fs01 – Arc 3 – Chapter 18

Chapter 18

We arrive at Mistress’s shop.  The day starts as planned.  The first 30 minutes are with Mistress.  I’m so happy and excited to be with her during the day.  She takes so much pride in her shop that I cherish the opportunity to see her in action.  We arrive at her office.  Lisa is already inside.  Mistress turns and holds out her arm.  I retrieve her robe from the rack and slide it onto her arm.  I pull the robe around her body.  I straighten the collar and cinch the belt gently around her waist.  She doesn’t wear a hat or slippers while at work.  I complete the ritual anyways.  I kneel, bow my head and kiss her feet.  First the right foot then the left. I return to my feet.  Lisa’s cheeks look a little flushed.

Mistress’s secretary, Amy, asks if Mistress or Lisa would like some coffee.  Mistress motions to me.

“Would you like some coffee, Amy?  We’ll have one fetch it for us.”
“That would be lovely, Cassandra.”
“How do you take it?”

Amy turns to me.
“1 cream, 2 sugars.”
I nod.

I cross the office attempting not to stand out.  I know in my heart that is impossible.  I tune out the stares and whispers and locate the coffee machine.  Mistress likes 2 creams, 1 sugar.  Lisa likes 2 creams, 2 sugars.  Amy 1 cream, 2 sugars.  I make small marks on the cup sides to code them and return to Mistress’s office carrying them on a tray.

Amy is already seated at her desk.  I place the coffee next to her and give a small bow.
“Thank you, one.”

The intercom on Amy’s desk beeps.
“Amy, please do not show any form of gratitude toward one.  This is his duty and it is to be expected, not appreciated.”
“I’m sorry, Cassandra.”
“No problem, Amy, I know you’re always so polite, I just want to set a precedent early.”
I blush and bow again.

I return to Mistress’s office and present her and Lisa with their coffees.  They each accept their cup without looking at me.  Mistress points her finger down.  I move behind her desk, get on my hands and knees and crawl under it.  She slides her chair forward.  Mistress slips off her shoes.  She rubs her feet together and then in a slow motion, she drags the top of her foot across the other leg’s calf, completing this action with both feet.

I gently takes Mistress’s foot in my hands.  I caress them and rub them.  Gentle in the tender spots, firm where that will feel good.  Mistress and Lisa converse above me about her schedule for the day.  I finish that foot and switch to the other.  I rub.  I gently work each toe.  Her arch.  Her heel.  I am erect.  My sex enjoys its freedom.

I slowly work up to her calf.  I am gentle.  Mistress likes this more for nerve stimulation and circulation than muscle tightness.  I know her body.  I love her.  I start on her second calf.  Her reactions are kept to a minimum but I hear her voice deepen as she speaks.  That is her moan.  I can smell her.  Her composure always impresses me.

A chime rings over my headset.  I hear Mistress’s phone beep as well.  A knock at the office door.  She slides her chair back a few inches.  I crawl through and hop up to answer the door.  A woman enters.  Fair complexion, long straight black hair.  She doesn’t dress like she belongs in an office.  Leather pants, boots, and a revealing top.  Sleeveless but still wearing gloves.  She eyes me up and down.

“Sasha, this is one.  He will be assisting the Adult department today.  I’ve already briefed you on the protocols.  Please make use of him in any way you wish.  You’ll have him until noon.”
“Thanks, Cass.  I’m sure he’ll prove useful to us.”

I watch her put an earpiece in her ear.  She presses it.
“Follow me.”  It comes through loud and clear over the headset.

She takes me across the office and towards the back door.  We pass through the “after hours” display shop and through a door.  It’s a rather large office.  3 large desks with computers.  A large central table.  A white board at the near end of the room.  Several rolling metal carts line the walls.  The back of the room is dark and I can only make out some shadow outlines.   I’m nervous and unsure of what to expect.

2 women approach.  1 is a brunette, the other a red-head.  I’ve never seen either of them before.
“Strip him,” instructs Sasha.

