fs01 – Arc 7 – Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Barb isn’t a submissive. She isn’t a Domme. She’s not a switch either. I try not to give her a label but if I did, I would say she is a bottom. She’s kinky and very sexual. She is willful. She enjoys teasing and being teased. She doesn’t mind sharing and isn’t possessive. I have trouble reading her but she seems accustomed to poly.

I had written her off as a one-night stand and I believe Mistress did as well. She was surprised when Barb called again and just wanted to hang out. Barb is fun. She doesn’t “need” Mistress for anything; she has a rewarding career and is very stable emotionally. She’s the opposite of Kimmy.

I find her a little bit fascinating. She visits a few days a week and has hit it off quite well with Mistress’s friends. Mistress has ordered me to submit to her, which is why I address her as Barb while the others still call her Barbie, a nickname that she hates. Barb interacts with everyone as equals except for me. She isn’t threatened by me and has nothing to prove. She’s confident and uninhibited. Sometimes I am a curiosity, sometimes an annoyance, and she takes advantage of my services without hesitation.

Barb and Mistress are becoming close friends. They hang out and talk, go out together, and continue to play and have sex. Sometimes they include me and sometimes they don’t. I accept her as Mistress accepts her.

Mistress takes a lot of time to expose Barb to new things. She allows Barb to explore different aspects of BDSM and occasionally they play dress-up, where Mistress teases her by dressing up her “Barbie doll” with the various types of leather and fur clothing that she enjoys so much. I can’t tell if Barb truly enjoys it but she definitely enjoys seducing Mistress and I can tell when she feels sexy.

I get a sense that Barb fills a need that Mistress doesn’t get for me. My feelings about it are complicated but when I see how alive it makes Mistress, the feelings aren’t bad. Mistress continues her usual unpredictable “balance” of intimacy, normal protocol, and “slave driver” mode. Having a low-maintenance companion adds to her life in both social and sexual ways. I experience new things too, so it would be a lie to say I haven’t enjoyed this at least a little.

Today I find myself with my hands chained inside my muff. I sprawl at an angle on a papasan chair in Mistress’s room seated on Barb’s lap in a way where our bodies are pressed together but she doesn’t have to bear my weight. Mistress watches us from the bed.

“So like this, Cass?”

Barb grinds her hips. The Reverb strap-on that extends from between her legs parts my ass cheeks while its shaft slides below me and wedges itself between my thighs. She thrusts it forward and back as my thighs provide the friction. The shifting in her breath on my neck tells me she’s doing it correctly. She lets out a low moan and her fingers pinch and twist my nipples.

“That’s perfect, Barbie.”

My pulse races and my body tingles. I hate this but the nipple stimulation makes my head spin. I let out a whimper.

“So this is what it feels like to have a cock and fuck someone. It’s kind of hot. Your slave must really hate this.”
“If only you knew how he’s been violated. I can order him to tell you all about it if you like.”

I shut my eyes tight and cringe. My only solace is that she isn’t actually penetrating me.
“In fact, the way you’re fucking his hips right now is probably bringing back some memories, isn’t it slave? Do you want to tell her about Lauren?”

I lower my head and feel my chest knot up.
“That’s okay, Cass. If you felt his body right now, that’s probably not a good idea.”

Barb continues to increase the strength and depth of her thrusts. She whispers in my ear without breaking rhythm.

“I’ve never fucked a sissy before. Should I make you beg for it like a slut? Or should I just have my way with you and watch you struggle?”

I respond in a tiny voice.
“Please don’t do that.” I feel my eyes get misty and I’m unable to stop it.
“So… you like to be raped… taken up the ass… while you cry out, ‘oh no, please stop, help me, help me.’ is that it?”
“Please Miss Barb, the slave doesn’t like that.”
“That’s cute, I’m supposed to care what a slave likes and dislikes?”

She begins to slam her hips against mine. The force of her thrusts rubs violently against my skin as the end of the dildo plunges deep between my thighs. I feel her teeth gently bite the back of my neck. I quietly sob.

“Hey Cass, does your slave always cry like this when he’s going to get fucked?”
“He does, Barbie, isn’t it delightful?”
“I feel kind of bad saying this, but it’s kind of hot. It makes me want to fuck him for real.”

