fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Author’s note: This takes place at some time after Chapter 8.

Today is a special day.  Miss Theresa is bringing over her sub, B.  Mistress told me that B wishes to observe me and learn.  I feel proud, almost like a mentor.  Mistress wants me on my best behavior.  I hope to make her proud.

The doorbell rings.  I answer it.  It’s Miss Theresa.  Mistress enters the room as I greet her.

“So where is he, T?”

Miss Theresa steps to the side.  Behind her stands a tiny figure.  They are hidden in a long purple cape.  A large hood with white fur trim hides their face from view.  A white fur muff holds their hands in front of them.  Theresa pulls back the hood.  Mistress’s eyes jump out of her head.

“T, she’s a girl?!”  The girl blushes.
“Introduce yourself, sweetie,” instructs Theresa.  She turns and nods.   She bows her head to Mistress.
“Hello, Miss Cassandra, I am B, it is a pleasure to finally meet you.”
“My God, T, she’s absolutely adorable.  That voice is so cute.”  B blushes.
Mistress turns to B and speaks.  “It’s nice to finally meet you, B, I thought I’d heard a lot about you but apparently T wasn’t telling the whole story.”  B closes her eyes and blushes again.

Mistress and Theresa make small talk as I take their coats and hang them up.  By the time I finish they are in the living room.  Mistress sits back on the couch.  Theresa is on the love seat.  B kneels in front of her.  B’s eyes are fixated on me.  I blush.

“So, T, you told me a lot, but a girl? I thought you were holding out for your unicorn.”  B blushes again.
“Well, Cass, after a month and 35,000 messages I narrowed it down to 12.  I met them all.  They all failed.  I thought that maybe my standards were too high but then I remembered something.  I received a very polite and well-written message from someone that I hadn’t considered.  I read it over and over.  This was the only one that really felt right.  It was from another woman.”
“I’m glad, T, you’ve just always been…”
“Too straight?  I don’t know if I’ve been spoiled by looking at your relationship but I just really want someone who will look at me like fs looks at you, Cass.  I wrote her back saying that I was hesitant since I am straight but I would like to talk more.  She was so thankful for being given a chance.”

B continues to blush. Her eyes are mostly on the floor but she continuously glances over at me.  Theresa keeps petting her head, running her fingers through B’s hair.

“So how old is she, T?”
“Please tell Miss Cassandra, sweetie.”
“I’m 29 years old, Miss Cassandra.”  B can’t look Mistress in the eye.

Theresa continues with her story.
“We went back and forth.  She seemed very sweet.  This was so different than the men I had corresponded with.  We decided to meet up.  B was adorable from the start.  She listened intently to my instructions on how to address me, and followed every detail.  She asked me about myself and what I was looking for from a sub.  When I opened up to her she smiled.  It still shocks me that for how shy she is, B is actually very brave.”

“B, why did you write to T if her ad said she was looking for a man?”
B looks back at Theresa.  Theresa nods.
“Miss Cassandra, Mistress Theresa had the most wonderful profile.  It was so well-thought and well-written.  She was so descriptive and articulate.  It felt like she was looking for true love and it was beautiful.”  B is bright red and her eyes are closed but she continues.
“I hadn’t been able to find a good master.  All the men that wrote to me were pigs and would talk about beating me and fucking my ass.  I almost gave up but then I read Mistress Theresa’s ad. I was so scared that she would just ignore me but I wanted to be brave and find my true love.  It makes me feel weird inside because I’ve always been straight, too.  Her words… I decided this was the type of person I would submit to and give her my heart.”

Theresa and Mistress both beam wide smiles.  B just blushes.

“Thank you for sharing that, B.”  B nods.
“So how is the transition going, T?”
“It’s an adjustment for both of us, Cass. It’s almost like messing around in high school and learning as you go.  Sometimes it’s awkward, sometimes it’s wonderful.  B is very proud that she is my first sub.  Her sweetness melts my heart.  I’m proceeding cautiously but tell them what you told me, B”
B blushes bright red.
“I told Mistress Theresa that I will wait patiently for her and do everything in my power to make her open her heart.  I will show her so much love that I am certain she will love me back.

B looks up at Theresa and blinks.  Theresa smiles.
“Cass, can B spend some time with fur?  I’m afraid I’ve talked him up so much that she’s completely in awe and wants to meet him.”
“Sure thing, T.  slave, let be use your doggie bed.  Please keep her company.”
I nod and hold my hand out to be.  She takes my hand and I lead her to the corner.  She curls up on the pet bed.  I kneel beside her.

“Mr. fur sissy, sir, may I please ask you some questions?” Her awkwardness is adorable.
Mistress interjects.
“B, please do not address the slave with any type of formality or respect, it’s the house rule and it may go to his head.  Recite our policy for her, slave.”

I speak.  “All women are superior to me.  While im this house I will treat all of them with respect and courtesy and not expect anything in return.  You are my superior, Miss B, and I am inferior to you.”
B blushes.
Cass smiles and speaks, “I told you she would say that, B.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Cassandra, I won’t repeat that mistake while in your home.”
“Don’t worry too much about it, B.”
“fur sissy, Mistress Theresa told me about something that happened to you.  I was wondering if it was all true.  She said that a woman sold you to a mean lady who tortured you until Miss Cassandra saved you.”
“Yes, Miss B, it is all true.”  She blushes every time I call her Miss.
“Was it really hard?”
“Yes, Miss B.  They lied to me and told me Mistress sold me.  It made me cry.  They did things to me to get me to submit but I kept up hope that it was a lie and that Mistress would find me. She did find me.”  Her eyes look on with wonder like a small child hearing a fairy tale.
“Is it true that they sealed your chastity belt?”
“Yes, Miss B.  They fused the lock and broke it.”
“That’s terrible, fur sissy.  Were you scared?”
“Very scared, Miss B.”

