fs01 – Arc 7 – Chapter 51

Chapter 51

I wake up perched on the very edge of the bed. Lisa’s sprawled body manages to occupy the majority of it. She snores lightly with a faint nasal whistle. It’s cute. I roll off the bed and tumble onto my side with a thud. My hands are still locked inside the muff that is bound to my waist. I rise to my feet with some difficulty as I feel the circulation slowly creep through my body. A quick glance at the fireplace releases my instinct to add some logs to the smoldering coals but I’m again reminded that it’s impossible to do until someone unlocks my hands. My morning brain has never been my strong suit.

I manage to somehow get the door open and return to the living room. Mistress sits on the sofa while reading her tablet, dressed in the under-layers of her ski outfit. Barb lies next to her with her head on Mistress’s lap, her hands shielding her eyes from the light.

“You’re up late, slave. Sammy and Gordon had to tend to the fireplaces and start the coffee. You’ll be punished later. I could use a refill.”

Mistress shakes her empty mug from side to side. I lower my eyes, embarrassed at over-sleeping.

“Today, slave.” Her voice displays her annoyance.

I tug at my hands to try and make the chain rattle so that she can hear it. I shake my elbows.

“Insolence. It’s a good thing I brought the strap along.”

I let out a whimper and try to speak to her with my eyes. She doesn’t look up from her tablet.

“If you have to pee that badly, just go. Make sure you put on your coat and boots or you’ll be sorry.”

My whimper becomes a wine as I shake my hands in the muff again. I wouldn’t be able to put on a coat or open the front door.

Barb lets out a hearty laugh.

“God, Cass, you’re such a bitch. It’s too early to fuck with him that much.”
“It’s never too early to fuck with him. Besides, wasn’t that little whimper just the cutest sound?”

Mistress’s face shifts into a wide grin as she sets down her tablet and shakes her key ring. I approach her and stand with my muff in front of her. She loosens the ends and rolls them back before releasing the locks. Mistress extends her hand and hooks her finger on the ring of my collar and tugs my head down. She closes her eyes as her lips meet mine. The kiss is slow, wet, and passionate. Her eyes slowly open as our lips part. I wince as my sex presses uncomfortably against the belt. She speaks in a whisper.
“I’m still going to punish you, pet.”

My face blushes red. I kneel, bow my head, and kiss her feet. First the right, then the left. I rise and take her coffee mug and refill it in the kitchen, mixing in her preferred blend of cream and sugar before returning it to her.

“Mistress may I please use the outhouse?”
“Yes you may, pet. Then hurry back, wash up, feed the fire in Lisa’s room and get started on breakfast.”

I breeze through the early tasks and get to work on a hearty breakfast. As they eat I listen to them talk about their plans for the day. Dominique and B will spend the day pampered at the resort spa. Mistress and Barb plan to snowboard, it will be Barb’s first time and she’s taking lessons. Theresa and Lisa will be skiing. Based upon their words I gather that they ski together fairly regularly back home.

As breakfast nears its end I can no longer make out their words. Their voices reduce to a whisper with the exception of laughs and giggles. I sense something ominous as their eyes regularly meet mine.

I clear their empty plates. They get up from the table without speaking or looking in my direction.

“pet, after the dishes are done report to the living room.”
“Yes, Mistress.”

I bow as she departs. My heart races as the knots twist within my chest. I hurry with the dishes as the anticipation eats at me. After I finish I head to the living room. A very large suitcase sits by the first sofa. It’s one of ours but I don’t remember bringing it.

Mistress stands before me with her arms folded across her chest. The other ladies stand beside her, all eyes upon me.

“Come here, pet, so we can get you out of that uniform.”

My fingers fidget as I nod and approach Mistress. As the women part, a view of the sofa’s opens up and I see what they were hiding from me.

“You remember the ski outfits we went shopping for last year? They’ve been sitting gathering dust and this week seemed like a perfect time to finally put them to use.”
My face blushes red and my heart sinks as my memory recalls the greatest humiliation I have suffered to date. The outfits sit out on the sofas, grouped as they were picked out at the shop. I tremble as I approach Mistress and present my hands. She begins to unlock me from my uniform. My stomach twists and turns.

A few moments later I stand between the sofas naked except for my chastity belt. A couple of whistles and cat calls soon follow.

“Cass, I think fur could use some sun. That is some pale-ass skin.”
“Maybe you should have him work out. Aren’t men supposed to have pectoral muscles?”

I want to cover my face and hide. I don’t understand why being naked makes me so self-conscious. This feels worse than being in uniform.

“pet, they are going to pick out your outfit for the day. Be a doll and model anything they ask you to try on.”

I nod and close my eyes. At least it’s too early for booze. I hold out a tiny ray of hope in my heart. Dominique is the first to spring into action. She makes a bee-line to the sofa and I cringe as she returns to me. She holds up the fur-trimmed pink figure skating dress in front of my body and stands to the side as she speaks.