A bowl is placed on the table.  The others take my arms and work on the locking buckles.  Sasha goes at my belt and collar.  As they remove each lock they dump it in the bowl.  They pull the jumpsuit open and yank the back over my shoulders.  I step out of the legs and pull my arms out of the sleeves.  My face flushes red but I know they can’t see it.  I’d grown so accustomed to the chastity belt that I had forgotten what it felt like to be exposed.

The red-head walks up and lifts my flaccid penis with her pen.
“Not much of a specimen, is he?”
The other two laugh.  I close my eyes in shame and continue blushing.  My penis twitches and slowly rises.

“I think it’s safe to say one is a submissive.  Humiliation arousal.  Test his nipple sensitivity.”

The brunette moves in front of me.  She lightly grazes her finger nail over the tip of my nipple.  I feels almost like a breeze.  The nipple stiffens.
“Nipples are awake.”

Sasha speaks again, “Prepare devices 96 alpha, 104 beta, and 119 prototype for testing.”

The red-head and brunette take my wrists and lead me to the dark half of the room.  A light flicks on.  A series of bondage devices and furniture stand before me.

“4-point upright.”
“Got it.”

I’m led to the wall.  A set of metal shackles hang from plates bolted directly into the wall.  They fasten the shackles around my wrists and ankles.  My penis grows.  My heart rate rises.  My breaths heave.  I’m afraid.  They communicate back and forth with no wasted words.  It feels like a science experiment.

“Glove up,” orders Sasha.
I watch the other two pull on pairs of leather gloves.  I look closely and notice the pads of the thumb, index, and middle fingers are covered in fur.  I breath a sigh of relief.  I was expecting a talon or something awful.

A small dish is placed in front of me on the ground.  A thin silicon ring is placed around my cock at its base.

“Device 96 revision 7, alpha.  Test number 14.  Control test, 10 minutes.”
Sasha clicks a stop watch.

I feel the ring start to vibrate.  The two women waste no time.  Each closes their fingers around 1 of my nipples.  They massage and pinch and twist and pull.  I lean my hips forward and moan.  My penis throbs.  The ring provides enough stimulation for me to lose myself to desire.  Their fingers make me mad for it.  Soon I’m panting.  Their fingers press and twist, press and pull.  My knees wobble.  I’m so horny I can’t think straight.  Press and twist, press and pull.  Moans and groans.  I can tell I’m dripping.  I hear the droplets falling into the dish.

I lose myself in my arousal.  Please let me cum.  It feels so good.  Press and twist, press and pull.  I moan louder.  The drips have become an intermittent dribble.  I ache.  I lust.  My brain overloads with stimulation.  Please let me cum.

The stopwatch beeps.  The ring falls motionless.  Their fingers are nowhere near my skin.   I hump the air and whimper.

My breathing slows.  Conscious thought returns.  What are they doing?  They remove their gloves.  The tray is removed and replaced with another.
“Harness him.”
I’m approached by the two.  They carry a series of leather straps in their hands.  They wrap the straps around my body.  I feel some pieces of fur against my nipples.  The buckles close all over.  I’m in some sort of chest harness that somewhat resembles a bra.  They each take the metal nipple cover in place and twist the top.  I feel some jaws close around my nipple, tightening with every twist.  Pressure.  I moan.  They twist again.  Another moan.  My penis is fully erect again.  Each of them give a firm tug.  I groan.

“Nipple stim 1 secure.”
“Nipple stim 2 secure.”

Oh thank God.  These aren’t painful.

Sasha again.  “Device 96 revision 7, alpha.  Test number 14.  Stim test, 10 minutes.”
The stop watch clicks.

The motor in the cock ring kicks in.  The nipple clamps begin to vibrate.  After about 20 seconds I feel the effects.  I tilt my hips forward and stand on my toes.  I emit a low moan.  I’m horny.  I hump the air.  Please let me cum.  The dripping resumes.  My brain goes numb.  This is agony.  Please let me cum.  Drip drip.

