fs01 – Arc 7 – Chapter 56

Chapter 56

A caress on my cheek jostles me awake. The smooth cool leather and scent of Mistress’s perfume bring me back to consciousness. She rubs the fur of her sleeve against my face and I press in to meet her.

“Open your mouth.”

I feel a chilled smooth object on top of my tongue. I bite down and taste the sweet juice of the grape. I savor it and quietly slurp it down my throat as I chew. Another grape follows. A few small round pills follow before she presses a cup to my lips. I take a sip of water and wash the pills down. I take a deep breath and then another drink of water.

Mistress frees my ankles before my wrists and finally the belt. I slump to my knees as the circulation returns. I rub my wrists and forearms for a moment.

“Come upstairs, pet, and don’t forget your manners.”

She leads the way up the stairs out of the dungeon. In the living room the party is still lively as the wine continues to flow and second servings of cake are passed around. The warmth of the fireplace gives me an idea of just how cold I had gotten, it’s sudden heat feeling like it burns even from a distance.

I approach the center of the room and lower myself to my knees, keeping my head down. After a few moments I bow forward, low to the floor and speak loud enough to be heard over the casual conversations.

“Thank you everyone for the wonderful party, the presents for Mistress, and the spankings. It made me very happy that everyone could be here.”

After some brief bits of acknowledgment the party continues as it was. As the evening winds down a few pairings begin to retire to their rooms. Theresa and B followed by Sammy and an extremely drunk Lisa. Dominique and Gordon follow. Barb stands up from her seat.

“Cass, you’re going to be with fs tonight. I’ll take a different room.”
“But why, Barbie?” Mistress feigns a sad puppy dog face. An exasperated Barb pumps her arms.
“God damnit. It’s your husband’s birthday and we’ve been sleeping together every night.”
“And the problem is?”
“Am I the only one that thinks this is crazy?”

“slave, go and build a fire in one of the spare rooms. Barbie, you will wait until your room warms up before you leave me, right?”

Mistress pats her lap. Barb clicks her tongue and rolls her eyes. As I leave the room I watch as Barb lays on the sofa across Mistress’s lap. I find the next open room, carry in some firewood and soon have the fireplace at a strong glow.

I return to the living room figuring it will take about 30 minutes for Barb’s room to warm up.

“pet, give Brittany some company.”

Mistress’s eyes don’t leave Barb as she pets barbs hair with one hand and rubs her breast with the other. I kneel down near the sofa where Brittany is sitting. She guides my head and I rest my cheek on her lap.

“So Barb is your girlfriend while gayb… fs is your husband?”

Barb throws her arms up in the air.
“I can’t believe you never told me you were married!”
After her outburst she slumps back and resumes being caressed by Mistress.

“So how does that work, if you don’t mind me asking.”
“I’ve been attracted to women since college but I’m also attracted to men. In some ways I feel like I’m better suited for women but there’s a darkness in me… that meshes better with men. I love my pet and couldn’t picture a world without him… but I don’t know… there’s a part of me that craves… a lover that I respect as an equal… a companion… someone with the ability to disagree with me.”
“From what I’ve seen tonight, I think I understand a little bit. You are different with women than with men.”

“Yes. With my pet I want to use him. I want to hurt him. I want to torture and torment him, yet I still want him to be mine. But I also want someone that I can share more with… ambitions… aspirations… where we get excited and face things together. When pet and I first met that may have been a possibility… but I was set on pushing and pushing and pushing… and it didn’t take long for him to change. I changed too… I grew to love it.”
“Why did you choose to marry him?”

“If you knew what we’ve been through… what he went through… because of me… because of choices that I made… and he just looked up at me, so happy to see me… so devoted and loving… I didn’t want to be without him.”

I feel my heart warm at Mistress’s words. Brittany pets the fur of my uniform. My breathing resembles a purr.
“Do you think that you will be able to feel complete with things how they are?”
“Brittany, I crown thee Queen of the Difficult Questions. I don’t know. Barbie has made me feel so alive these past weeks, especially when we get pet involved. When we use him together I get so hot. I guess I’d have to say that if I found the woman that was perfect for me that she would accept things as they are. At least that’s what I’d hope.”

Mistress pauses. Her brow furrows as if she’s contemplating her words.
“This may be the wine talking, but do you swing both ways, Brittany?”

Brittany laughs.
“Nope, just men for me. Although I think tonight is the first time I ever felt weird being for being straight. What does fs think about all this?”
“I already know what he’ll say but you’re welcome to ask him yourself.”

She lowers her head to look at me.
“What do you think of your wife taking on other women as lovers?” I barely have to think about it before responding.
“Miss Brittany, while I wish that I was enough for Mistress, I will support anything that makes her the happiest even if that means she is with someone else. It also turns me on to see her with another woman.”

I blush as the last sentence leaves my mouth. Brittany laughs.
“Would you feel the same way if she was with another man?”

I raise my head from her lap as my face contorts.
“I didn’t think so. It’s not the same is it?”
I shake my head.

“Would you ever take on another man as a lover?”
“Don’t be silly, Brittany. As if I could ever find another man that could surpass my pet.”

I beam a smile. Brittany’s face shows some puzzlement before she smiles and shakes her head.
“Seeing what I’ve seen now… that makes complete and total sense… which seems utterly strange.”

