fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I wake early.  Mistress still sleeps.  I watch her on the bed from between the bars.  Her chest slowly moving up and down.  She is beautiful.  She stores my cage in her bedroom now.  It’s a vast improvement from the basement and it made me very happy.  I still long to share her bed, but she saves that for special occasions.

It’s Sunday.  Mistress has the day off.  She enjoys sleeping in.  I wait patiently.  It’s hard to contain my excitement.  It’s the anniversary of our collaring ceremony.  It’s a special day.  It also means I get released for my orgasm.  My sex strains against the belt.  My thoughts are dirty.  They’re the one day they can be.

Mistress wakes.  I watch her slowly clear the cobwebs.  She stretches.  The grace of her form entrances me.  I love her.  I turn in my cage in anticipation, like a dog excited for their owner’s return.  She smiles.  She walks past me and retreats for the bathroom without looking.  My Mistress.

I hear the shower.  She’s teasing me.  I twist and turn.  Mistress.

She takes her time.  I hear the hairdryer.  I hear her tooth brush.  I want to touch her.

She returns to the room.  Her nude form stands before me.  I can smell her body wash.  The belt prevents my arousal.  She approaches the cage and stands above me looking down.  Her hand touches my head through the bars.  I press against it.  Our eyes meet.  She smiles.  Her eyes are warm with love.  My eyes scream.  Let me out.

She wiggles her fingers.  No keys.  Tease.  She takes her time and walks slowly towards the dresser.  Her hips sway more than usual.  I lust for her.  She retrieves the keys and walks towards me.  She takes the lock in her left hand.  I watch the key move closer to the lock.  I tense in anticipation.

Mistress flips her hand over and drops the keys to the floor.  She makes a funny face at me.

“Oh, pet, I dropped the keys and I can’t reach them, whatever shall I do?”  She feigns disappointment.  Mistress is cute.

I turn myself.  My face presses against the bars.  I stretch my hand out.  The chains work as advertised.  I lean my whole body against the side.  The bars dig into my ribs.  I glance out of the corner of my eye.  My fingers reach.  I flip my index finger.  A small clink.  Stretch.  Reach.  Damn small hands.  My middle finger catches the edge of the key ring.  I lunge into the side  The cage leans for a second.  My hand closes around them.  I catch my breath and turn inside the cage.  I rise on my knees, digging my back and arms into the top bars and slowly inch my way backwards.  My butt presses against the bars closest to Mistress.  She smacks the left cheek.  Then the right.

I feel her pry the keys from my hands.  The lock clicks and the door creaks.  I shuffle backwards out the cage, turn myself, bend down and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.  I make myself as tall as possible.  Mistress undoes the wrist chains.  I tip onto my back and raise my legs.  She pulls up on the chain and smacks my butt again before releasing me from my bonds.  She tosses the keys towards the dresser.  They land with a clank and a jingle.

Mistress turns away from me and extends her arm.  I scurry to retrieve her things.  I slide the rob onto her arm and gently pull it around her body.  I straighten the collar and cinch the belt around her waist.  I’m tempted to sneak a feel of her breasts but I know better.  She does it for me, caressing them with her hands accompanied by a light moan.  I stand on my toes and place her hat on her head.  She lifts her foot.  I kneel and ease it into her slipper.  We repeat this with the other.  I bow my head and kiss her feet again.  First the right foot, then the left.

“Prepare my breakfast, slave.  While I’m eating I want you to get ready for the day.  Full grooming.”

Shortly after I serve her.  She sits and eats.  I stand at attention.  She takes her time, savoring every bite.  I love her.  My Mistress.

Mistress finishes eating.  She motions to me.  I approach and present my hands.  Mistress turns up the  fur cuffs and removes the locks.  I turn and kneel.  She repeats with the collar and headharness. I move onto my back and raise my legs.  She releases the locks on the boots.

She shoos me away with her hand.  I bow and depart to the bathroom for my rituals.  Hot water.  I will never take it for granted ever again.  I shower and shave my entire body.  I wash my hair, another thing I will never take for granted again.  I exit the bathroom and my uniform is nowhere to be found.

I report to Mistress in the living room.  3 boxes accompany her on the couch.  She passes me the first box.  I open it.  It’s a replica of my maid’s uniform, this time in pure white on white with white fur.  I dress for her, carefully, ensuring everything is in place and “proper.”  Our locking ritual follows.

“Take a few steps back and model for me, slave.”
I do as she commands.  Her lips part into a smile.  Her eyes are alive, but in a different way.
“It’s our collaring anniversary, slave.  Your uniform is the symbolize purity.  For a slave, this means your thoughts should remain pure, they should remain focused upon me instead of your orgasm.”

My face turns red and I close my eyes.  Mistress picks up her phone.
“Smile for the camera.”  Click.

