fs01 – Arc 4 – Chapter 25

Chapter 25

I wake up sore and groggy.  The dungeon cage doesn’t have the same padding that the one in Mistress’s bedroom has.  Yesterday was a long day.  I need water.  I crawl out slowly and see a note.


I’ve gone on a day trip with Tristan.  I’m not sure when I’ll be back.  Keep yourself busy.


My spirits fall.  I feel a twist in my heart.  Mistress, I love you, I wish you were here.  I prepare a small breakfast and drink plenty of water.  There is a lot of work to be done.  Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, mopping, and polishing the silver and furniture.  I work through them one by one, making sure to be thorough.  I’m a little bit slower today.  I don’t feel right.

It’s nearly dinner time by the time I finish my chores.  My stomach growls.  I skipped lunch.  I eat a peanut butter sandwich with some carrots and celery.  It tastes terrible.  I lay on the doggie bed after dinner and rest.  Time passes slowly.  I keep my ears perked for the sound of a car.  11pm.  I shuffle my way to the bathroom and brush my teeth.  I retire to the dungeon, curl up in the cage and doze off.

I wake up.  I feel better than yesterday, but something feels wrong in my chest.  I crawl out of the cage and make my way upstairs.  I go to the bedroom.  The door is open.  No one is there.  The covers are messy, so I know Mistress returned last night but she’s gone already.  I look on the nightstand for a note.  I don’t find one.

I make Mistress’s bed and straighten up the room.  I clean the bathrooms today and do more laundry.  After chores I sit and fidget.  Time passes slowly.  My heart aches.  Time passes slowly.  I look at the clock.  7:30pm.  I go to the phone and dial it slowly.  Mistress’s cell.  It rings twice and goes to voicemail.
“Mistress, I just wanted to check that you are okay.  I love you.”

I curl up on the floor near the phone.  Time passes slowly.  9:30pm.  I work up my courage and call Theresa.  She answers.
“Hey Cass, we missed you at work today.”
“Miss Theresa?”
“fur, how are you?”
“Miss Theresa, do you know where Mistress is?  I’m worried.”
“I haven’t seen her at all today, fur, she didn’t come in to work.”
“I’m worried, Miss Theresa.”
“I’ll track her down, fur.  Don’t worry about it, I’m sure she’s fine.”
“Thank you, Miss Theresa.”
“Are you okay, fur?”
“I trust you, Miss Theresa, thank you.”

I go downstairs to the dungeon and curl up in the cage.  Theresa managed to calm my heart.  I doze off.

I jolt awake.  The cage door clanks.  It’s Mistress.  I smile at her.  Her face scowls.

I kneel to kiss her feet.  Her foot shoves my shoulder away.
“Stand up.”

I rise.  Her hand grips my collar and she pushes me against the wall.  She attaches shackles around my wrists.  I turn my head and look over my shoulder.

“Don’t look at me.”  Her hand presses my face up against the wall.

“Mistress.. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry… I’m sorry.”  I cry.

“Did I give you permission to talk?”
“I’m so sorry, I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.”  I sob.

“You leave me no choice.”  I hear her boots click out of the room.

A few minutes later she returns.  I weep.
“I can’t even enjoy myself with a friend for 1 day without you calling everyone about me.”

I press my eyes closed.  Tears stream.  She pulls against my belt and twist my waist.  I feel the front plate of the CB release.  I’m not hard.  This isn’t sexy.  I hear some pings and snaps of metal on metal.  The front plate returns.  I feel some extra pressure and cold metal between my legs.  She tugs on the back of the belt.  A couple of clicks.

“I ordered this plug attachment just in case you stopped following my orders pet.”

I feel cold rubber against my rear.

“No, please, Mistress.  I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.  Please.”
“What did I say about speaking?”

She presses hard.  My cheeks spread.  I cry out.  It’s too big.  It hurts.  I scream.  It’s inside me.  I wail.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.”

In deeper.  It hurts.  I hear a click.  I bawl and shake against the shackles.  I feel violated.  I feel sad.  I hate myself.

I finally calm down and sob softly.  Mistress unlocks my shackles.

“The cage, now.”

I walk slowly.  I can’t look at her.  I crawl into the cage.  She closes it behind me and locks it shut.

“Think about why I’m doing this, pet.  I’ll send someone to check on you.”

Her boots clack against the floor.  The light goes out.  I hear the gate close.  I curl up and weep.  I don’t understand.  My head spins.  What am I supposed to feel?  Everything hurts, inside and out.

I cry until there are no more tears.  I lay motionless.  Eventually my eyes grow heavy.  I doze off.

My sleep is anything but sound.  I wake early.  I stare out the bars.  I hate this feeling.  I’m sorry Mistress, I don’t understand.  I hear the gate.  I press my face against the bars to get a view.  It’s Theresa.  My heart aches.  I put my head down and weep.

