fs01 – Arc 3 – Chapter 20

Chapter 20

I stand before Mistress.  I’m naked.  My body is stretched into an “X” shape.  The shackles pull my arms up and out.  I teeter on my toes, shackles holding my legs spread.  She’s beautiful.  Mistress wears her robe and hat.  I was denied the ritual and privilege of helping her into them.

She hasn’t spoken since the park except to order me downstairs and to strip.  I was shackled immediately upon our return home and she departed, leaving me to stew in discomfort.  She raises a tablet in her left hand.

“Performance report, Adult Sales & Research Division.  ‘One was cooperative and agreeable but violated his primary rule set on multiple occasions.  With that in mind, we cannot in good conscience provide a positive report of his services.  Under consensus of the department we grade his service performance with an F.’”

Mistress takes a couple of steps to her left and turns.  I cannot read her.  I know I have disappointed her, I just don’t know by how much.

“Performance report, Accounting Division.  ‘One gave a good effort in completing the tasks that were assigned of him and the ability to learn quickly, but his lack of speed and experience made him far less valuable than an actual employee.  If he were a paid employee we would recommend him for probation and review.  As an unpaid intern, he did provide marginal service benefits and did not require supervision to stay on task.  With all of this in mind, we grade his service performance with a C-.’”

Mistress walks over to the controls and presses the red button.  The motor whirs and the chains pull.  She raises me an inch or so.  I can barely support myself on my big toes.  The good is that I know she will not keep me like this for too long out of fear of harm, the bad news is that I fear something worse will follow.

“pet, I need you to be honest with me.  Where were your thoughts today?  You may speak.”

“Mistress, most of my thoughts were of you.  When I was assigned a task my thoughts were on the job at hand.  But…”  I feel my lip quiver.
“There were a few times, Mistress, where my thoughts were of myself… I wanted to cum.  I’m so sorry for being selfish, Mistress.”

“What do you think an appropriate punishment would be, pet?”

“I should be put back in chastity, Mistress.”  I hang my head in shame.

“I think chastity is a given, pet, and I don’t think that would qualify as a punishment.”

“The strap, Mistress?”

“The strap is meant to correct your behavior pet, this correction is in your mind.  Try again.”

I gasp.  Tears well up.

“I’m so sorry, Mistress.  Please don’t send me away.”

She doesn’t respond.  Mistress turns and presses a button on the controls.  The motor whirs and the chains loosen, lowering me to my feet.  She slowly approaches and unlocks my shackles.  I drop to my knees and bow.  I feel a leather collar close around my neck.  It buckles.  Click.  Mistress leans down and picks up a chain from the floor that leads to a wall ring.  She locks it to the collar.

She moves across the room and retrieves my chastity belt from the table.  She tosses on the floor in front of me.  The metal clangs loudly against the ground.  I slide my legs into the metal prison that had previously been home to my sex.  The familiarity of the cold metal shocks my system as I pull it up to my waist.  I place my hands behind my head and keep my legs spread.  I keep my head down.  Mistress approaches, adjusts the tube and front plate into position, and turns the key in the lock.

Without a word or a glance, she turns and calmly walks away, closing the dungeon gate as she leaves.  I’m sorry, Mistress.  I failed in so many ways today.  I curl up on the cot in the corner and curl up for warmth.  No blanket, no pillow, just here by myself feeling miles away from the woman I love.

The night is cold, long, and restless.  I cry a lot, full of sorrow and remorse.  I don’t know what tomorrow holds.  Mistress, I love you.  I’m sorry.  Eventually my eyes grow heavy.  I doze off.

I jolt awake to the ring of an alarm clock placed near my cot.  The key to my collar and chain locks sits next to it.  On the table sits my work uniform and a bowl full of locks.  I feel terrible.  I get dressed and buckle myself in, securing the locks as I go.  I work my way upstairs and it’s empty.  Breakfast has been eaten, the plates and cups rest in the sink.  I hear the rumble of the car engine.  Mistress is already outside.

I leave the house and head to the car.  The back gate pops.  I climb inside.  She does not speak to me on the drive.  At work, I do not join Mistress in her office.  She deposits me in the utility closet with a small stool.

Today feels like the second half of yesterday, minus my time with Mistress.  Today I assist Amanda in the mail room before lunch and Theresa in Legal after.  I try my best and work as hard as I can.  Mistress avoids contact with me.  This continues until evening.  She has food delivered and eats by herself.  I take care of my daily chores and eat a piece of bread and a glass of water for dinner.  We reconvene in the dungeon before bedtime and repeat the previous day’s activities.  I’m stripped and shackled while she reads my performance reports.  Amanda graded me at a C+.  Theresa at a B.