The watch clicks.  The vibrating stops.  They retrieve the tray.  I slowly catch my breath.

“Device 96 revision 7, alpha.  Test results are a failure.  Stim produced 32% less volume than fingers.  Conclusion pending.”

“Again?  They can’t seem to make this work.”
“Well 32% is closer than 44%, so it did help.”
“I can’t help thinking there’s more to it than a balancing issue.”

I raise my hand and wave it.  The chain rattles.  All 3 look up.

“Do you have an opinion, one?”
“Yes, Ma’am.  It’s not a balancing issue.  It’s the type of vibration and pressure.”
“Go on.”
“If I’m right, these use 4 points that both apply the pressure and are meant to provide the friction and stimulation, correct?”
“It overstimulates the nerve endings without actually hitting the ‘sweet spots.’”
“What do you suggest?”
“I’m not sure how possible this is, but what if tightening them only moved 2 of the points.  These points would supply the pressure to hold it on.  The other 2 points would be allowed to move in a kneading motion instead of a basic vibration.”  I make a motion with my fingers.
“If you flatten and round their heads, they should be able to closely simulate the pressure of human fingers.”

I hear them talk among themselves, jotting notes as they go.  A couple of minutes later, I’m freed from the nipple harness.  They remove the cock ring as well.

“Pillory with stocks.”

They unlock the shackles and take my wrists.  I’m led to a pillory.  My ankles are locked in place with my legs spread and then bend my forward and secure my wrists and neck.  Not so fond memories of Dominique dance through my head.

Sasha approaches holding an oddly shaped device.  A hinged plastic cock ring is placed behind my scrotum and over the shaft and closed into place.  It fits tight.  They guide the front of the device over my penis.  The ring is flexible but attached to an elongated and oddly shaped back end.  They pull it all the way to the base.  I feel the touch of cold plastic between my cheeks.  I whimper.

“Relax or this will hurt.”  I try my best to comply.

I feel the device’s “tail” slide inside me.  It goes in deeper than I’m comfortable.  It feels like Mistress’s prostate wand.  They keep going, deeper.  I groan and shift to my toes.  I hear the device click.  Another click, this one is a lock.  The base of the device is now secured to the original ring.

“Try to shake it out.”

I shimmy and buck my hips.  It doesn’t budge.  It fights tight.  Uncomfortably tight.

The red-head holds a long-necked bottle with a wide mouth.

Sasha steps up again.  She speaks.  Cold.  Clinical.
“Device 104 revision 9, beta.  Test number 2.  Timed.”
She clicks the watch.  I feel the device vibrate.  I whine.  The ring around my penis teases.  Full erection.  Stimulation.  Not enough.  The tail end violates me.  It vibrates as well.  I cry.  I shake my hips back and forth, back and forth.  Take it out.  Desire overwhelms me.  Agony.  Confusion.  Stimulation pulls me forward.  My penis throbs.  The red-head holds the bottle near my cock.  I lunge my hips, trying for any form of contact or friction.  She pulls it away.

I want it it to stop but I need more.  My whimpers and moans combine.  Pleasure.  Agony.  I beg for either one to take me.  I hump the air again and again.  I feel my insides changing.  I whine.  High-pitched.  Discomfort.  She presses the bottle over me.  I hear the ping of liquid against the glass.  I’m dribbling.  Draining.  I ache.  Please.  It flows out of me like a weak stream of urine.  Drip.  Drip.  It stops.

The watch clicks and the vibrating stops.  I continue to buck my hips and thrust.  Please let me cum.

“Test results, positive.  Time, 7 minutes 13 seconds.  Sexual frustration, present and intense.”

They milked me.  Nothing I could do would stop it.  I cry.

“We’re going to sell so many of these.”
“No shit, right?  He’s in tears.  Ejaculation with no orgasm is beautiful.”

Make this stop.  Someone take me away.  My body relaxes.  They notice.  I dread what will happen next.

They release me from the pillory.  They chain my arms behind me.  I’m led to an open patch of floor.  A chain connects to the wall and on the other end is an oddly shaped metal casing.  It’s shaped sort of like a clam with a hinge at the base and a wide and round front.