I hear her phone click and clack.  A ding.  Another ding.
“I just sent this picture to Dom.”  My body tenses.
“I told her this was your ‘purity’ outfit.  She replied with “give him to me for a few hours and he’ll never feel ‘pure’ ever again.”  Mistress laughs.  Involuntary fear creeps into my body.

“Oh, look, she sent a video of her new hobby.”  Mistress turns her phone toward me.  The video plays back on the screen.

It’s Sammy in a humbler.  He’s on his knees, his face is on the floor.  His hands are chained behind him and suspended midway up by a chain to his collar.  His ankles are chained together as well.  He shuffles around the floor on his knees and face, moving as fast as he can.  Dominique sits on the couch firing an air soft gun at his naked buttocks.  She laughs with every shot.  Plunk, plunk, plunk.  Sammy grunts loudly with each impact on his tender skin.  Another shot.  Sammy shrieks and falls to the ground on his side.  Dominique shouts “BULLSEYE!” and throws her arms up with a maniacal cackle.  The video replays the last shot with a slow motion zoom in, showing the plastic pellet striking his scrotum.  The flesh ripples as he topples to the floor.  The final scene is Dominique in a pair of sunglasses.  “I’ll be back,” doing her best Ahnold.  I don’t know if I should laugh or be terrified.

Mistress chooses to laugh.  She’s beautiful.  I smile at the relief that it is him and not me.  It’s not often that I am glad to be in a nearly impenetrable steel chastity belt.  The rest of the afternoon passes quickly.  I perform my daily chores.  Mistress relaxes and enjoys her day off.

On the anniversary of our collaring ceremony we replay the events of that fateful day when Mistress made me hers.

I prepare her an elaborate dinner.  Wine.  Appetizers, and salad.  A main course of sauteed shrimp, roasted asparagus, garlic potatoes.  A small lava fudge cake for desert.  I make them all from scratch.  I cook with love.

I serve her each course one by one.  As she starts the next course she places her leftovers from the previous course on the floor next to her.  I kneel and am permitted to eat while she eats.  This makes me happy.  I smile.  I love her.  My Mistress.

She leaves me a little bit from each course.  When I serve the cake, she eats it all.  She is beautiful.

We retreat to the living room.  She sits on the couch.  I kneel before her.  I bow and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.  She extends her right leg.  I take it gently in my hands and support her leg with my thigh.  I caress it.  I rub it.  She moans.  My fingers gently and firmly work along her foot.  The sole, the arch, the heel, the top.  I am well-practiced.  No tickling.  No discomfort.  Finger tips.  The pads of my thumb.  She moans and squirms in the chair.  She is beautiful.  My Mistress.

I gently work each toe.  Her head tilts back.  When I finish, I place her pinkey toe in my mouth.  I gently suck and caress it with my tongue.  She moans louder and grabs the side of the couch.  I move to the next, careful not to overstimulate the nerves.  Suction.  I press my tongue and swirl.  She rubs herself through her robe.  I strain against my belt.  I lust for her.

I work my way down her foot.  Our eyes meet.  She’s in “pleasure mode.”  She rubs faster.  I tease her on the last toe, mixing up the pressure.  She glares but is too worked up to be angry.  I did this our first night as well.  Old habits die hard.

We change feet and continue.  Mistress continues to touch herself.  I can tell from her pace, she’s stoking the flames without boiling over.  I follow the same pattern on this foot.  The sole, the arch, the heel.  I gently work the top.  I admire her control.  She’s pacing herself.

I get to the toes and I take my time.  The sound of her fingers on the fabric.  Fwap fwap fwap fwap.  She grows impatient.  I take my time.  I’m a tease, too.  She moves faster.  Her moans grow deeper.  By the time I finish I can smell her.  The blaze has become an inferno.

She stands towering over me.  Our eyes meet.  I am meat.  I fell in love with these eyes the moment I saw them.  They are daggers.  Carnivorous.  Primal.  Passionate.  My Mistress and her beautiful eyes.  I love her as they stab into my soul and begin to tear.  Without a word she turns and marches.  I follow her.  To the bedroom.

She stands at the foot of the bed.  Switch in hand, tapping against her other.  I kneel before her and place my hands behind my head.  Her fingers touch my chin.  Her eyes change.  Fire mixes with ice.

“Face down on the bed.”

I bend at the waist and comply.  I feel her leg step between mine.  She shoves it out wide.  Her other leg repeats the process.  They strain under the discomfort.  Her crotch presses against my ass.  I can feel her heat through the robe.

I feel her hand grasp my wrist.  She is purposefully rough.  She forces it behind my back and presses upward.  I whine in pain.  I hear a click.  Mistress grabs the other wrist and pulls my arm back.  Her sex grows hotter.  She twists her wrist and it hurts.  Another click.  She yanks on the chain and pulls my arms back.  I groan.

