably be caused by me trying to talk him out of it.’”
“I really do love you, T.  You have such a sharp memory.  I’ll be looking forward to my cheese and wine when we get back from our trip.  I’ll even share some with you.”

I finish signing.  Theresa notarizes it.
“The contract is now binding.  fs, can I ask you something?”
“Yes, Miss Theresa.”
“How could you sign away your life so easily?”
“That’s easy, Miss Theresa.”  She cuts me off.
“Love and trust, right?”
“Yes, Miss Theresa.  Love and trust.”

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