“Spread your legs.”  I do as instructed.  The brunette opens the clam and moves behind me.  I feel my scrotum encased by rubber on front and back.  She tightens it.  It is uncomfortable but not painful.  The rubber pulls against the skin with a lot of friction.  I hear a pair of clicks and she releases it.  My skin sags under the weight.  I groan.

As she walks away I notice a white line on the floor several paces away.  Sasha speaks.

“This is prototype device 119, code name: ‘Venus Ball Trap.’  It has 2 modes, ‘training’ and ‘punishment.’  In training mode, the harder you pull on the chain, the tighter it gets.  If you release the chain, it resets to its ‘neutral’ position that you are experiencing now.  We will be testing ‘punishment’ mode.  In this mode every time the chain is pulled, the device closes tighter and it does not return to neutral.  You will take a single step and relay the ‘data.’  The test concludes when you cross the white line. Do you understand, one?”
I nod.

“After each step simply call out, green, yellow, or red.”

This seems simple enough.  The discomfort is manageable.  I feel awkward and it’s worse if i close my legs.

“Device 119 revision 2, prototype.  Test number 1.”

I take the first step.  I feel the device tighten around me.

“Green.”  They nod and make notes.

Another step.  It tightens more.  I feel some rubber teeth dig into the skin.  It hurts.
“Yellow.”  The line is in sight.

Another step.  It bites, I yelp.  My body quivers under the stress.  It’s awful but I’ve had much worse.

Another step.  It feels like it’s crushing me.  I cry out.  Tears well up.
“Red!”  Pain clouds my thoughts.  The line is only a few inches away.

Another step.  I shriek.
“RED RED RED!”  My body flails.   The red-head holds me while the brunette fumbles with the keys.

“Hold still!”
I muster my strength and stop moving as best I can.  My fingers twitch and my eyes are wide open.  Tears stream.  A click.  It stops.  I exhale deeply.

“Device 119 revision 2, prototype.  Test number 1.  Completed.”

I crumple on the cold floor.  They leave me whimpering, naked, and in chains.  I overhear their talk.  Words get thrown about, ‘linear vs. logarithmic pain scaling,’ ‘plateaus,’ ‘peak reaction,’ and so on.  This is a nasty device.  I imagine Kimmy would have loved me in one of these while I slept in the cage if I hadn’t been locked up already.  Some days you can actually appreciate a chastity belt.

At some point they redress me and Sasha escorts me back to Mistress.  She reminds them to fill out their computer evaluations of my performance.  I bow before she leaves.  I return to the area under Mistress’s desk.  I love her.  I pick up traces of her scent.  Her perfume intoxicates me.  I long for her.  My sex springs to life.  I hear Amy deliver some food.  Lisa enters with her lunch as well and sits at the far table.  They talk about what is on tap for the rest of the day.  While the talk Mistress’s hand creeps down and loosens the ties to her robe.  I can see it from my vantage point.  She slides her panties down and steps out of them.  I’m ecstatic.

She rolls her chair back and looks down at me.  I stare back excitedly.

“I’ll bet you wish your mask had a mouth hole right about now.”  She smiles.

I hang my head and blush.  The mask hides my frown.  Her chair returns and they continue.  I’m not even here.  My cock is erect and I’m full of lust.  Mistress.  My Queen.  My Goddess.  I love you.

The second half of my day is spent with Sandy from accounting.  The tasks are dull but a welcome break from this morning.  I file.  I print.  I collate.  I shred.  Time passes quickly.  I work hard.  I want to make Mistress proud.

Sandy returns me to Mistress’s office 30 minutes before the end of her day.  I take my station under her desk.  She removes her shoes and I rub.  She parts her robe.  A buzz.  I smell her and watch the butterfly shake against her.  I envy a piece of silicon.  My penis awakens.  I gently rub her feet.  Sole, arch, heel.  I gently work the tops and each toe.  I love her.  My Mistress.

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