She unlocks the cage.  I speak in a small voice.  My throat is hoarse from all the crying.
“Hi, Miss Theresa.”
“fur, please come out.”

I crawl slowly.  My body doesn’t have the will but I manage.

“Do you have to use the bathroom, fur?  Cass said there’s another lock in place.”

I shake my head no.  I feel torn apart in my heart.  I try to remember my manners.

“Can I get you anything, Miss Theresa?”
“No, fur, come upstairs please.”

I nod.  I slowly rise to my feet and follow her.  I can’t think straight.

Theresa sits on the couch.  She pats the spot next to her.

“fur, I’m ordering you to lay here.”

I nod and slide onto the couch.  She directs me onto my back and I place my head on her lap looking up at her.

“Are you okay, fur?”

I shake my head no.  I cry.

“What’s wrong, fur?  What’s bothering you?”

I shut my eyes.  I shake my head.  I pour out my heart.

“I don’t know… I don’t know I don’t know.  I don’t know anything anymore.  I don’t know.”
“B told me a little bit about what is going on.  Do you feel trapped where you worry about Cass but then feel bad for worrying about her?”

I nod.

“And it’s even worse now that you’ve been punished for it?”

I nod vigorously.

Theresa picks up her cell phone and makes a call.

“Cass, get here right now.”
“I don’t care what you are doing, drop everything and get here right now.”
“If you aren’t here in 20 minutes I’m taking fur away from you.”

She hangs up.

The silence is awkward.  Theresa pets my head.  We hear a car pull up.  The front door opens.  The quick patter of steps.  Mistress enters the living room.  I close my eyes.

“slave, off the couch, kneel.”

I roll over and kneel on the floor.

“What the hell, Cass?”
“I’m pissed off, T.  I’m tired of being hounded like a child.”
“Do you even hear yourself, Cass?  You’re acting like a child.”
“Where do you get off threatening to take away my sub?  He’s my husband, damnit.”
“He is your husband.  Can you even see what’s going on here?”
“Yes, T.  He’s being jealous.”
“Those are Tristan’s words, Cass, not yours.  You pulled this same bullshit back in college.  She waves her hand and you come running.  It almost ended our friendship back then.  Keep this up and it will end our friendship now.”

Mistress clenches her teeth.  She sits on the love seat.

“Why are you so angry, Cass?”
“fs should be able to find something to do rather than worry about me.”
“Really, Cass?  Is that really what you think?  A couple of months ago he nearly lost you.  You didn’t see what that did to him.  You didn’t see what he had to go through to be with you.  And besides, you’re the fucking shrink, why can’t you see it?”

“See what, T?  I don’t think you should be lecturing me on this.”
“You really are blinded by her, Cass.  She makes you stupid.  She makes you do stupid shit.  It’s junior year all over again.  You nearly flunked out of your classes due to attendance.  Do you really think this is jealousy?”

“Is that your 10 cents of free advice, T?”
“Okay, gloves are off.  I love you, Cass.  You are my best friend.  You have been my best friend for 15 years.  Right now, you are being a stupid bitch who’s carrying a flame for a woman who never actually loved you in the first place.  You say that fs is being jealous?  You say that he should find something to do?  Do you hear yourself?  Get your head out of your ass.

Cass, you took away every part of him that was equipped to deal with this and put him through it without putting him back together first.  How is he supposed to kill time?  He has no hobbies, no money, no friends, and no driver’s license or car.  He can’t even watch porn and jerk off.   This isn’t just some cute game for him, so stop treating it that way.  All that matters to him is you.  All he thinks about is you.  You took away his life and all he has left is you.  He loves you so much that he can’t even get mad at you for leaving him alone.

He gets worried when you aren’t home on time.  He wants to spend time with you.  He has no one else.  He has, no one else.  When you punish him for being what you made him it makes him hate himself.”

Theresa’s face is read.  Her eyes are direct and focused.  Mistress looks stoic… her eyes are empty, cold.  Mistress stands.

“I’m going for a walk.”  She departs the room without a second glance.

We sit in silence for a moment.

“Thank you, Miss Theresa.”  I bow and press my forehead to the floor.

“fur, pack a bag.  I’m taking you to my place.  You’re not safe here.”

I thrust my arms around her ankles.  Tears fill my eyes.

“Please, Miss Theresa.  Please don’t take me away.  I’ll be okay.  Please don’t take me from Mistress.”
“It’s for your own good, fur.”
“No, please.  Please don’t take me away.  I love her.  I’ll be okay.  I love her.  You’ll see.”
“fur.” Her voice is firm.  I bawl.

“Please don’t take me away, Miss Theresa.  Please don’t.  Please.”

She sits in silence.  I cry myself into exhaustion.