I feel her step back.
“I will ask you questions, slave, and you will answer them.”  She hisses her words.

“Are you worthy of serving me?”
“No, Mistress, no one is worthy of serving you.  Serving you is a privilege you place upon the unworthy.”
“Good answer, slave.”

Smack smack smack.  The switch lands and bites over and over.  I cry out.

“How much do you love me, slave?”
“I love you more than life itself, Mistress.  I love you more than anything in the world.  You are the love of my life, the reason I live.”
“Good answer, slave.”

Smack Smack Smack.  I scream.

She’s panting.  I hear the fwaps.  She’s enjoying this.

“What will you do to serve me, slave?”
“I will do anything, Mistress.  I will move heaven and earth for you if you command it.  I will give you my all, my soul.”
“Good answer.”

Smack smack smack.  I wail and tears fill my eyes.
“If I wanted to beat you for my own pleasure, slave, what would you do?”
“I would accept it happily, Mistress, and I would be happy to serve for your pleasure.”
“Good answer, slave.  But I don’t need permission.”

Smack Smack Smack.  I cry.  Smack Smack Smack.  I struggle.  Smack Smack Smack.  I writhe and sob.  Smack Smack Smack.  I fall limp and sob.  Smack Smack Smack.  Smack Smack Smack.

The blows stop.  I can hear her breathing.  I picture her nostrils flaring as she exhales.

“You’ve served me well today, slave.  This is the 5th anniversary of your collaring.  While circumstances have changed, our traditions will continue.  The first year we traded 1 for 1.  The second year it was 2 for 1.  This year will be 5 for 1.”

I hear the switch hit the floor.  Her footsteps.

“Get up, slave.”

I slide off the bed and return to my knees.  She attaches a leash to my neck ring.  Mistress opens her robe and sits on the bed, sliding the leash behind her.  She lays back and pulls it over her shoulder.  It tugs me to her.  Her legs part.  I love her smell.  She’s beautiful.  She tugs down on the leash.  I scurry forward on my knees and find my face parked right before her sex.  She inserts a vibrator into her.  Ever since she experienced my “inside/outside” experiment in the shower, she prefers to have something inside her while I go down.

The vibrator buzzes.  She squirms and moans.  She pulls the leash.  My face is drawn into her sex.  Her thighs sandwich my head.  She rubs her legs back and forth, feeling the fur of the earmuffs against her tender skin.  I gently kiss her clit.  A few licks. I place my lips over it and gently suck.  She pulls again and my face presses firmly against her crotch.

Desire consumes her.  She grinds, keeping the leash taut.  I press my tongue and follow her, jerked around by the movements of her body.  She arches her back and cries out.  Her juices flow.  Her first orgasm.

I lock down and press.  Flick and rub, back and forth.  She moans and squirms.  Her thighs toss my body around like a rag doll.  I flatten my tongue.  Her breath heaves.  I can barely see her naval.  Her flesh blocks me, pinned in hard by the leash.  Her moans fill the room.

She thrashes.  My neck strains.  I want to try something.  I hook my upper lip over her clit.  My tongue shifts upward, continuing to work.  I jut my chin forward and feel the end of the vibrator.  I press it forward.  It leans into the flat base.  I slump my upper body forward, forcing it deeper inside her.  She inhales deeply.

My tongue keeps going, pressing it against my lip.  Flatter, faster, more pressure.  Back and forth.  Her moans change to cries.  I shift my jaw and catch the upper corner.  I press down, forcing the vibrator against her front wall.  Find the G.  Keep licking.  Flatter, faster, more pressure.  She thrashes.  Concentrate.  Her thighs attempt to crush my head.  It’s working.

I bob my head in a circular motion, changing the angle of the vibe.  Its head shift and circles inside her, rubbing side to side along the front wall.  My head begins to nod in a pattern.  G-spot, clit, G-spot, clit.  She squeals and bucks me back.  Her body convulses.  Pulse.   Pulse, pulse.  Pulse.  She cums in a stream.  Her body twitches and writhes.  I love her.

The pace of her breathing increases.  Her thighs again lock onto my head.  The leash pulls tight.  My head continues to dance.  Tongue, chin, tongue, chin.  I reshape my tongue to act as a massager.  She’s panting heavily.  More cries.  She grinds.  Moments later she erupts again.  Her back arches, her pelvis juts.  Her arms and hips slither along the bed.

No reload.  The leash stays tight, her thighs firm.  Her grinding intensifies.  Moans.  Faster, more pressure.  Faster.  She sits up on her elbows and throws her head back.  A primal howl.  Juices flow.

I’ve never seen her this intense.  No down time.  Hunger.  My Mistress.  She’s beautiful.