“Is it true that they whipped you and burned you with an iron?”
“Yes, Miss B.  They also hurt my feet so that I couldn’t walk for an entire month.”
“That’s awful.  Why didn’t you just submit?  Wouldn’t they have stopped hurting you?”
“They said they would stop, Miss B. As long as I had hope that Mistress would find me, I could never betray her.  I love her too much.”
“I hope I can love Mistress Theresa that much some day.”
“I hope you can feel that in your heart, Miss B, but I hope you never have to go through that.  It would be too sad.”  B blushes again.
“fur sissy, can I see the scars?”  My breathing gets heavy.  I turn and look at Mistress.  She nods.
“Yes, Miss B. Please give me a moment.”

“You don’t have to do this, Cass.”

I approach Mistress and present my hands.  She removes her necklace, presenting the key.  Mistress flips up the cuffs and releases the locks and buckles.  I step closer.  The belt lock.  I turn from her and kneel.  The collar flips up and the final lock and buckle is undone.  Mistress places the locks on the coffee table.  I raise my arms above my head and she pulls the dress off of me.  Mistress motions with her hand.  I stand.  I’m shaking.  I am naked, exposed, and feeling vulnerable.

I walk slowly to B and turn around.

“Where are your manners slave?  Kneel.”  In these boots I stand over a foot taller than B.  I kneel.

I hear B’s breathing.  The first breath is a gasp.  She makes small non-verbal sounds.  Her hands glide over my skin.  They find every scar left by the whip.  The small dots left by the cage I slept in that night.  They feel every ridge and line that are now a part of me.  She climbs to her knees and gently traces her through the R that was burned into me.

I feel the memories rush back.  I sniffle.

B throws her arms around me.  She doesn’t ask, she just goes with her impulse.  She squeezes me.  I feel her face rest on my back, her breath on my shoulder.  She no longer explores my body.  B simply holds me because she thinks that I need it.  She is kind.

Theresa interrupts the moment.  She knows I am strong, so I know she’s worrying about B.
“B, will you please help fur sissy back into his uniform?”
B raises her head from my shoulder, looks in Theresa’s direction and nods.

“Thank you, Miss B.”  She squeezes me one last time and stands.

I stand and approach Mistress, the mist in my eyes obscures my view of her.  I kneel before Mistress, raise my arms, and she pulls the dress over me.  I turn to B and present my hands.

She carefully turns forward the cuffs and works the straps.  As the first strap tightens she gives a firm tug and threads it through the buckle.  It is one notch tighter than usual.  I bite my lip.  She repeats the process with the other strap.  Mistress hands her the locks one by one.  She closes them in place, returning the cuffs to their normal position.  Her fingers gently stroke the fur.  I turn on my knees and she repeats it with the collar.  One notch tighter than usual.  I can feel every breath and swallow.  The lock clicks.  I stand as she adjusts the belt.  This one she closes to its normal notch.  The lock clicks.  I bow.

“Thank you, Miss B.”

Mistress speaks. “B, what do you think of the slave’s outfit?”
“Miss Cassandra, I think it would look very cute if it was on a girl.”  B is quite candid.
“I agree, sweetie.  Why don’t you tell the slave what you think of it on him.”  B nods.  She looks me in the eyes.
“fur sissy, I don’t want to sound mean, but you look really silly and ridiculous.” Her words rain down like blows.  I look down and blush.  It’s not over.
“The hat and earmuffs are especially funny looking on you.  I’m so glad Mistress Theresa doesn’t make me dress like that.  It would be so embarrassing that I wouldn’t want to show my face to anyone.”  B’s face struggles, it looks like she’s almost in pain being this honest.

Mistress and Theresa roar with laughter.  I cringe.

“B, dear, why don’t you pinch his nipples.”  Mistress can’t stop laughing.
B’s tiny hands reach out.  She places her fingers around them, grabs, and twists.
My face contorts in discomfort and shame.  My sex strains against its cage.

“You can stop now, sweetie.”  Her hands release.  Mistress has almost regained her composure.
“So how does it feel, B, to know that you have just humiliated another sub?”
B’s hands cover her mouth in an adorable fashion.  Her eyes open wide, eyebrows arched, surprised at what just happened.
“Cass, you and your teasing… B, you don’t have to answer that,” chimes Theresa.

My face burns while my heart smiles.  Mistress is kind.  She saves me from the memories before they consume me.

“So T, does B do all the housework as well?”
“She did at first, Cass, but I just couldn’t bear to think of her slaving away like that.”
“So what did you do?”
“I found a slave houseboy that lives in the linen closet.  I call him X.  He’s a door mat and completely obedient.  He also prefers to be ignored.  X comes from money and he actually pays me rent to live there.”
“Rent?  How much?”
“$1,000 a month, Cass.  I figured that was too good of a deal to pass up.”
“So a 2-piece unicorn?”  Mistress smiles.  Theresa shakes her head with a grin.
“Damn it, Cass.”

Mistress turns to me.

“slave, tell Theresa what your thoughts are on B.”  My brain jolts.  This surprises me.   I turn and face Theresa.

“Miss Theresa, I think that B is very sweet and kind.  I think she will love you deeply and I think that she will make you happy.”

B stands besides me and blushes.  Theresa smiles at her.  I see Theresa’s eyes.  I can see her heart opening.  It may happen slowly, but it is inevitable and she can’t stop it.

“slave, prepare us lunch.”  I depart the room.  They continue talking.

Their words fade but I catch one last phrase.

“So, Cass, what can you tell me about those Reverbs you use?”

I picture B blushing.

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