fs01 – Arc 7 – Chapter 52

Chapter 52

It hasn’t really dawned on me until now that my world is very isolated. Aside from some brief forays with Mistress at her work, I haven’t been a part of normal society in several years. Being out in public feels strange… and my outfit only magnifies those feelings.

I sit awkwardly on the bench next to the chalet, facing the slopes. It’s a nice day for this time of year with temperatures in the mid-30’s. The sun is shining and there’s very little wind. I lose my train of thought and lean back on the bench. The fur bunny tail applies an uncomfortable pressure on the plug inside me and I quickly slump forward again.

Mistress shackled my ankle to the bench with a pair of leg irons. If I stretch out far enough I can hide most of my body behind the large wooden sign that shows the location and difficulty of the various ski runs. While I tested this, I have not attempted to use it in that way.

Before I met Mistress I remember that I used to get frustrated at the self-absorbed nature of people. The way that most people act like they are the only ones in the world that matter… and everyone else is just… in the way… I used to find that severely distressing. At this moment that same behavior is all that protects me. No one seems to notice.

I haven’t seen Mistress or her friends since the started going on their runs. I have no watch and can’t tell how much time has passed.

Before long I see a group of 4 women approach. As they get closer the color of their jackets tells me it must be Mistress, Barb, Theresa, and Lisa. Lisa’s wave in my direction confirms this. They continue conversing as they approach. Mistress hands me her snowboard as she talks with Barb. I stow it on the rack next to the bench. Barb’s board follows as well as Theresa’s and Lisa’s skis and poles. They continue past me, as I’m just a servant. Sometimes I forget.

I actually find myself missing my belted hand muff… well, if I am forced to have one I prefer the belted one. This one has to be held up and if I want to use my hands I have to dangle it from my wrist or pull it onto my sleeve. The miracle invention known as “gloves” seems to have rendered these obsolete. I think Mistress likes them because it makes me appear more docile and makes things more difficult.

I look in the chalet’s window and see Mistress seated inside the dining area. My stomach growls. I turn away and my eyes spot a woman down the sidewalk. She’s staring in my direction. I turn and look behind me to see if there’s someone or something else. I feel my chest twist inside; she’s looking at me. I watch as she raises her phone. My heart sinks as I realize a picture of me is probably on facebook by now.

She continues walking and my insides beg for her to turn down the path to the chalet doors. A lump forms in my throat as she continues walking straight ahead. As she comes into view I see she’s wearing a red wool coat with black fur trim with knee high boots. Her gloved hand runs through her extremely long brown hair, pulling it back over her shoulder. Our eyes meet and she cracks a grin, her red lips revealing a glimpse of her white teeth. She’s very pretty. As her steps continue getting closer I turn away in shame. I plop back down on the bench and try to appear inconspicuous.

The clack of her boots on the sidewalk stop behind me. I feel my pulse and blood pressure spike. My nerves are on fire.
“Are you okay there, little one?” I reply instantly.
“Yes, Ma’am.”
“Call me Miss.”
“Yes, Miss.”
“Well this one is well-behaved. Look at me.”

I turn back and face her. I have trouble keeping eye contact. I want to hide. She arches one eyebrow and continues to grin.
“Is your owner nearby, little one?”
“Yes, Miss.”
“Good. I just wanted to make sure that you are here by choice. That cute little ankle bracelet might seem questionable to some.”
“Thank you, Miss. You are very kind.”

She turns and raises her hand as she walks away. I watch as she turns down the sidewalk to the chalet before she disappears into the building.

A few minutes later the slew of voices of Mistress and company approach. I quickly hop up and retrieve their gear. As I pass Mistress her board she cracks a smile.

“Did you make a friend, pet?” My eyes look at the ground.
“She checked to see if I was okay, Mistress. She knew.”
“Smart girl.”

Barb hands me a styro-foam cup.
“I thought you might be thirsty.” She speaks without making eye contact.
“Thank you, Miss Barb.”

I take a sip. It’s hot chocolate. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had this. A smile forms across my face.
“Manners, pet.” I nod at Mistress; my cheeks flush red in shame.

I reach down and take Barb’s hand, bend down at the waist and plant a kiss on the back of her glove. She pulls her hand away.
“It’s not that big of a deal.”

I raise my head and watch as Barb’s face flushes red. My heart feels warm. Mistress did that on purpose. She winks at me. I sit back down on the bench as they depart towards the chair lifts. I sip my hot chocolate and cherish the warmth and sweetness of its taste.

I smile as I think of Mistress and the others. I feel so lucky every day. I zone out with thoughts of her as I reduce my consciousness to pass the time. I’ve honed this skill well from spending so much time in cages. I relax my guard.

