Month: April 2017

fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 26.1 Bonus Extra

Chapter 26.1 Bonus Extra – Blind Worship Mistress lies on the bed beneath me.  She’s naked.  Her fair skin gleans in the moonlight.  I’m naked except for my chastity belt and collar.  She’s beautiful.  My sex strains against the tube as I hold myself above her. She leans up and pulls a blindfold over my … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 26.1 Bonus Extra

fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Author’s Note: This takes place about a month after Chapter 25. Things have changed over the past few weeks.  Mistress and I have spoken regularly.  More personal time and intimate with less formal protocols.  She shares more with me than I need her to.  I think she’s unburdening her own guilt. We have … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 26

fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 24

Chapter 24 We wake together.  Mistress sends me to prepare breakfast while she showers.  I am cooking for two today.  I prepare waffles with fruit, bacon, coffee, and juice.  Dominique is not a morning person.  She stumbles to the table in a disheveled state and sits next to Mistress. I serve them.  A few cups … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 24

fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 23

Chapter 23 I wake gently.  I look upon the bed.  Mistress is gone.  I sit up and look around the room.  Another note.  2 keys.  I read it. “pet, I will be gone again today, I should be home after dinner.  Please shower and shave today and prep your uniform for cleaning.  Your replacement uniform … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 23

fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 22

Chapter 22 I wake naturally.  No alarms, no noises.  The room is quiet.  I roll over and glance up at the bed.  It’s empty.  I slowly scan the room.  A note on the nightstand.  A key.  I read it. “pet, I’ve gone out with Tristan to look at houses.  Relax after you finish your chores. … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 22

fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Author’s Note: This takes place several months after Chapter 20. I wake gently.  I feel warmth on my back.  Breath on my neck.  Her scent.  I open my eyes.  She lies with me.  I am the little spoon.  I remain still.  I enjoy the sound of her breathing as she sleeps.  We are … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 21