“There’s obviously only 1 choice here, little one. The pink and the sequins really bring out the terror in your eyes.”
“Come on, Dom. Maybe not you, but some of us will have to be seen with him today.”

I let out a sigh of relief. Theresa is always the voice of reason.

“Suit yourselves, you have my vote. I’m going to get dressed.” Dominique strolls out of the room with Sammy and Gordon in tow.

I glance at Mistress who sits on the sofa sipping a cup of coffee. Our eyes meet and she smirks while my expression calls for help. It isn’t long before the others congregate around a specific outfit.

“Model this one for us, fur.”

I hold out my hands as they begin passing me items one by one. It starts with thermal stretch pants with the bunny tail. As I pull on the turtleneck I hear the jingle of its attached bells. Some thick wool socks pull up over the pant legs. The puffy cropped jacket with fur collar and cuffs. Thick knit mittens. A scarf with fur pom poms and more bells and its matching beanie with a huge for pom pom and “Ski Bunny” embroidery. Lastly I slide into the pink rubber boots.

I can’t open my eyes as I stand before them. Their giggles tell me enough. My face burns red with shame. I feel a tap on the arm. I look ahead and see B standing before me. She holds up my earmuff harness. I lower my head as she buckles it on my head and locks it into place, followed by a firm smack on my bottom.

”Miss Cassandra I think he needs a butt plug to go along with this.”
“That can be arranged, B, I did bring along his entire assortment of locking plugs.”

My heart sinks. I stand motionless while immersed in shame. I watch Barb sit on the sofa next to Mistress.

“I can’t believe you’re really going to put him through this, Cass.”
“Why is that, Barbie? This is really just an extension of one of his fantasies.”
“I think by now he understands that some things best remain a fantasy.”
“How about I let him choose?”

Barb nods.

“pet, I’m going to give you a choice. You can go to the ski resort and carry our gear, watch it when we are in the chalet, and keep a bench warm for us outside while we are on the slopes or you can spend the day here by yourself. Dominique tells me that the kennel on the far side of the shed was designed to house a man so I have no problem leaving you here today. What would you rather do?”
“I want to be as close to you as possible, Mistress.”
“That’s what I thought, pet.”

I watch Barb as she shakes her head.
“Something from last night isn’t sitting well with me. I’m struggling to understand. You said that what happened made him submissive, but I don’t understand the sexual part of it. Sure he admitted to jerking off about it, but I can’t believe that’s all it took.”

Mistress motions to me. I approach her and kneel.
“pet, tell Barbie just how much you used to jerk off thinking about Brittany.”
“Every day, Miss Barb. At least once per day, sometimes more.” I feel another wave of heat and blood rush to my face.
“And how long did you do this for, pet?”
“Three years while we were in high school. And then for several more years after that.”
“Did you just masturbate about her, or were there other things?”
“It always involved her, sometimes the thought of her, sometimes the thought of her doing things to me.”
“What kind of things would she do?”

The shame of the memory stabs me in the heart. I bite my lip.
“She would embarrass me in front of her friends and tie me up.”
“And that turned you on, pet?”
“Yes, Mistress.”

Mistress leans forward and hugs me, pulling my face into her breasts. The smell of her perfume relaxes me. My face must have shown my agitation.

“That just seems nuts, Cass. Is that how most submissive men are?”
“Yes, Barbie. Men have this habit of over-fantasizing about particular things and over time they develop fetishes. This gives them needs that they are often ashamed of and pet is no exception.”
“Is that why he gets so frenzied when you wear fur? Because Brittany did?”
“Probably… but I like to think it’s because of how sexy I look, don’t you agree?”

I watch Barb blush a bright shade of red. Mistress giggles. Barb bites her lip before blurting out some words in her defense.
“Well I am mostly attracted to your confidence.”
“Mostly? What is the other part?”
“God, Cass. Those tricks won’t work on me.”
“A girl can dream, Barbie.”

Mistress leans over and gives her a kiss on the lips. I watch Barb’s expression change a dozen times before she finally gives in to Mistress’s charms and relaxes. A quick glance around the room and I notice that Theresa, B, and Lisa have cleared space on the sofas and are sitting and observing our little chat.

A moment later Barb notices them as well and her face beams red again. She shakes off her turned-on expression and returns to her inquisitive nature.

“Now that I think about it, Cass, you seem to be a master of the mental games with him, just what exactly are you doing? Or is that a secret that you don’t want to share in front of him?”
“Oh, it’s quite simple and it’s no secret. My pet is a bright boy, I’m sure he knows exactly what’s going on but that doesn’t mean he has any control over it. For example, talking about him like he’s not a person while he’s right here in the room does quite a number on him. It makes him ache and love me even more.”

I feel my mind slip a little. Deep in my heart I know she is right.