I mouth some words, barely audible above her gasps for air as she pounds away.
“No no no no… please no…”

She grabs my head and turns it toward her. Her face beams a wicked smile. Her eyes show focus and intent. A fresh tear streams down my face. She extends her tongue and licks my cheek; I feel her barbell piercing glide along the wet skin.

“Salty.” She giggles.
“I want to drink your tears!” she growls in a fake demon voice.

I feel her abdomen bounce as she bursts into a heavy laugh. Mistress laughs with her.
“Where did that come from? You’re such a dork, Barbie.”
“I’ve just always wanted to say that.”
“You’ll really have to get to know Dominique better. That sounds like something she would say and actually mean it.”
“No shit?”
“Tell her, slave.”

“Yes, Mistress, that does sound like a Miss Dominique line.” I can’t contain my smile.

Barb’s hips gradually slow.
“Well, fuck. That dried me up.”
“It was your fault, Barbie.” Mistress giggles.
Barb lets out a ‘pshaw,’ her breath dances on the back of my neck.

“slave, put your lips and tongue to work. Get her back in the mood.”

My brain does a double take. While Mistress has let others use me before, this is my first time being ordered by her to perform such an act in her presence. I feel a swirl of nervousness, confusion and excitement.

We both climb off the papasan chair. I struggle without being able to use my hands, slowly sliding off and onto my knees. I watch as she gently extracts the double-ended dildo from inside of her. She tilts her head back and slowly exhales as it leaves her. She tosses it onto the floor and secures the purple robe around her waist.

Barb slumps back down onto the papasan, parting the lower half of the robe and sliding forward so that her pelvis reaches the edge. She spreads her legs revealing her shaved crotch and a small hood piercing. From this angle I see her pierced naval as well, the jewelry poking out from the base of the robe.

I lean toward her slowly and take in the unfamiliar scent of her sex. I feel my sex strain against the belt. My lips gently kiss her clit. I feel her twitch beneath me. I place my lips over it and form a gentle suction. I flatten my tongue and gradually apply pressure. I feel it stiffen under its wet touch. I flip my tongue back and forth over her clit. It’s not long before her thighs clamp firmly to the sides of my head.

I press my tongue and rub it back and forth between the piercing and her erect clit. Her pelvis rises to meet me. I’ve found her sweet spot. Her breathing becomes erratic as her torso rises and falls, twists and turns. I imagine her hands violently gripping the chair’s cushion. I change up the motion, increasing pressure and teasing her in circles. A pelvic thrust provides immediate feedback.

I feel a tug on the leather straps of my head harness. Her hands pull and mash my face into her sex. She grinds with increased leverage. I increase my speed and pressure. Her moans fill the room around me. I change my tongue’s shape as I circle her, increasing the rubbing between her clit and the metal jewelry. Barb’s voice pulses out rhythmic cries flowing with the speed of my tongue, her hands and pelvis jam my face in firmer, stronger, she’s at the brink.

A final warbling cry… her body convulses once… twice… her hips arch. I feel her juices coat my face. Her hands throw my head back and I topple to the floor. I lay on my side, glancing up at her. Her right hand grasps the papasan’s frame while her left rubs her breast. Her body slowly writhes as she rubs her thighs together.

“So how was he? I trust that got you moist enough.”
“That was wonderful, Cass. Just what I needed. How often can I use him?”
“Whenever you want to, hon.”

I feel like Barb pictures me as a vibrator… or just a masturbation toy. My head is spinning so much that I’m not sure if I care or not. I roll over in an attempt to get up when I catch sight of Mistress.

She must have changed clothes while we were occupied. I’m awestruck at her beauty. Mistress stands with her legs spread, her black, thigh-high boots extending out from beneath her silver fox fur stroller. The large matching hat frames her face as she gazes down on me from above. Her eyes show her in predator mode. When she dresses this way it means that the Mistress/slave dynamic is on in full force. The coat hangs open, revealing enough of herself to show that she is naked underneath. My sex strains against the belt.

She places her gloved hands on her hips and smirks.

“As much as I love to have the slave present the Goddess with her crown, it seems like a waste to unlock your hands just for that. It wouldn’t be right to keep Barbie waiting.”

