fs01 – Arc 2 – Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Author’s Note: This takes place roughly a month after Part 15. 

It’s been a month since Mistress got out of the hospital.  Her recovery has been slow but steady.  Her internal injuries were severe but her body continues to heal and gain strength.  Theresa has been busy with suing the drunk driver’s insurance company.  The other driver died.  0.26 BAC.  Theresa was also kind enough to take care of my brief time as a youtube sensation.  A few threats that I was recorded without consent and they were gone, although the memory would remain.

I have been caring for Mistress every day.  The hospital asked me not to show up dressed that way anymore.  I apologized to them and was back with sweat pants and a sweatshirt as originally planned.  I waited to tell her what happened until after she was back home and strong enough to walk on her own.  She cried.  That turned to anger.  Mistress severed all ties to her family and had Theresa file legal documents blocking them from interfering in the future.

We have had many visitors over the past month.  Mistress has lots of friends that think quite highly of her.  Some of them even traveled from Europe just to see her and wish her well.  This makes me happy.  I was even happier when I learned that they all knew of me and told me how Mistress would gush with pride when talking about me.

Theresa, B, and Lisa have been regulars during Mistress’s recovery.  Dominique has stopped by a few times as well.  It feels like everyone is getting closer.  Tragedy tends to do that.

Mistress and I talk a lot every day.  During her recovery we have been off protocols.  I beg her to take me to work with her from now on.  If something like this ever happens again I want to be with her and if she dies, I want to die with her.  It’s a little morbid, but she smiles when I tell her this.  She jokes about keeping me chained under her desk for foot rubs and “stress relief.”  I can see the gears turning.  She even jokes about employing a cadre of unpaid male slave interns that would cut down on everyone’s workload and allow her to give them all raises.  Mistress’s shop currently only employs women.  Jokes are funniest when they hold some truth.  I know her gears are turning.

Mistress inspects my scars.  She asks me if I want to have them removed with plastic surgery.  I tell her that while they make me self-conscious, they are badges of devotion and I will leave the decision up to her.  Every day I love her more.  I cherish every minute being with her.

I tell her I love her so many times she threatens to take away my speech privileges.  Once an hour is my limit.  On the hour I bow and kiss her feet and confess the depth of my love.  This makes her smile and fills my heart with joy.

Finally Mistress is well enough to get back into her regular routine.  She puts me back in uniform.  Protocols return.  I feel at home and more importantly, at peace.  This is happiness for me.

A couple of days later, Dominique throws Mistress a party.  Mistress dresses up in a fur-trimmed evening gown with a fur boa and boots.  She does her hair and make-up.  She is stunning.  It makes me weak in the knees to see her.

We arrive at Dominique’s that night.  Sammy greets us at the door.  We are the last to arrive.  Apparently our invitation said 30 minutes later than the others.  Theresa, B, Lisa, and her husband John are in attendance.  Everyone is dressed up.

John’s eyes wander all over the place, his eyebrows constantly arching.  I think he’s surprised to see men sissified in locking leather maid’s dresses.  I think he’s equally surprised that everyone else treats this as normal.

I stay glued to Mistress’s side.  Her perfume intoxicates me.  I smile remembering Dominique’s comforts.  Mistress approaches everyone one by one.  She thanks them all personally for everything they did for her and for me.  She even thanks Sammy and Gordon.

Sammy and Gordon serve dinner.  Pizza.  A few people are surprised.  I smile.  That’s so like Dominique.  The pizza really is very good.  She flew in a cook from New York for tonight to make authentic New York style pizza.  That’s so like Dominique.

Mistress asks Dominique to do her Ahnold in front of everyone.  This is the first time I see Dominique blush.  She reacts as I expect, with exaggerated motions and citing that she will if she can shoot my scrotum with her air soft gun.  This makes Mistress laugh.  The keys to my belt are at home.  I feel relief.

After dinner Mistress makes a toast.  She thanks everyone again.  Her gift to them is a trip for an Alaskan cruise.  Dominique, Theresa and B, and Lisa and John will have suites.  She also tells everyone to design their own coat for the trip and the shop will make it for them since it will be cold.  I squeeze her hand.  Sammy, Gordon, and I will be sharing a quaint little economy coach class room that conveniently has 3 bunks and is buried in the lowest deck of the ship.  She tells me not to worry about designing my coat, there’s already one in the works.  I shiver a little.

After desert and drinks we all depart to the dungeon.  As we cross the gate things change.  Torches on the wall provide our light.  John’s head darts and dashes with sensory overload.  Lisa and John have been role-playing in the bedroom.  His reaction tells me “shit just got real,” at least in his own head.

In the center of the dungeon are 3 thrones, 1 at the head, and 1 on either side facing in.  Theresa, Dominique, and Mistress each take a chair.  I kneel next to Mistress.  Sammy and Gordon kneel next to Dominique.  There are extra chairs for Lisa and John but they prefer to stand.  B stands in the center.  A cloak covers her body.

B loosens the ties at her neck.  The cloak drops to the floor.  She stands naked before us with her arms crossed over her chest.  Her back shows the remnants of scars.  Whip marks.  They resemble mine but hers have faded with time.  I want to hug her.  She approaches Theresa’s throne with her head down and kneels.

“Mistress Theresa, I present to you my heart, my body, and my soul to keep forever.  Please accept my gifts and service.”

Theresa’s eyes show signs of tears.  Mistress sniffles a little.  Dominique smiles.  She passes a box to Theresa.  Theresa opens the box and removes a collar.  It’s leather and lined with fur with a ring on the front.

“B, I accept your gifts and accept you into my service.  I promise to love you and protect you and watch over you forever.”

Theresa reaches down and places the collar around B’s neck and closes the buckle.  B places her head on Theresa’s lap. Mistress places her hand on my shoulder and squeezes.

A while later we return upstairs.  I hear Lisa answering John’s barrage of never-ending questions.  B is back in her cloak but makes sure her collar is visible.  She’s glowing.  Theresa is too.

I approach B and hand her an envelope.  She opens it and reads my letter.  She blushes.

“Dear, Miss B.

The strength of your heart is awe-inspiring.  You are a force of nature hidden away in an adorable tiny little body.  I knew it was only a matter of time before Miss Theresa would see your strength and the depth of your love and accept it.  I am so very happy for you.

The past month has been rough on all of us.  Thank you so very much for being there for me.  I couldn’t have gotten through this without you.

Your friend,


B gives me a hug.  I hug her back.

I hear voices in the distance.  First John and Lisa.
“So what is that B girl into?”
“She’s a bondage Queen.  She loves heavy bondage.  Theresa tells me she’s also very adept at both giving and receiving if you know what I mean.”
“You mean going down?”
“Do I have to spell everything out for you?”
Dominique chimes in, “Theresa says her tongue is even better than fur’s.”  My submissive ego winces.

More voices.  In another part of the room I hear Theresa.
“Unpaid slave interns Cass?  That might be doable.  Let me think about how we could go about that.”

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