“So if I were to just sit here and say that I can’t believe you’re taking him out in public in such a fruity little outfit it makes him feel even more submissive?”
“Correct. We can make it even worse by involving the others. I noticed aside from Dom, this outfit was a unanimous choice, can I ask why, Theresa?”
“The bunny tail.”
“The tail.”
“Definitely the tail.”

My face burns red and I close my eyes. Mistress continues.
“You see, Barbie, it’s not that we act like he doesn’t have feelings… we just treat his feelings like they don’t matter.”
“That sounds terrible when you put it that way, Cass.”
“But it’s so much fun. Watch this. Hey pet, how would you like to sleep in the bed with me tonight?”

My eyes light up. I look up at her with longing.
“I would love that, Mistress.”
“I could even let you out of your belt. I think it’s been a while, would you like that?”
“Yes, Mistress. It has been a while, I would like that a lot.”

Mistress’s laugh that follows stabs me in the chest.
“You’re so cute, pet. You know that with Barbie here you won’t be sleeping in my bed and the keys to your chastity belt are locked in the wall safe back at home.”

I express my disappointment on my face as the glimmer of hope in my heart gets smashed to pieces.

“That’s so fucked up, Cass. I don’t understand why you don’t give him rewards for being good. You punish him for being bad.”
“That’s sweet, Barbie, but I think you misunderstand our arrangement. Why does he deserve a reward? He gets exactly what he wants. He gets to serve the beautiful woman that he loves. He gets to live out his fantasies and serve and entire crowd of beautiful women.”
Mistress raises her arms and motions to everyone in the room.

“Serving us perfectly is merely what is expected of him. The thought of rewarding him for that is silly. I punish him for failing because really, who wants to tolerate failure? Besides, if I didn’t punish him the guilt would eat him alive. Isn’t that right, pet?”
“Yes Mistress.”

Barb makes an explosion sound and motions her hands out from her head.
“Consider my mind blown, Cass. It still just seems so mean.”
“Mean? Let’s find out. Do you love me, pet?”
“Yes, Mistress. I love you.”
“How much do you love me?”
“Mistress, I love you with all my heart… all my soul… I love you with my entire being.”
“Am I too mean to you, pet?”
“I love you just the way you are, Mistress.”

Mistress holds out her hand to me and looks at Barb with a wide smile on her face. Barb shakes her head.

“Also, Barbie, I understand there are times when pet needs to be loved. Every so often he needs a recharge and I’m there for him. He also knows that I love him deeply. He’s the perfect match for my heart.”

I blush and smile. I feel my heart fill with the warmth of her words.

“Doesn’t he get jealous of me?”
“pet, do you get jealous of Barbie?”
“Yes, Mistress. I get very jealous.”
“Do you hate Barbie?”
“No, Mistress. Miss Barb makes you happy and I could never hate someone that makes you happy. I like Miss Barb, she has a good heart.”

Barb’s face blushes again and she crosses her arms over her chest.
“Are you jealous of my pet, Barbie?” Mistress giggles and Barb scoffs.
“Hell no. I can only imagine the fucked up shit you’d try to dress me in. I like having dignity.”

I allow the implications of her words to slide off my back. I’m still enthralled with Mistress.

“I’m not sure if you know this, Barbie, but you keep my pet in a constant state of frenzy.”
“What do you mean, Cass?”
“Hey, pet. We have about an hour before we have to leave. How would you like to taste me right now?”

My eyes light up and a wide smile forms on my face. My fingers fidget in anticipation. I feel my sex strain against the belt.
“I would love to taste you, Mistress. It would bring me so much joy to pleasure you.”
“Show me, pet.” Mistress points at her feet.

I nod, bow and kiss her feet. First the right foot, then the left. I can barely keep myself from shaking.

“You’re so adorable, pet. But you know I’d never allow that while Barbie is here.”

My face contorts into a frown. Barb scoffs and covers her eyes. Laughs come from the gallery behind me. I turn and watch Lisa slap her hands together as she buckles over. B shakes her head. Theresa throws her head back as she chuckles aloud.

I am their amusement. My emotions are a toy. I sulk in silence.

“pet, after you clean all these clothes up, present yourself in the bedroom. I’ll have your plug ready. We’ll leave in an hour.”
“Yes, Mistress.” I can barely spit out the words.

I remain kneeling while the others rise from the sofas. I feel a tap on the shoulder. B hands me the fur muff from one of the outfits.
“Wear this today too, fur sissy. You really are a tool.”
I close my eyes and nod.

A few minutes later I find myself face down on Mistress’s bed. Barb watches from the chair as Mistress pulls down my pants and exposes my bare bottom.

“Are you ready, pet? Barbie thought you would like the biggest one.”

Tears fill my eyes. I let out a series of whimpers. I feel the cold rubber against my skin. Please don’t do this, Mistress.

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