fs01 – Arc 7 – Chapter 57

Chapter 57

Morning hits me like a truck. Dehydration. Hunger pains. Aching muscles. A jackhammer pounds on my temples. The first vocalization that leaves my mouth is a light groan.

Mistress giggles quietly behind me.

“Go make yourself some toast, pet. For breakfast make some things that will keep well, I have a feeling it will be a while before everyone eats.”

I roll over on the bed and our eyes meet. I smile. She smiles back at me. I sit up and pain shoots through my body, quickly forcing me to my feet with a stumble. The welts and bruising cause me to walk gingerly as I gather my bearings and head to the kitchen.

To my surprise, Barb sits at the breakfast bar in her robe, her hands hugging a cup of coffee as she stares down into the blackness.

“Hello, Miss Barb, thank you very much for last night.”

She nods without looking up. I place some bread in the toaster and begin to prepare breakfast for nine. Multi-tasking comes naturally for me now and as the first portion of scrambled eggs, french toast, and bacon finish cooking I gather them onto a plate and place the plate in front of Barb along with eating utensils.

I munch on my toast and continue cooking. Every so often I glance over my shoulder and watch as the food remains untouched. A few moments later the clang of metal on glass causes me to turn around.

“You really are the reason that my life feels so complicated right now.”
“I’m sorry, Miss Barb.”
“Fuck. You’re too polite for me to get mad at and your mere existence is so godawful that I can’t be jealous of you. It makes me hate myself.”
“I’m sorry, Miss Barb. Please don’t hate yourself, you really are a wonderful person.”

She begins to consume her food in a rapid fashion, chewing vigorously so that she doesn’t have to speak. I hear the silverware fall to the counter and a series of gulps. I quickly gather together a tray.

“Miss Barb?”
She turns around and stares me down. I hold a tray of food in front of me.
“Mistress is waiting for you.”
I raise the tray insistingly. She rolls her eyes and takes it from my hands.

“Hey, how come I didn’t get juice, too? I really should whip your ass for that.”

My eyes go wide and she breaks into a laugh. I watch for a moment as she turns and walks away. I cover the scrambled eggs on the stove and place the bacon and french toast in the oven.

This is our last day at the cabin. As much as I enjoy our little gatherings they put me under a tremendous amount of strain. Today will be worse. A quick scan across the mess in the living room confirms my assumption and I soon find myself attacking each area at a time, collecting garbage, straightening up, and rounding up a rather imposing amount of dishes scattered about.

I lose my momentum while in the middle of scrubbing and polishing the floors as Theresa, B, Lisa, Dominique, Sammy, Gordon, and Brittany arrive in staggered intervals but enough to keep me occupied. Dominique greets me with a hard slap on the ass. I howl and dance in pain as she laughs. I stand at attention while they eat their breakfast. The mood is noticeably darker than the previous day, the alcohol having taken its toll on all of them.

As I start on the dishes Sammy informs me that he and Gordon will turn down the bedding and take care of the towels while I should focus on the main area. Not long after eating they make the others make their way to the hot tub. Mistress and Barb haven’t left the bedroom since I served Barb breakfast.

Without distractions my cleaning flies by although the throbbing in my wrists and arms tells me that I’ve overdone things. I want nothing more than to lay down and nap. I focus myself and tune out the throbbing pains. Mistress is occupied. Without orders, anticipate.

I fill a large stock pot with water and begin heating it on the stove. A bit more firewood from outside, enough to keep each room good for a few more hours. I chop meats and vegetables and feed them into the simmering pot on the stove. Add spices. I scrub the kitchen floor as its aroma slowly fills the room.

My breathing is calm and controlled. Don’t think, just do. Stay busy. Prep the salad. Warm the bread. Soften the butter. Set the table. Prep the wine. Position the napkins. Straighten the chairs.

It’s not long before the others stream their way in for lunch. I serve the stew and fetch beverages. Mistress stops me and closes her hand around my wrist. The concerned look on her face tells me she can see my fatigue.

“Have some stew. You’ll be able to rest in the car.”

I nod and take my meal in the kitchen. I eat quickly and savor the taste of actual food. As I relax myself the pain returns to my body. It takes a lot of focus to keep myself from groaning as each movement seems to ignite a nerve ending. I return to the dining area and soak in their conversation.

“I’m so pissed we didn’t find time to bring out the sleigh.”
“A sleigh? What century are we in?”
“Do you have horses? Who takes care of them?”

