fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Author’s Note: This takes place several months after Chapter 20.

I wake gently.  I feel warmth on my back.  Breath on my neck.  Her scent.  I open my eyes.  She lies with me.  I am the little spoon.  I remain still.  I enjoy the sound of her breathing as she sleeps.  We are together on the bearskin rug next to the bed.  I love this.  Mistress put me to bed on the rug with my collar chained to the bedpost and my hands chained behind my back.  At some point she must have joined me.  I appreciate the closeness.  This makes me happy.

Her arms are around my waist.  I feel her chest rise and fall against my back with each breath.  My hands feel the fur trim of her robe.  They are so close to her, almost touching.  I try my best to ignore the discomfort of the morning wood that is blocked by my belt.  My eyes close again.  My lips can’t hide their smile.  My Mistress.  My Queen.  My Goddess.  My Wife.  I love you.

She lets out a moan as she stirs.  Her back arches, her arms slide back into a gentle stretch.  I feel a little naughty.  I tease her.  I move my hands back against her and tickle her through her robe, knowing the fur lining will dance against her skin.  It’s her lower abdomen, a few inches above her sweet spot.

She inhales sharply while her body tenses slightly against mine.  Her fingers find my nipples.  They gently pinch and twist.  I let out a gentle moan as my sex strains against the tube.  I hear her react and I picture her smile.

She whispers in my ear.
“Naughty naughty, pet.  Maybe I’ll have to get you one of those muffs that you wore at the park.”
I blush.

I feel her pull my hands down and back.  She holds them to her sex.  I gently stroke her clit through her robe. She exhales warmly on my neck.  I feel her press her hips against my rear.  She gently grinds.  My fingers continue their work
“Talk to me, pet.”
“I love you, Mistress.  I love you so much.”

My fingers continue to spiral over her sex.  Her breathing speeds up.  Her hands return to my nipples and tease.
“Mistress, every day I long to see you happy.  It fills me with joy to be by your side.”

She grinds harder.  My fingers match her pressure, faster, faster, firmer.  She emits a low moan.
“Mistress, you are the best thing in my life.  You are the reason I live.  I love you.”

She squeezes my nipples.  I move faster, firmer, faster, firmer.  Her torso gyrates, pressing into me.  She pants and moans.  Her fingers crush my tender flesh.  I let out a whimper.  Keep moving.  Faster, firmer, faster, smaller circles.

I feel her breasts firmly against my back.  She lets out a small cry.  Her body quivers against mine.  Mistress’s hands release my nipples and push my hands away.  She slowly rolls onto her back and takes a deep breath.  I hear her rise behind me.

“On your knees, face down. Speech privileges removed.”
I turn and rise on my knees.  I bow and bury my head into the rug.  I glance over my shoulder.  She has a thin leather strap in hand.  I feel a sense of relief.  It’s not “the” strap.

“While I appreciate the wake up, call, pet, that was a little presumptuous wasn’t it?”
I nod.
“Good, just a quick little reminder of your place.”

She taps my stomach with her toe.  I raise my buttocks higher into the air.  Smack, smack.  A quick strike to each cheek.  I grunt and shudder under the blows.  Smack, smack.  It stings.  Smack, smack.  I cry out.  Smack, smack.  Tears well up.  Smack, smack.

Mistress leans down and caresses my skin.  I feel it swelling and it throbs.  While I do not regret the pleasure of her orgasm, I do learn my lesson.  Not without her permission… no matter how tempting it may be.

The phone rings.  She leaves me in my chains on the rug and answers.  I hear her voice perk up.

“This is Cass.  Tristan?  How long has it been, 10 years?”
I haven’t heard this name before, but Mistress has lots of friends I do not know.

“Yes, I’m free today.  You can stop by anytime after 11.  I’ll see you then.”

Mistress hangs up and returns to me.  I feel her release the locks.  I turn on my knees and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.

“slave, attend to me in the shower.  We will have a guest arriving shortly.”

I gently wash Mistress in the shower.  While I do not pleasure her sexually, I am grateful for this privilege. After she is clean I wash myself quickly and rinse.  I gently dry her naked body with a towel and apply lotion to her body, careful to warm it on my hands before touching her.  Her robe follows and I blow dry her hair while she does her makeup.

My uniform and inspection follows soon after.  After I’m securely locked inside, Mistress sends me to prepare breakfast while she gets dressed.

Mistress arrives at the table and my heart skips a beat.  She’s always beautiful but today she is stunning.  I stop in my tracks admiring her.  She wears a shapely cashmere sweater with fur trim that accentuates her cleavage, a leather pencil skirt, and knee high boots.  Our eyes meet.  She smiles at me.  My sex strains.  A shared moment.

Her eyebrow arches and she clears her throat.  I quickly help her into her chair and serve her food.  As she eats I continue to steal glances.  I’m obvious.  She pauses between bites.

“slave, need I remind you of what happens when your attention lapses?”

I snap to attention with perfect posture.

“Good boy.”  She continues eating with a smile.

She finishes and leaves the room.  I clear her dishes and quickly scarf down my toast and egg while I wash.  I love her.

After dishes I find Mistress lounging on the couch in the living room.  She smirks and points to the floor near her.  I approach her and kneel, bowing my head.  She leans forward and puts her hand on my head.  I close my eyes.  I hear a pair of staggered clicks.  I open my eyes and notice the peripheral blinders attached to my head harness.  This is the first time Mistress has used them and I had almost forgotten about them from the VIP shows.

