fs01 – Arc 6 – Chapter 39

Chapter 39

It is Lauren that releases me from the chains outside. I do not know how long I knelt there alone, in the dark. She helps me to my feet and tells me that next time, I should make sure to purge the heat packs before Cassandra’s shift. Lauren is kind. Handcuffs restrain my hands behind my back and she leads me back to the prison building by the metal collar.

She places me in my cell. Shortly after dinner arrives. The bottle is almost full this time. I’m happy just to finally eat. I choke down the awful liquid as fast as I can. I feel it enter my stomach, showing me just how hungry and dehydrated I am. They perform a head count a short while later. I figure they do this to keep me moving and to give things a ‘prison feel.’

After the headcount, Tabitha leads me to one of the building’s side rooms. Before we enter she releases my gag.

“Do not speak unless instructed to, inmate.” I nod.

I sit on a small stool in one of the side rooms of the building. I’m grateful to rest my legs, although my hands are handcuffed behind my back. The room is warm; apparently the side rooms have heat while the main area with the cages does not. I’m guessing this was done on purpose.

Several bright lights shine in my eyes. I squint against them but they successfully blind me from anything behind them in the room. I see the faint outlines of bodies along the far wall. A video camera stands on a tripod off to the side; its red light blinks, they are filming me.

“Inmate 001, look at the camera.”

I shift on the stool and face the blinking red light. My anxiety builds as a nervous feeling enters my body. My fingers fidget behind my back.

“Inmate 001, how do you feel?”
“I am exhausted, Ma’am.”
“Unacceptable, inmate. You shall describe yourself as 001, the inmate, or the prisoner. How do you feel?”

I swallow hard. My training with Amanda will make this easier.
“001 is exhausted, Ma’am.”
“That is physical, inmate. What are your feelings?”
“001 is scared, Ma’am. Scared and lonely. 001 wants to leave.”

“How did you feel moving the bags?”
“001 didn’t like it, Ma’am. 001 felt like it had no purpose other than to make the inmate suffer. 001 just wants to go home.”
“Does the inmate feel like he deserves this?”
“No Ma’am, 001 didn’t do anything wrong. 001 doesn’t deserve this.”

I sit in silence for several seconds. I immediately regret saying that.

“Inmate, the terms of your incarceration are as such that WE decide when you can leave. From how things look now, you will be here a very… long… time. Only when you comply to our will and submit to the punishment you deserve do you have any hope of release.”

I sniffle and begin to cry.

“I don’t like this…”

The camera beeps and the red light shuts off. I hear the click of boots on the floor. Hands grip my arms and force me to my feet. They slam my chest onto a table; I feel a strong grip on the back of my neck pinning me down. I don’t resist them. My tears continue to flow.

A body forces my legs apart as far as the chains allow them. I feel a torso press against my rear.

“You are a criminal. You deserve to be here. Say it.” I sob.
“001 is a criminal. 001 deserves to be here.”
“You need this punishment. You must comply. Say it.”
“001 needs this punishment. 001 must comply.”

I sob in between words. They terrify me. A guard leans down, the mask stops inches from my face. It is Mistress.
“If you think this is a game, they have my permission to keep you here as long as it takes.”

She returns the gag to my mouth, pulling the straps tight and locking it in place. I continue to cry. I’m sorry, Mistress, I’m so sorry.

Minutes later I’m back in my cage for lights out. My muscles ache all over; today was an extreme work out. I don’t even try to sleep. They will come for me soon. I see three flashlights coming from across the room. Anxiety is crushed by hopelessness. I accept the inevitable.

The flashlights find my eyes and blind me.

“Look at our well-behaved little inmate. He waited up just for us.”

The cage opens and I shuffle out to meet them. The metal transport collar closes around my neck. They lead me across the room back to the table where I was first processed and violated. The ceiling light clicks on, illuminating the table.

I glance over and notice their open coats. Fear grips my heart. My hands twitch behind my back. I see them pass something back and forth. A squirting sound, almost like a ketchup bottle. Their coats part one after another, their hands rub, lubricating the strap-ons that are now in full view.

I take a step back. My collar chain is yanked tight, keeping me in place. Dominique steps forward, rubbing her hand back and forth across a gigantic dildo that is covered in ribs and studs.

“I have waited a very long time for this, little one. No one can save you.” She laughs her evil laugh as she twists the dildo back and forth.

Tabitha and Lauren each grab my arms and drag me to the table, slamming me down firmly on my chest.

“Remove his gag. This inmate has such a glorious scream.”

I feel the buckle release and the gag is ripped from my mouth. I struggle in vain against their grip. Someone save me.

“Who’s ready for a train bang?!” shouts Dominique.

“Please don’t do this. Please don’t do this. Please don’t do this. Please don’t do this!”
“Yes, little one! Your fear is beautiful!”

I weep. She pulls down my tights and I feel her lubed finger trace around my anus. My sobs interrupt my words.
“Please stop. Please don’t do this. Please no. Someone please save me. Mistress!”

I continue to struggle. I feel its knobby head press up against my flesh. I wail. And sob. My chest heaves, I feel like I can’t breathe.
“Stop stop stop stop. No no no no no no. Don’t rape me!”