“Pfft… horses. Must you underestimate me?”
“Well, it’s you, Dom, so I’m guessing it’s pulled by humans.”
“A gold star for Theresa. The yoke and shackles are truly magnificent.”
“Isn’t that a little difficult?”
“Maybe… but never underestimate the limits of a naked man in chains that is being whipped. It really is quite a sight.”

I let out a tiny sigh, thankful to avoid what could have been. For the next few moments my brain drifts into an idealized fantasy of a sleigh ride with Mistress wrapped in her furs driving me as I pull her across a snowy field. I feel my sex strain against the belt which leaves me with a small twinge of fear.

After lunch I take care of the dishes and begin the arduous task of hauling luggage to the vehicles. By the time I finish I feel like I’m going to drop dead. I accompany Mistress as she bids farewell to those riding in different vehicles. I make sure to thank each of them for attending.

As we get ready to leave, Mistress gives me some ibuprofen and some water as well as a pillow and blanket for the carrier in the back. I’m surprised by yet grateful for her kindness.

Brittany rides with us and Mistress plans to drop her off at the airport on our way back. I remain silent in the back, resting with my eyes closed. I listen to Mistress, Barb, and Brittany converse across the long drive back to civilization. Brittany had a wonderful time visiting “fantasy land” and regretted not having more time to spend with them. Mistress is looking forward to seeing the photos she took which makes me want to groan.

I hear tidbits of Brittany debating on relocating and asking Mistress if she would “fit in” if she were to move close to us. I hear Mistress respond with supportive comments that set off a quick flare in my chest but I know better than to worry about something that has yet to happen.

I drift off a bit until the airport. Mistress and Barb see Brittany off in the curb. I move my face close to the bars as Brittany pounds on the back window and places her palm as if to wave goodbye. I part with a smile as I feel a large chunk of my past’s weight leave my system.

The ride back from the airport is quiet and a bit uncomfortable. As we make our way back into the city I hear Barb start up with Mistress.

“I’ve thought a lot about this, Cass, and I just don’t think this is going to work.”
“I’m sorry to hear that, Barbie.”
“It was fun… really truly fun. The sex is amazing. I love being around you. I love your friends… but you’re married… and that doesn’t really leave much of a future… for me.”
“So if I divorced my pet, would you be open to staying?”

I feel a lump form in my throat.

“It’s not about that, Cass. It’s that a large part of your heart is already committed to someone and I know that he’s dear to you. I’m not a big enough person to want to share you.”
“I understand… and I’m sorry. When things got started I thought it might just be for fun. You had said you weren’t looking for a serious relationship either… but before long… you became an important part of my life. I didn’t mean to keep my marriage a secret from you… it just never really came up.”
“It’s because things got way more serious than I had planned on that I feel this way. I’m not getting any younger. I want a life… a future… to be with someone I plan to grow old with. I don’t think you’re looking for that… at least not right now.”
“You’re correct, Barbie. I’m still discovering what I’m looking for. My relationship with my pet is still evolving and I don’t know nor can I foresee what my needs will be in the future. I can understand your decision. It hurts. But I understand and respect what you need and I’m not in a position to offer it to you right now.”

“I really do care about you. I’m not good at that ‘friends’ thing. If we bump into each other I won’t be a stranger. If things change for you, look me up.”

I hear Mistress sniffle a little but she fights to hold her composure.

“I care about you as well. At least it was never boring, right?”

Barb lets out a small chuckle.
“Oh my God, I can’t believe some of the things you got me to do.”
“Are you glad you did them?” They both laugh a little.
“I don’t know if glad is the right word for it. Many of them were… ‘educational,’ but I might leave it at that.”

Mistress drops Barb off at her home.

“Take care of yourself, Cass.”
“You too, my Barbie.”
“Oh, and make sure you be nice to your pet.”
“No promises.”

And then she was gone. The black SUV sits in its place. I hear Mistress crying in the front. I press my face against the bars as the desire to hold her overwhelms me. A few moments later the vehicle moves again as we make our way home.

The vehicle stops and I feel it lurch as Mistress departs from the vehicle. The back gate opens and she smiles at me, her eyes are red and swollen. I climb out and wrap the blanket around her.

“Leave the luggage until later, I want a bath.”
“Yes, Mistress.”

I hurry ahead inside the house and begin to prep the bath. I gather her favorite oils and soaps, candles, and just the right amount of bubbles. I find her back in the bedroom, sitting on the bed with her hands folded and her head down.

I kneel before her and kiss her feet, first the right foot and then the left. I carefully unzip her boots and remove them from her feet. I repeat the process of kisses. She wiggles her toes as I kiss each foot. I gaze up at her. Her eyes are misty but she smiles down at me. I smile back. I hop to my feet and she rises as I help her out of her coat, placing it neatly on a nearby chair. I assist her with her blouse and skirt, her nylons. She stands before me in just her panties, bra, and fur hat.

