Month: March 2017

fs01 – Arc 3 – Chapter 20.1 Bonus Extra

Chapter 20.1 Friday at the Office Author’s Note: This takes place a week or so after the end of Chapter 20. I huddle in the pet carrier in the back of Mistress’s SUV.  It’s Friday.  I’m excited.  I get to spend the day with her at work.  I don’t know what she has planned for … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 3 – Chapter 20.1 Bonus Extra

fs01 – Arc 3 – Chapter 20

Chapter 20 I stand before Mistress.  I’m naked.  My body is stretched into an “X” shape.  The shackles pull my arms up and out.  I teeter on my toes, shackles holding my legs spread.  She’s beautiful.  Mistress wears her robe and hat.  I was denied the ritual and privilege of helping her into them. She … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 3 – Chapter 20

fs01 – Arc 3 – Chapter 19

Chapter 19 As we depart Mistress stops us at the changing room that I used before the VIP show.  I see a rack with a maid’s dress on it.  It’s the same colors as my normal one but with the full hem that covers my genitals and rear. A box sits on the counter, I’m … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 3 – Chapter 19

fs01 – Arc 3 – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 We arrive at Mistress’s shop.  The day starts as planned.  The first 30 minutes are with Mistress.  I’m so happy and excited to be with her during the day.  She takes so much pride in her shop that I cherish the opportunity to see her in action.  We arrive at her office.  Lisa … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 3 – Chapter 18

fs01 – Arc 3 – Chapter 17

Chapter 17 A month has passed since the party at Dominique’s.  The protocols have changed with Mistress and I as well.  I’m no longer in chastity.  Mistress decided that with what I’ve been through over the past year and half that I’ve earned some freedom.  I’m still not allowed to touch it or cum without … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 3 – Chapter 17