“Be on your best behavior, slave.  I haven’t seen Tristan in over 10 years.”  There’s a seriousness in her voice.  Tristan must be important for her to worry about appearances.

A feeling nags at me.  The thought of serving an ex-boyfriend of hers sends me spiraling.  I fidget.  She pets my head, a reminder to keep my focus.  The doorbell rings.  I spring to my feet and head for the door.  Mistress follows behind me.

I answer the door and the response is a squeal and a laugh.  Tristan enters.  I’m surprised.  It’s not a man.  She’s a blonde in leather pants and a leather jacket with a fur collar.  Se wears a fur and leather biker cap on her head.  She speaks quickly with animated expressions and body language.

“Is this your husband, Cass?  I still can’t believe you got married.  You swore to me that you would never, ever tie the knot.”

“It’s good to see you, Tristan.  Yes, this is my husband, fs.  You may call him whatever you like, most of my friends call him, ‘fur sissy.’”

Tristan laughs again.  I blush.

“Hello, fur sissy, has Cass told you about me?”  She pinches my nipple.

“No, Miss Tristan.  Mistress has not.”

Her eyebrow arches.  Tristan walks to Mistress and presses her body against her.
“Really… so you have no, i-dea, just how, hot, we, got.”
Mistress blushes.  That is rare.  It’s cute.

“slave, take Tristan’s coat and hat and tend to us in the living room.”

I nod and help Tristan out of her coat.  She’s wearing a low halter top showing off tattoos on her upper arms.  She throws her hat to me revealing short cropped blonde hair.  Her ears are lined with various piercings.

They leave the room while I put her things in the closet.  I enter the living room.  They are seated next to each other on the couch.  The are close.  They talk.  They are happy.  Familiar.  Comfortable.  They laugh together.  Tristan motions me over with her hand.  I approach and kneel in front of the couch.

“I always knew you’d end up a Domme, Cass.”
“Really… how were you so certain?” Mistress pretends to be firm.
“Because Cass, you always loved to get eaten out but you never wanted to return the favor.  I remember thinking, ‘she’ll either end up a Domme or single.’  That’s pretty much why we broke up.”

Mistress blushes again.
“Tristan, you are such a bitch.”  She laughs.
“It’s true, Cass, I speak only the truth.”

Tristan continues.
“So, fur sissy, I was Cass’s first girlfriend back in college.”
“It was more of a fling, Tristan.”
“Oh, I’m pretty sure I made my mark.”

Tristan smirks confidently and frames my body with her hands.
“Did you know, fur sissy, that when I met Cass she had never owned a single fur?  Now she has her shop, and there’s you… That’s all thanks to me.”  Mistress blushes again but composes herself.

“Yes, Tristan was quite the little trust fund brat back in college, chasing pleasure at every turn.  I can’t remember if she even went to class.”
“Hey, like you woke up on time after a night of hot sex.”  Tristan touches her finger to Mistress’s lips.  Mistress continues to blush.

“Cass, I have some news.  I’m moving here in a month.”
Mistress’s eyes widen.  She doesn’t speak.
“I figured I’d reach out.  I like having friends.”  Tristan’s voice shifts into a seductive tone.  “Especially… friends with benefits.”

Mistress scoffs, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.
“Loosen up, Cass.  I have something for you.”  Tristan smiles.  Mistress returns the smile.

Tristan grabs Mistress’s wrist, pulls her forward and kisses her on the mouth.  Mistress’s cheeks flush red.  Her eyes remain open.  She’s flustered.  She tries to pull away.  Tristan’s other hand grips her neck.  I feel a twinge in my heart.  I blush.

A few seconds later, Tristan releases and they part.  Mistress slumps back into the couch.  Tristan looks a bit off balance but not totally deterred.

“That was a joke, Cass.  I really do have a gift for you, it’s out in the car.”

We leave the living room and head towards the door.  Mistress sends me out and Tristan pops the trunk with her key remote.  I retrieve it and carry it inside.  Mistress’s jaw drops.  It’s a giant stuffed bear made from real fur.

“Tristan, you shouldn’t have.  This must have cost a fortune.”
“Oh, but I couldn’t just show up out of the blue without something for my special little Cassie-bear now could I?”
Mistress blushes again.  They embrace.  I half-expect Tristan to cop a feel.  She doesn’t.

Mistress orders me to bring the bear to her bedroom.  I over hear bits of conversation as I go.

“Cass, how’s the scene here?  Should I have my subs relocate too, or just find some new ones locally?”
“Are they male or female?”
“Male.  I have one that handles all the indoor chores and another that does the outdoor.  They are obedient, well-trained, and don’t mind living a life with zero affection.  I could never treat my girls like that, Cass.”
“I would say to bring them, Tristan.  The field here is a bit barren.  Do you remember Theresa?  She even took on a female sub after striking out with the men.”
“Theresa’s a Domme now?!  Wow.  I can’t say I didn’t expect it, but well… actually I didn’t expect it.”

Their voices fade out into the distance.  I put the bear on Mistress’s bed and return to the entry.  Tristan is gone.  Mistress is lost in thought.  She looks a little conflicted.  I’ve never seen her this way before.  She seems distracted the rest of the day.  I complete my chores and attend to her as summoned.

That night she puts me to bed on the bearskin rug again.  I hear her toss and turn on the bed.  I glance up and see her body wrapped around the stuffed bear.  Her face buried in its chest, her arms around it, and even her legs wrapped around its lower body.  I feel the twinge again in my heart.

I don’t sleep well.

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