“So what kind of men are you attracted to, Brittany?”
“Honestly… I don’t even know anymore. My ex-husband was an alpha asshole. When I was younger I thought I wanted someone strong. Someone that was the opposite of fs and younger self. Now, things are a lot less clear. My role was just to follow his lead and somewhere in there I lost track of me. I haven’t been happy for a long time. When I think back on it, I really miss having a man that I could just count on to be there and go along with what I wanted.”
“It’s tough to notice that you love it until it’s gone, isn’t it?”

Brittany just nods in response. Barb sits up and breaks the silence.
“Bed time for me. Cass, promise me that you will spend the night with fs.”
“I promise, Barbie. Sleep tight.”

Mistress and Barb kiss each other on the lips. Barb slowly trudges across the living room, yawning as she goes.

“Did you bring your camera with you?”
“Of course. Ever since the divorce, taking pictures is the only thing that really makes me feel like me.”
“Can you do me a favor and bring it to my room in about 5 minutes?”
“Umm… sure… it’s not going to be anything too weird, is it?”
“Weird is relative to normal.”

Brittany laughs again.
“You truly are amazing, Cass.”

Brittany goes to her room and Mistress leads me back to the bedroom.

“Bend over the bed.”

I flop my upper body onto the bed as Mistress locks my ankles to the bedposts. Standing like this always makes my legs ache. She then secures my hands above my head to the far posts of the bed. I feel Mistress’s hands upon my bottom.

“It’s a good thing I never let you sit, pet, because this will be sore for quite a while.”

She steps away and I hear some clattering behind me. I glance up in the mirror above the headboard and see Mistress behind me. She has removed her robe and stands in her “siren” outfit with a matching cat mask over her face and the Reverb Ultra secured in its harness as she begins to lube it up.

“This is normal!?”

Brittany’s uncomfortable laugh carries from the doorway.
“Don’t be a prude, it’s just some innocent little pictures of my pet partaking in his favorite activity.”
Mistress giggles, barely able to complete her sentence without cracking up.

“Whatever you say. Consider my mind blown.”
“pet, tell Brittany just how much you love when I violate your little slut hole. You part your thighs like an eager beaver and just can’t wait to be filled in.”

I clench my eyes shut and let out a whimper. The blink of the flash and beep of the camera soon begins repeating in the background. I’m too afraid to be embarrassed. My tiny voice begins to squeak.

“Please don’t do this, please don’t do this please don’t do this please don’t do this.”

I feel the enormous head separate my cheeks as Mistress dances the tip around my hole. I let out a sob and a whimper as I lay helpless and exposed upon the bed.

The flash blinds me as I see Brittany to my side taking pictures of my face.

“He just made that face you love.”

Mistress stops circling as she centers the tip and begins to press. I let out a cry and begin to sob.

“How many pictures did you get?”
“A lot.”

I feel the pressure subside as Mistress takes a step back.
“That’s it? You’re not going to penetrate him?”
“Did you want to see that?”
“Well… umm… no… I’m just… curious.”

Mistress lets out a giggle as she unlocks my wrists and helps me upright. Brittany’s face is a deep shade of red.

“As tempting as it is right now with his buttocks so swollen making him nice and tight… jumping right to this one would be a bit of a ‘stretch.’ Get it?”

Mistress laughs. Brittany groans.
“Please tell me that wasn’t a butt sex pun.”

Mistress unlocks my ankles and I adjust my legs, easing the strain on the muscles.
“Do you want to sleep with us in the bed tonight, Brittany?”

The red color refreshes itself in her face. Her hands soon cover it as she lets out a long sigh.
“It’s like I went on vacation in crazy-town and I’m the only one that’s sane.”
“Yeah, but we have tons of fun in crazy-town. Suit yourself.”
“Well… you wouldn’t by any chance have a… massager to spare… I’m a little bit…”

Brittany blushes again.

“Check that purple bag.” I hear Brittany open the zipper.
“Did you like… rob a sex shop on your way here?”
“Variety is the spice of life. Also, the shower head in your bathroom is detachable and has a pretty mean pulse setting.”
“I have traveled to another planet.”
“Orgasms are meant to be enjoyed aren’t they? Well, except for my pet. He’s having a little bit of a dry spell.”

I blush in silence.

“I’m really glad I accepted your invitation. I can’t remember the last time I felt this alive.”
“We were very happy to have you, Brittany. I think you made this a very special day for my pet.”

Brittany discreetly hides the toy she borrowed from Mistress’s bag and returns to her room. Mistress closes the door after her.

I ache… worn down by exhaustion… both emotional and physical. Today was a very long day. I jump a little as my hand touches my swollen skin.

“pet, is that tongue of yours ready for a marathon session?”
A mix of excitement and reluctance jolts through me.
“yes, Mistress.”

She raises her leg and wiggles her toes at me with a wink. I move around the bed and kneel down. To my surprise Mistress withdraws her legs and turns over on the bed.

“pet, get up here before I have to whip your ass.”

I circle the bed and climb on, working my body into position up against Mistress. I am the little spoon. She wraps her arms around me and whispers in my ear.

“Happy birthday, pet.”

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