I smile at her as I admire the beauty of her form. I twinge as my sex strains. She blushes a little.

My mouth curls into a full grin. She lowers her head and I remove her fur “crown” from her head. I kneel and gently slide her panties down from her waist.
“If you kiss it without permission I have the perfect new flogger to hit you with.”

My face shows my disappointment. Her bra comes last. I watch as she stretches her arms and shoulders that are tired from the long drive as she paces into the bathroom.
“You’re joining me.”

My face beams with excitement. I present myself to her as she removes the locks and unbuckles the straps, freeing me from the prison of my uniform. At the tub I extend my hand and assist her into the water. She leans her head back, rocking it from side to side as she positions herself in the water. She pats the side of the over-sized tub next to her. I gently climb in and slide up where she instructed. I feel her skin against mine as she leans against me and places her head on my shoulder. I raise my arm to put around her but she stops me and guides my hand into the water and rests it between her thighs.

She takes a deep breath and lets out a long sigh.
“I’m sorry about Miss Barb, Mistress. I know that were you fond of her.”
“Thank you, pet.”

We sit in silence for a few moments. I hesitate as to whether or not I should speak.
“I’m sorry I’m not enough for you, Mistress. If I was better, you wouldn’t open yourself to be hurt like this.”
“I don’t ever want to hear you speak like that again, pet. You are exactly what I ask you to be. You evolve as I evolve. When I get fickle and decide to fling myself into something new, you adapt and roll with it. You are my perfect man. Barbie was right though, I don’t know what I’m looking for just yet. I’m sure you noticed, but she was also for you.”

I blush a little but I feel her words warm me on the inside.
“Besides, pet…” I feel her hand guide my hand to begin rubbing her. “It was so hot for us to use you like that. It was like something out of one of your lesbian fantasies, wasn’t it?”

I gulp and blush as the reality sets in that she is right. She whispers in my ear in a breathy, seductive tone.
“It’s not just your fantasy anymore.”

My fingers extract a low moan from her as my sex strains against the metal belt. Mistress’s speech shifts to staccato as her breathing pulses.
“My chaste little pet… reduced to nothing more than a servant, a tongue, and a hole.”

She lets out a small giggle as my head spirals into the abyss. I adjust the pace of my hand based upon the behavior of her thighs. Before long Mistress pants wildly as she presses her cheek against my shoulder and digs her nails into the skin on my upper back and chest.

Around and around, my touch spirals over her erect clit. She bites her lip and flares her nostrils. She gyrates her hips to meet me in rhythm. Around and around, back and forth, up and down, I feel her grind every time I reach the sweet spot. The water splashes to and fro as her body pulses, tiny thrusts and twists. I feel her nails cling. She lets out a cry and presses her cheek against me. Pulse… pulse… pulse, her breath leaves her in bursts. She finally leans her head back and refills her lungs with a deep breath.

Her thighs release my hand. She regains her composure and slumps her head back on my shoulder.

“pet, do you feel like a real slave?”
“I do not, Mistress.”
“Why not?”
“Well, a couple of reasons. Technically if I wanted to escape I probably could and there is nothing truly preventing that nor is there any way to forcibly bring me back. Also, with the way things are set up, you aren’t able to sell me. With those things in mind, it doesn’t feel like ‘real’ slavery.”
“I agree completely… and before you freak out, these are mostly just thoughts that are dancing around my head and nothing that I have planned.”
Mistress giggles a bit and her fingers find my nipple where she pinches and twists.

“What would you think of Brittany moving here? I could always hire her at the shop as our photographer for our catalogs and online stores.”
“Umm… I plead the fifth?” She digs her nail into my nipple and twists. I let out a small scream.
“I actually don’t know, Mistress. She was an important figure in my life and is still dear to me for that reason. You are the one that holds my heart. As I would have no control over whether or not I saw her, I don’t really know.”

Another sharp pinch and twist. Another scream leaves my mouth.
“Yes, Mistress, it would be nice to see her every so often and not just once every 15 years.”
“I think this is the first time you ever tap danced around a question since I’ve met you. She must still, ‘do it’ for you, huh? Do you think she’s prettier than me, pet? Do you think she’s sexier in her fur than I am?”

My brain screams “what the hell?” as I’m left stuttering.

Mistress laughs deeply from her gut.
“It really never gets old teasing you, pet.”
“I love you, Mistress.”

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