My peace shatters as a snowball hits me in the face. The sting and the cold on my skin… I wipe the snow from my eyes.

“It is a guy. I told you. No tits and look at those shoulders and thighs.”
“God, can’t I go anywhere without having some faggot rub his gayness in my face?”
“I know, right?”

My chest twists into a knot. This is the worst kind of attention. A quick glance confirms my initial guess. Young. White. Rich. Privileged. There are 3 of them and they approach me quickly. They may as well be clones. The same haircut, matching designer après ski-wear… the same look of hate in their eyes. I stand up as my brain quickly processes its limited options.

“Sit down, faggot.”

I sit and lower my head. Another snowball explodes on impact with my cheek. I cover my face with the muff. I peek out from behind it and watch the one on the left film me with her cel phone as the others approach.

“It’s all I see on the news. All I hear anyone talking about. Go away.”

I can only manage a meek reply.
“Please leave me alone.”
“This piece of shit thinks he can talk back to me?”

She grabs my forearm and pulls my hands down from my face. Another snowball hits from point blank range. My eyes tear up.

“Tanja, do you have your pepper spray?”
“Give it to me. I need to teach him a lesson.”

I stand up but find a firm grip on my shoulders forces me down.
“Sit down.”

I weep.
“What’s going on here?”

I recognize the voice. The woman in the red coat stands a few feet away.

“Nothing. We’re just teaching this fag a lesson.”
“Interesting. Mind if I watch?”
“Go ahead.”

“You’re not from around here, are you?”
“Hell no. I think I’d kill myself if I had to live in this bumblefuck little town. Tanja, where’s that pepper spray?”
“Chill. I can’t remember which pocket it’s in. It might be in my purse.”
“So you’re planning on spraying him with mace?”
“Yeah. The little shit disrespected me.”

I watch as she approaches the girl shooting video.
“Can I see that?”
She passes her the phone. I watch as she takes it in her hand and smashes it on the sidewalk. She stomps down with the heel of her boot several times for good measure.

“What the hell, you bitch? That’s my brand new phone.”
“Such a shame. You know, it probably isn’t smart to record yourself performing a hate crime. I’ve been shooting video of you from the start and have called the sheriff. Our ‘bumblefuck little town’ doesn’t think too highly of spoiled, rich, hate-mongers. Now get the hell out of here.”

“I’ll sue you for breaking my phone!”
“Try me. Maybe you can borrow one of their phones and look up federal hate crime statutes and penalties.”

She looks at her watch.
“I’d say you have about… 4 minutes before the sheriff arrives and arrests you.”
“It’s our word against yours, you stupid bitch.”

She shakes her head and holds up her phone.
“I’m still recording audio. Too bad money can’t buy a brain.”
“I’ll just smash your phone, too.”
“Ever seen a surveillance camera?”

She points up at the black dome mounted on the edge of the roof.

“Come on, Katie, let’s go!”
“Fuck this, I’m not getting chased off by some girl.”
“Come on!”
“I’m not going without my skis.”
“Leave them. Your dad will buy you new ones.”

“Yeah, Katie, listen to your friends. They’re obviously smarter than you are.”
I watch as Katie grits her teeth and growls before turning and running after her friends toward the parking lot. The woman in red takes a photo of their SUV as they back out of their parking spot.

“Are you okay?”
“Yes, Miss. Thank you very much.”
“I’m guessing if they were men you would have fought back.”
“Yes, Miss.”

She sits down on the bench next to me.
“What’s your name?”
“What kind of a name is that?”
“It’s my slave name. May I ask your name, Miss?”
“My name isn’t important. Make sure you tell your Mistress to get rid of the ankle shackle. If there really was a serious threat, that could get you hurt or killed. I’m sure you’re obedient enough to not leave without permission.”
“Yes, Miss. Thank you.”

She leans back on the bench and points her face to the sky. I notice that she’s quite beautiful.

“May I ask you a question, Miss?”
“Ask away, I can’t promise that I’ll answer.”
“How did you know?”
“Know what?”
“You seemed to know everything about me.”
“Let’s just say that you aren’t the first fur sissy I’ve met.”

Her lips form a smile. I smile as well.

“The sheriff isn’t really coming. I’ll stay here for a few more minutes to make sure those stupid bitches don’t return.”
“Aren’t you afraid of them?”
“Trust me, fs, I have things in my purse that would have made them soil themselves.”
“Miss… you are wonderful.”

She turns her head toward me and smiles. We sit in silence for a few minutes. She is laid back and confident. It makes me feel safe. After a few minutes she rises. Her hand digs through her pocket and retrieves a set of keys. She kneels down and I move my foot as far as I can in her direction. She unlocks the leg iron from my ankle.