I quickly rise to my knees and then prostrate myself into a bow. She picks up a dildo gag from the dresser and approaches me, shoving the papasan’s displaced ottoman back towards the chair with her boot. I accept the gag without resistance. It was part of the original uniform set but this is my first time using it. My only experience with one of these gags was with my first visit to Dominique. I watch as she coats it in lube.

Mistress tugs on the ring on my collar and leads me to the ottoman. She straightens it in front of Barb and gives a tug on my collar. I lean my upper body over it, holding the dildo a few inches away from Barb’s sex.

“Are you serious, Cass?”
“Of course. I’ve always wanted to try this. Is little Barbie going to be a prude?”
“Fuck.” Barb shakes her head and then her eyes pierce mine.
“What are you waiting for, slave, an invitation?”

I blush a little as I slowly guide the dildo toward her sex. I jockey it at its opening and slide it inside her. She leans her head back and exhales as its depth penetrates her.

Smack. I grunt and lurch forward feeling the bite of the leather paddle on my buttocks. Barb lets out a moan. My skin throbs and begins to pulse. Smack. I buck again, plunging the dildo deep within. Smack. The impact knocks the breath out of me as my body instinctively reacts to the blow. Smack. I whimper beneath the gag and lunge forward again. Barb moans harder. I feel her legs adjust, her heels dig into my back.

Smack. Tears well up and Barb grinds her pelvis to meet me. Mistress controls the pace of this little game. Smack. I press in deeper. I watch her chest rise and fall as she arches her back. That is my last clear vision before the tears blur and obscure my view.

“Faster!” Barb calls out desperately between moans.
“Demanding are we?”
“Faster, please?” The sarcastic doubt in her voice yields a laugh from Mistress. I brace myself.

Smack. Smack. I buck twice, the cries of my voice muffled by the gag. Barb’s moans pulse with my thrusts. Smack. Smack. My whimpers turn to sobs as the leather stings my skin. My rear burns and throbs. Smack. Smack. My body thrashes around in motions beyond my control. Smack. Smack. Barb’s pitch rises and her legs begin to pound against my shoulders and back. Smack, smack. Smack, smack.

Mistress increases the pace of her blows and my mind spins out of control, pain blots out any hope of logic or reason. My last coherent thought is realizing I am just their sex toy… and that I don’t mind at all. Smack, smack. The pace of the blows speeds up and Barb’s reactions follow suit. Her pelvis thrusts violently against the gag, plunging it deeper. The pain continues to build increasing the intensity of my body’s reactions.

My face soaks in a stream of tears and Barb’s juices. Her legs pound as her body writhes wildly; she is close. Smack, smack. Smack, smack. Smack, smack. Deeper, harder, faster. Her thighs grip my head. A ferocious cry bellows out from her abdomen. She ejaculates violently, thrashing her body with each spasm. I feel her thighs release my head. The blows from the paddle cease.

“Get out.”
Barb shoves my shoulders with her heels and I withdraw. I continue to sob quietly, my exhausted body slumps on the ottoman.

“Oh my God, Cass, that was intense.”
“Is little Barbie ready for another round?”
“Of course, I’m all warmed up. If I don’t fuck something I’m going to explode.”

I raise my torso and turn around. The last of the tears leave, clearing up my eyes. I watch as Mistress secures the final buckles on her Reverb, securing it into place and adjusting it to her liking. I shuffle on my knees and start to clear her a path.

“Where do you think you’re going, slave? Get back into position and raise that tight ass of yours.”

My face contorts into anguish. I return to the ottoman as the sobs and whimpers resume.
“Are you serious, Cass?”
“As serious as a heart attack.”
“The slave looks like he’s going to have one.”
Mistress laughs. I clench my eyes shut.

“Are you sure your slave isn’t going to freak out or anything?”
“Whose fantasy do you think this was to begin with?”
“Are you shitting me?”
Barb lets out a giggle. My head spins, uncertain if I should feel arousal or regret. She clears her throat. I open my eyes and find her legs spread before me. Our eyes meet.

“I don’t have all day.”

I slowly guide the dildo forward and brace my body for the violation that is to come. She does this for me. I love her. My Mistress.

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