Lauren’s voice booms out.
“Stop it! Seriously Dom, what are we doing?”
“It’s our turn, isn’t it?”
“I don’t mean that, why are we doing this?”
“Because abusing power is fun?”
“What’s wrong with you? Are you some kind of psychopath? He’s been here a day and a half and already you’re going all Stanford prison experiment on him.”

I feel the dildo back away from my flesh.

“You’re really questioning this now, Lauren? 15 minutes ago you couldn’t contain your excitement. ‘Oh, I’ve always wanted to rape a boy’s ass’ were your exact words I believe.”
“Well I changed my mind. He’s a human being. He has rights and dignity. This isn’t right. Tell her, Tabitha.”
“I’m going to have to agree with Lauren on this one, Dom. I wanted to do it too but to watch him screaming and crying like that I just can’t do it.”

“I swear. Both of you are killjoys. I hate getting cock-blocked. I’m horny and all lubed up and ready to go. Sammy and Gordon will have to suffice. Care to join me, Tabitha?”
“Hell yes.”

They release their grip on me. I breathe a sigh of relief. Lauren saved me again. My muscles relax but I feel a pain in my heart knowing that Mistress would allow this. I lay on the table as their footsteps move away; Lauren’s hands stay on my arm.

“Are you okay?”
“Thank you, Miss Lauren. You are very kind.”
“Are you cold?” I nod.

“Follow me.” Her voice is gentle and warm. I feel myself drawn to her. She is my savior.

I rise slowly from the table and she leads me by the transport collar to a door on the side of the room. The inside of the room surprises me as my eyes scan it from wall to wall. A bed, a large television mounted on the wall, a desk with a computer, a recliner, a dresser, a mini-fridge, and a bookshelf are present. The room is heated as well. My brain’s sarcasm kicks up with thoughts of ‘this must be rough.’

“Do you want to lay with me?”
I nod while looking at the floor. I feel sharp pangs of guilt, like I am betraying Mistress.
“It’s okay, Cassandra gave me permission to do whatever I wished with you.”

Lauren is rather perceptive. She can sense my hesitation and reads me accordingly. I watch her lay on her side on the bed. She pulls off her mask and throws it on the floor. She smiles at me and pats the bed in front of her. My nerves flash with uncertainty. I swallow and climb onto the bed, tipping onto my side. She slides up against my back; I feel the strap-on press against my rear. She whispers in my ear.
“Spread your legs. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”

I part my thighs and feel the fake dong slide between them. She doesn’t penetrate me and she remains gentle; I exhale in relief. She wraps her arm around me and pulls me tight. The warmth of her body calms me. My breathing slows and I feel her breath on the back of my neck. Her finger slides across my chest and finds my nipple through the front of the uniform. She rubs it gently until it goes erect and then teases it between her fingers. I let out a low moan and my sex strains against the belt. Her perfume fills my nose; it is different than Mistress’s but very pleasant. She slowly grinds her hips, moving the dildo back and forth between my thighs. Her breathing tells me that it is a Reverb and this motion gives her pleasure.

“Can I ask you something?”
“Yes, Miss Lauren. Anything.”
“Why aren’t you completely freaked out by now? I had thought you were going to be a broken mess by now and aside from Dominique wanting to gang rape you, you seem to be taking everything in stride.”
“Well Miss Lauren, this is very hard, but it’s honestly not too different than my regular life.”

Her response is what I picture as a common shock. Her breathing shifts while she processes. I feel like she is holding back a laugh and is probably smiling.
“That is so crazy, I just can’t believe it.”
“There is one big difference, Miss Lauren.”
“Let me guess, Cassandra?”

I pause realizing that she understands more than I had thought.
“Yes, Miss Lauren. Mistress frightens me in this state. It makes me uncomfortable when she feels so distant.”
“You must really love her, huh?”
“Yes, Miss Lauren. Mistress is the love of my life. I would do anything for her.”
“I’m a little jealous. Do you think I’ll ever meet someone that can love me that much?”
“Definitely, Miss Lauren. You are pretty, I can tell you are very smart, and you are an angel.”

She squeezes me tight and exhales slowly through her nose into the fur on my collar.
“Thank you. Is it okay if I pretend that you are mine just for tonight?”
“Yes, Miss Lauren. That would be lovely.”

She throws the top edge of her coat over me and curls her body against mine. Her hips grind the Reverb back and forth in a longer and faster motion. I gently squeeze my hips together, providing some ‘tightness’ for her. I press my cuffed hands against her abdomen and rub. She increases her pace, pumping it back and forth. Her heavy breaths pelt my neck. Her lower arm pushes over my shoulder and her palm presses against my chest as she continues her thrusts. Her top hand continues to tease my nipples with pulls, pinches, and twists.

She moans loudly, her hips gyrating faster as she goes. I tighten my thighs and grind my hips against her thrusts. She lets out a small cry of pleasure. She pumps into me harder and harder. Her moans erupt with each panting breath. I want her to cum. I do my best to help, matching her motions and driving the inner portion of the dildo against her G-spot.

She slams her hips against me several times with powerful thrusts. She cries out as her body shakes against mine. Pump, pump, pump, relax. Her breathing slows against my neck.

“I really did want to feel what it was like to be inside you,” she whispers with a giggle at the end. Her arms squeeze me tight.

“Thank you for allowing me the privilege of assisting in your pleasure, Miss Lauren.”

She rapidly exhales, making a small grinding sound from her throat while her arms hug me. This feels nice. Lauren warms up my body and my soul.

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