Month: February 2017

fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Author’s Note: This takes place roughly a month after Part 15.  It’s been a month since Mistress got out of the hospital.  Her recovery has been slow but steady.  Her internal injuries were severe but her body continues to heal and gain strength.  Theresa has been busy with suing the drunk driver’s insurance … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 16

fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Author’s note: This takes place the Friday after Chapter 14. I’m nervous.  I’m excited.  I’m anxious.  I haven’t seen Mistress since that first day.  I long for her.  I love her.  I haven’t been there to hold her hand.  I hold a bag with my man clothes in it.  Theresa instructed me to … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 15

fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 14

Chapter 14 I sleep very little that night.  The strap on wedged inside me throbs.  The bruising of my rear throbs.  The pillow case makes it hard to breathe.  My body aches.  My heart aches.  Mistress.  I love you. Some noises startle me.  I fight against my bonds.  No use. “Oh my God, fur!  What … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 14

fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Author’s note:  This takes place a few hours after Chapter 12. I walk in the front door.  The warmth of Dominique’s home still wraps around me.  I head to the bedroom to change. “Well, look at you.”  A voice startles me.  Unfamiliar.  Fear.  Regret.  I should have changed my clothes back at Dominique’s. … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 13

fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Morning arrives.  I wake but feel paralyzed.  I lay in bed.  Mistress’s robe presses against my body.  I bury my nose and inhale.  I slept a tiny bit last night.  If not for B and Theresa I would have been awake all night.  I rub my behind.  It’s still sore. I promise myself … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 12

fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 I wake early.  Mistress still sleeps.  I watch her on the bed from between the bars.  Her chest slowly moving up and down.  She is beautiful.  She stores my cage in her bedroom now.  It’s a vast improvement from the basement and it made me very happy.  I still long to share her … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 10