fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 22

Chapter 22

I wake naturally.  No alarms, no noises.  The room is quiet.  I roll over and glance up at the bed.  It’s empty.  I slowly scan the room.  A note on the nightstand.  A key.  I read it.


I’ve gone out with Tristan to look at houses.  Relax after you finish your chores.


I unlock my collar chain and begin my day.  Time passes slowly.  Today I am extra thorough. Laundry, vacuuming, dusting, the bathrooms, the kitchen.  I scrub and mop the floors.  I wash the inside of the windows.  Time passes slowly.  I sweep out the garage.  I scrub the floor in the dungeon.  Time passes slowly.

When you are kept busy, think only of her, and aren’t allowed to speak, the idea of free time or relaxation feels foreign.  In the olden days I might go watch a sporting event or go out to a movie.  Those don’t seem desirable anymore… nor do I have any money or means of transportation.  Silly thoughts, I forgot I’m not allowed out of my uniform.

I kneel in front of the coffee table with a pen and paper.  I write to Mistress.  I know she knows all these feelings but I want to tell them to her as often as I can.  I haven’t written anything since Kimmy moved in.  This feels nice.

The pen flows without thought.  I draw my heart upon the page in words.

You are the beauty within my life.  You are the focus of my love.  To see you smile brings joy to my heart.  When I see the warmth in your eyes I feel our souls connect.  I cherish every moment of every day that I spend with you.  I am grateful for every moment spent by your side.  While I will never feel worthy of you, that you chose me is the greatest feeling in the world.

I will love you forever.  My heart longs for you when you are not here.  My devotion never wavers.  You are my Queen.  My Goddess.  You are the love of my life.  You are my Mistress.  You are my wife.

-your pet, fs01”

I kiss the note.  I fold it neatly and place it on her pillow.

My stomach growls.  I haven’t eaten.  I move to the kitchen and prepare what I could envision Mistress permitting me to eat.  It is modest.  A piece of bread with some cheese.  A couple of carrot sticks.  A glass of water.  I finish my food and curl up on the doggie bed in the living room.  Normally I would be planning dinner preparation.  Today I wait.  Time passes slowly.

My ears perk up.  A vehicle.  I hurry to the door. The doorbell rings.  My heart sinks.  I open the door.  It’s Lisa.

“Hello, Miss Lisa.  It is good to see you today.”  I bow.
“Hi, fur, Miss Cassandra called and said she would be out late.  She asked me to bring over some dinner.”

I take her bag and help her out of her coat.  She declines a robe.  Lisa sits at the table.  I transfer her meal from the plastic container onto a plate.  I serve it to her and pour her some wine.

“The second container is for you, fur.”
“Thank you, Miss Lisa.”  I bow and return to the kitchen.

I open the container.  It’s steak.  My mouth waters.  I transfer the food to the plate.  Potatoes and asparagus are the sides.  I cut the steak into bites before returning to Lisa with my plate and a glass of water.  I kneel near her and eat.  The food is delicious.  I feel guilty.  A slave eating such fine food.  I savor every bite.  Lisa finishes before me.  I move to clear her plate.

“fur, finish your food first.  That’s an order.”  She could read my eyes.  I nod and finish eating.

“Would you like some pie, Miss Lisa?  I baked it yesterday.  It is pecan.”
“Pie would be lovely, fur.”
“Whipped cream or ice cream, Miss Lisa?”
“No fur, I have to watch my figure.”  She pats her belly and smiles.  I smile back.

I clear our plates and return with a slice of pie for Lisa.  She eats it bite by bite.  The sounds she makes tells me she likes it.  After dessert we return to the living room.  Lisa sits comfortably on the couch.

“I would like a foot rub, fur.”

I nod and kneel.  I smile.  Lisa is more comfortable with this role.

My heart calms a little as I take her foot in hand.  I hands are gentle yet firm.  I rub the sole, the arch, the heel.  I caress the tops.  I work each toe.  I’m careful not to tickle.  I enjoy Lisa’s moans but I stay focused on my task at hand.  This is nice.  I finish.  I look up and she has slouched deep into the couch.  She opens her eyes and smiles.

“Thank you, Miss Lisa, for the privilege of pleasing you.  Would you like me to suck your toes?”

Her mouth opens into a wide grin.  She blushes.  This surprises her.

“No, fur.  That was lovely.”
Her expression changes.  She loses herself in thought.  She smiles again.  I predict her husband will suck her toes the next time they role play in the bedroom.

“Come here, fur.”  She pats the side of the couch.  I shuffle closer.

I feel her arms embrace me.  She pulls me against her body.  Her hand pets the fur on my collar.  I feel her bury her fingers and shuffle them about.  Her senses awaken.  She rubs my earmuff.  The taps the pom pom on my heat.  I feel her hands on my shoulders.  Lisa turns me so that I face her.

Her expression changes again.  She looks… naughty.  Her hands move toward me.  She places her palms on my chest.  They slide out to the sides.  Her fingers find my nipples.  My brow furrows.  The squeeze.  She twists.  I close my eyes.  My mouth opens.  She squeezes harder.  I let out a moan.  My sex strains against the belt.  Her fingers release.  I open my eyes.

“fur, does that really feel good?”
“Yes, Miss Lisa.  When I am locked in the chastity belt, my nipples become my sex organs.  At least that’s what Mistress says.”

I watch her face turn bright red before my eyes.  The death of innocence can be cute.  I smile at her.  She places one hand over her eyes and laughs.

“So I was basically just fondling 2 penises.”  She laughs harder.  I blush and lower my face.

“So, fur, this is really okay with you?  Being locked up all the time.  You don’t miss sex or masturbation?”
“Miss Lisa, this makes me happy.  Of course I miss sex, but this is how Mistress wants me and I am happy to be what she wants.”

Her face shows me that she is thinking.  We continue to chat.  Lisa asks me various questions about my thoughts on D/s and related activities.  I can see her learning.  I wonder how this will apply to her husband.  Time passes quickly with company.  Soon it is late.

“I have to get going, fur.  Thank you for the talk.”
“Thank you, Miss Lisa, you are very kind.  This means a lot to me.”

I escort her to the door and see her out.  I brush my teeth and wash my face as best I can.  I lock my collar to the chain and curl up on the bearskin rug.  I doze off with thoughts of Mistress.

I stir a bit from the sound of the door.  My eyes are heavy.  I hear her in the room.  Her lips on my cheek.  A whisper.

“Thank you, pet.”

The lights turn off.  I roll over and my tired eyes trace over her figure on the bed in the moonlight.  She wraps her body around the bear.  I love you, Mistress.  I doze off.

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