I spend the next day with Brenda from Internet Sales and Ricki in Design.  They keep me busy with menial tasks.  I try my best.  My heart aches for Mistress.  My spirits are low.  This day repeats as the last.  Minimal Contact.  I earn a B+ and a D.

Thursday and Friday are the same, but with new departments.  Thursday is spent with Patricia from Shipping & Receiving and Kristi from Manufacturing and Alterations.  I spend Friday with Jeanie from Human Resources and Amy who heads Secretarial.  Secretarial is the first time I feel genuine human contact.  It might be that their jobs are subordinate to someone else, so they take full advantage of my services.  From 1pm onward I serve coffee and they pass me around from one secretary to the next giving them foot rubs, making coffee rounds on the hour.  My sex doesn’t twitch a single time.  I feel too sad and miss Mistress.

Saturday when I wake, Mistress is already gone.  The day passes slowly.  I found an extended chore list to perform and that keeps me busy.  My heart aches.  I long for her.  I’m sorry, Mistress.  I miss you.  She returns late at night and retreats to the bedroom without a word.  At bedtime I chain myself to the wall and curl up on the cot.  Sunday is the same.

Monday repeats like Friday.  Julie with Advertising and Marketing in the morning, Meagan with Retail Sales in the afternoon.  I cry in the back of Mistress’s SUV on the way home.  The tears fog up my goggles and soak my mask.

We part ways in the house.  The same routine as the previous week.  I attend to my chores.  Mistress dines alone on delivered food.  Later in the dungeon she reads me the final evaluations.  I receive an A- and an A.  My first A’s excite me but I quickly remember how bad things feel. I toss and turn until late.  Alone on my cot, shivering, haunted by remorse.

The next morning I wake naturally.  The key is there but no clock.  I release myself and find my maid’s uniform on the table.  I dress quickly, buckling myself in and securing the locks.  I rush upstairs, checking for Mistress.  I find her in her room.  She’s seated on the bed in her nightgown.  I approach and lower my head.  She’s beautiful.

Mistress stands and slips off the strap.  The nightgown falls to the floor at her feet.  She stands before me, naked.  My eyes tear up.  She extends her arm.  I scurry and fetch her robe.  I slide it onto her arm and pull it around her.  I straighten the collar and cinch the belt around her waist.  I drop to my knees.  She lifts a foot.  I ease it into her slipper and repeat it with the other foot.  I bow and kiss her feet. First the right foot, then the left.  I slowly raise my shoulders, keeping my eyes on the floor.

I feel her hand on my head.  She pets me.  I throw my arms around her waist and squeeze.  My tears flow freely.  I feel her hands touch my elbows and I release.  I look up.  Her eyes are warm.  Her smile is deep.  I feel her love.  She sits back upon the bed and slides onto it.  She pats the mattress and I join her.  We press our bodies together.  I’m the little spoon.  Her arms close around me.  I inhale deeply and take in her familiar scent.  This comfort is my greatest pleasure.  I cry and the feelings clash inside of me, happiness and sadness at the same time.

“What did you learn this past week, pet?”
“I’m so sorry, Mistress.  I was selfish.  My sex betrays me and it lies to me with false desires.  After that I just wanted to work hard and make you proud.”
“I’m glad that’s the lesson you learned from this, pet.  I knew you would.  You always make me proud.”

She hugs me and I smile.

“I’m surprised though, pet.  I learned a lesson, too.”
She pauses.  I feel her breath on my neck.  She buries her face into the fur on my collar and squeezes me.
“I learned that when I’m around, I really don’t like anyone touching my stuff.”
She giggles.  I’m so happy.  I love her so much.  My Mistress.  My Queen.  My Goddess.

“Yes, pet?”
“What about my punishment?”
“Don’t you think this was punishment enough?  I can always bring out the strap if you really want it…”

I whimper.  She giggles.  Mistress gently shoves me away.

“pet, I took the day off work so draw me a bath.  After you’ve washed me we can put your tongue to good use.  I’ve missed you.”

We talk while she bathes.  The scented candles relax her.  My caresses sooth her.  I’ll only be going with Mistress to work on Fridays from now on, which was the day that her accident happened on.  While I’m there, I’ll only be under her desk, which is in the process of being modified to accommodate chains and locks.  The unpaid intern test was a success.  They will be interviewing candidates starting next week with a panel of Mistress, Theresa, and Sasha conducting the interviews.  The new hires will be “named” with numbers starting with two and going from there.

I’m so very happy that this is all over.  I love Mistress.  She is my world.  I long to taste her again.  My sex strains against the belt.  She smiles at me.  I know that she knows.

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