“Be safe.”

She turns away and raises her hand as she walks away.
“Thank you, Miss.”

Mistress and the others return a short while later. She inquires about my ankle shackle and I give her the details as we drive to a bar in town to meet up with Dominique and B. She’s surprised that I’m not more shaken up but I assure her that Wonder Woman saved me and calmed my nerves. Mistress doesn’t apologize to me often but she does today. I assure her that she doesn’t need to.

At the bar we meet up with the others. Sammy and Gordon fetch the drinks. Mistress keeps me close and orders me a glass of milk and a salad warning me that if I make any sour faces that she will have them serve the milk in a baby bottle and force me to drink it in front of everyone.

Barb is sore as is the typical first snowboarding experience. Theresa and Lisa had fun but their knees and backs are in pain. Mistress moves gingerly but doesn’t share any of her aches and pains with the rest of us. Dominique’s idea to hit the outdoor hot tub later is met with unanimous approval.

I’m a little bit gun shy… I find myself glued to Mistress’s hip. I’m sure she doesn’t blame me after the events from earlier. I keep my eyes down for the majority of dinner. On one occasion where I allow my eyes to scan the bar I see the woman in red seated at the bar. She’s not wearing her coat but a red sweater dress with a long-sleeve black top underneath. Her long brown hair gives her away. I tug at Mistress’s sleeve and whisper to her.

“Wonder Woman is at the bar, Mistress.”
“Which one is she, pet?”
“The one in the red dress.”
“Would you like to show her your thanks?”
“Yes, Mistress.”

“Sammy, on your next pass to the bar would you mind fetching the woman with the long brown hair seated at the bar? I would like to buy her a drink.”
He nods.

A few minutes later I watch as he speaks to her. Shortly after she approaches us from across the bar.

“Hello, fs.”
“Hello, Miss.” I blush and look at the floor in order to avoid being distracted by her cleavage.

“Hello, my name is Cassandra. My slave here wanted us to thank you properly for what you did for him earlier today. Can I buy you a drink, Miss…?”

Mistress trolls her for her name.
“Miss is fine. I would love a drink. Whiskey. Crown Royal, please.”
Mistress motions to Sammy who nods and quickly retreats back to the bar and returns with a glass.

“Was that your first time putting fs out on public display like that, Cassandra?”
“It was, Miss, and I’m extremely embarrassed by how things turned out. I have taken your advice and will keep that in mind in the future. I am very grateful that you stepped in to protect my slave and I’m sorry if it inconvenienced you in any way.”
“It was no problem. I hate people like those girls earlier… they really make my blood boil. I’m glad to have them out of my town. Do be careful in the future.”
“Is it okay if my slave thanks you properly?”
“That is fine.”

Mistress nods at me. I move quickly around the table and bow. I take her hand in mind and kiss it.
“Thank you so very much, Miss. You are wonderful.”

She nods at me. I watch as her cheeks show a slight tint of red as she smiles. Mistress speaks up again.
“Would you like to join us for the evening, Miss? You seem to be comfortable with the lifestyle.”
“Thank you, Cassandra, but I am meeting a friend in a couple of minutes. If you spend more time in this town I think you’ll find there are a lot of us who are kink-aware. The spa side of the resort was actually designed as a place where powerful women could be pampered by… that special type of male. If you become regulars in this area, I’m sure we’ll cross paths again.”

Her expression displays a hint of naughtiness. Dominique chimes in with a grin.
“Did I fail to mention that to the rest of you? You should have seen B today, if I didn’t know better I’d never have guessed she was submissive.”

B blushes and takes a gulp of wine. Theresa rubs her head. Miss speaks up again.

“I should let you know that the owner of the resort has banned those girls from the mountain. She’s also selling off their skis on ebay and donating the money to charity.  Hopefully they’ll think twice before harassing someone in the future.”

The news draws a positive reaction from everyone at the table.

“My friend just arrived. Thank you for the drink. Have a good evening.”
“Thank you again, Miss. Since you prefer to remain nameless, I’ll just have to call you Miss Wonder Woman.”
“It’s not like I’m a super-hero or anything.”
“I’m sure to my slave you are. But it’s short for wonderful woman. That’s how he kept describing you to me.”

Miss lets out a laugh. I blush and look at the floor and when I have the courage to look up, she’s nowhere in sight. I smile knowing that there are good people out there helps to restore my faith in the world.

Dominique throws her fist in the air.
“To the hot tub!”
“Hot tub!”
The sound of their semi-drunk voices in unison brings a smile to my face. Thankfully Sammy and Gordon will be driving us home.

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