I hear the door.  Mistress enters.  I look up.  Her eyes are teary.  She smells of cigarettes.  She sits again on the love seat.  Theresa holds up her cell phone and faces it to Mistress.

I hear the playback.  “fur, pack a bag…”  Theresa recorded a video.  I hear my pleas and begging and sobs.  Mistress covers her face with her hands and weeps.

“I’m sorry, pet.  I’m so sorry.”

I crawl to her and wrap my arms around her waist.  She embraces me.
“I love you, Mistress.”

She cries until she can’t.  I squeeze her.  Mistress is back.  The volume of her voice staggers with each breath.

“T, if I ever do something like this again, please hit me.  Hard.”

They both share a laugh.  Theresa leaves a few minutes later.  I bow and thank her with all my heart.  Mistress leads me to the bedroom. I lay face down on the bed.  She unlocks and removes the plug.  I whimper.  I remain still as she applies some ointment.  I hope that is the last I will ever see of the plug.

We shower together.  I wash Mistress, caressing every crevice of her body.  She kisses me.  My heart fills with warmth.  After the shower, I dry her gently with a towel.  She holds out her arm.  I fetch her robe and slide it onto her arm and wrap it around her body.  I straighten the collar and cinch the robe at the waist.  I kneel and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.  I dry her hair with a blow dryer and rub lotion on the parts she requests.  My Mistress.  My Queen.  My Goddess. I love her.  She has returned to me.

She motions to her head and feet.  I stand on my toes and place her hat on her head, careful to line up the contours.  I kneel and slide each foot into its slipper.  I kiss her feet again.  She strolls across the room, clicking the white remote on the dresser as she passes.  I hear the air conditioner kick on.  A cool draft flows across the room.  Goose bumps form on my naked body.

Mistress sits upon her throne.  She motions to me.  I approach her and kneel.  She parts the robe and spreads her legs.   I place my hands on her thighs, lean forward and kiss her sex.  She places her hands on mine and squeezes.  I glance up and her face is serene.  She smiles.  I feel warm inside although freezing on the outside.

I press my lips to her skin, surrounding her clit.  I flatten my tongue and press against it.  Light suction.  I make a small circular motion with my tongue.  She breathes deep.  Her grip tightens on my hands.  Her scent fills my nose and intoxicates me.

I continue with my tongue.  Her breathing speeds up.  I feel her pelvis twist and grind against me.  Faster.  I press more firmly with my tongue.  Faster motions.  Around and around.  Faster.  More pressure.  Her thighs begin to move a little, opening and closing in rhythm with her grinds.  Faster, more pressure.  Her head tilts back.  I watch her ribs rise and fall.  She lets out a low moan.  Faster, faster.

I feel her thighs slam against the sides of my head.  Her hands release mine and she grabs hand fulls of my hair.  She yanks my face in tighter.  I keep licking.  My Mistress is back.  Faster, faster, more pressure.  She cries out.  She tugs at my hair in rhythm.  Yank.  Yank.  Yank.  I press harder with my tongue.  She squeals.  Her thighs press tight.  Her body pulses in a series of spasms.  A final cry and she releases her juices down my chin.

She releases my hair.  I look up at her.  Our eyes meet.  She mouths “I love you.”   I smile.  She grins.
Mistress leads me to the bed.  She lays down and pats her lap.  I crawl on and curl up next to her.  I am the little spoon.  Her arms close around my waist.

“pet, I’m so sorry.  I’m so sorry about all of this.  I wasn’t thinking clearly and I misread what was happening.”
“It’s okay, Mistress.  I love you, no matter what.”
“How can you say it’s, okay, pet?  Aren’t you mad or hurt?”
“Because, Mistress.  I love you.  I’m not mad.  If I’m hurt, I’ll heal.  Remember, Mistress, we’re all human.”

She squeezes me tightly.  I feel her breath on my neck.

“pet, is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

I grin and giggle.  I blush.
“Anything, Mistress?”
“Anything within the rules, you know that.”
“The next time everyone goes out to the club together, can I go too?”

Her hands ruffle my hair.
“You and your dirty mind, pet.  Yes, you can go with us next time.  Maybe I could let you out of a chastity for it and put you in a KTB instead…”  She giggles.  I groan.

“Yes, pet?”
“I love you so much.”
“I love you too pet.”

“Yes, pet?”
“I’m cold.  Can I put some clothes on?”
“Why, pet, I didn’t think you would want to be back in your uniform so quickly…”
I groan and blush.

“Yes, Mistress.”
“You’ll be in the punishment lining uniform for a week.  While a lot of this was my fault, you did disobey me twice yesterday.  That hasn’t happened in a while.  This will help remind you.”

I nod.  I feel phantom itches all over my body.

“Yes, Mistress.”
“You won’t have to wear the plug anymore but I think I’m going to leave the locking bracket on… just… in… case.”

I groan.

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