This time she changes pace.  Her hips move her in a slow spiral grind.  Her breathing returns to normal.  Constant moans.  She pulls tighter.  My cheeks are pressed against her skin.  I continue my circular bob.  G-spot, clit, G-spot, clit.  Faster, harder.  She follows me.  She grinds.  Her ribs rise and fall in large motions.  I press my chin, forcing it deeper.  She arches her back.  A low call reverberates from within her.

I press harder.  It feels like my jaw will break.  I bob.  Discomfort.  She slams on the leash.  Panting.  The pressure forces the vibrator deeper,  holding it in.  Rhythmic cries.  over and over.  The pitch rises.


She sprays all over my face.  I’m coated in her scent.  Her hands move frantically.  She’s overstimulated.  They yank out the vibrator and toss it to the floor.  Her body is pulsing and convulsing.  She pushes me away with her knee.  A final cry.

She falls to her back.  Deep breaths.  A light cooing ebbs and flows.  I give a slight pull on the leash.  It doesn’t move.  It’s under her.  Her legs lay limp at the base of the bed.  Her nose whistles lightly.  She’s sleeping.

I readjust my knees, her juices still dripping from my face.  The leash grants me about 14 inches of freedom.  I watch her chest rise and fall.  I lust for her breasts.  She’s beautiful.  My penis holds firmly against the front wall of the belt.  Anticipation.

I love to watch her sleep.  She’s my Queen, my Goddess.  My Mistress.  My love.  I patiently await her.

Time passes.  My knees hurt.  My neck hurts.  My jaw aches.  Mistress, I love you.  I look at the clock.  It reads 11:48pm.  My sleeping beauty.  Your humble servant awaits you.

1:57am.  Her snores are cute.  I love everything about her.  She makes some mumbles.  Her hand slides across her breast.  Her scent dominates my nose.  I love her.  My Mistress.  I am here for you.  I don’t make a sound.

2:41am.  I hear a change in her breathing.  Her head rises.  Her eyes bat in the light.  She’s groggy.  I perk up.  I want to be perfect for her.  I love you, Mistress.

“pet?  What time is it?”
“2:41, Mistress.”
“Did I fall asleep?”
“Yes, Mistress.  You looked very peaceful.”  She smiles at me.  Her body glows.
“pet… that thing you did… I liked it.”  I smile and blush.

She adjusts her body, letting the leash go free.  I straighten my back.  It’s sore from the positioning.

“Are you okay, pet?”
“My knees hurt a little, Mistress, and I’m a bit stiff.”

She sits up.  I turn away and rise.  She unlocks my wrists.  Blood rushes back into my shoulders.  They tingle.  I remain silent.  I kneel again and turn to face her.  She takes the leash in her hand and pulls me close.  She plunges her tongue deep into my mouth.  The kiss is wonderful.  I love her.  I lust for her.  I long to touch her.

She can see it in my eyes.  She knows I will never ask.  Her lips release mine.

“You know, pet, with those dirty thoughts you don’t deserve to wear white.”
I hang my head and blush.

“I know you were expecting me to let you out, but it’s not our collaring day anniversary anymore so there’s no reason to let you out.”
Despair.  This makes my sex strain harder.  I frown.

“Don’t you dare pout, pet, or I’ll get the strap.”  I shift into a poker face.
“I’m at a loss for what to do, pet.  It’s not the right day anymore, and you already got your orgasm for the year the night you proposed.”  I can’t look her in the eye.

“Do you think you deserve to cum, pet?”  I freeze.  The trap is set.
“Answer me, pet.”   I shake my head ‘no.’
“Good answer, pet.  Even you’re smart enough to know that slaves don’t have any rights at all.  You know, you really should have asked for an addendum promising the orgasm when you signed the 50-year contract extension.  T did a great job distracting you again by turning you on with all that legal talk.”

I feel stupid.

“Besides, does the Mistress of your dreams give in to the desires of a horny slave?   I.  Dont.  Think.  So.”   She taps my nose in rhythm with the last few words.

“I am a fair, Mistress, though, pet.  I’ll let fate decide.”  She reaches and pulls a coin from the night stand.
“Heads means cum.  Tails means wait for next year.”

The coin dings against her thumbnail as she flips it.  She catches it and slaps it to the back of her hand.  She reveals it slowly…  My heart races.

“Tails!”  She giggles.  “Poor, poor, pet.”  Her mocking tone is still cute, but my heart sinks anyways.

“You’re too talented pet.  You wore me out.  You only have yourself to blame.  Besides, you only made me cum 4 times and the deal was for 5.”  I blush.

She takes my leash and leads me to the side of the bed.  She points to the bearskin rug on the floor.  I lay down.  Mistress climbs into bed with the leash in her hand.

“Goodnight, pet.”
“Goodnight, Mistress, I love you.”

My eyes grow heavy.  I’m exhausted.  My last thoughts are only of her.  I love you.  My Queen.  My Goddess.  You are my everything, Mistress.

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