Month: August 2017

fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Brittany hasn’t been around since that night at the bar. She isn’t avoiding Mistress, she has just been busy meeting with subs and looking for a house. Mistress has spent more time at work lately and things have returned to our version of “normal.” Today is another one of Mistress’s classes. I made … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 68

fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 67

Chapter 67 I kneel next to Mistress in the living room. Brittany sits on the sofa as they engage in wine-driven conversation. “So how did Richard pan out?” “He was so fucking useless. I kicked his ass to the curb after about 45 minutes.” “That good, huh?” “It makes me so angry. All these subs, … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 67

fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 66

Chapter 66 The next few days with Lisa turned into an extended “practice session” for her newfound Domme persona. Her instincts are sharp, she just needs to learn to trust them and gradually get over the guilt hurdle. I remain present as Lisa recounts the experiences of the week to Mistress upon her return. I … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 66

fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 65

Chapter 65 I let my thoughts drift while I wait patiently in the living room. Mistress has gone with Brittany out of state to help her finalize her move. Lisa is coming to house sit. I like Lisa. She is nice and her bashful pseudo-innocence is always cute. I’m happy that Mistress has bonded with … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 65

fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Today will be Mistress’s second “class.” I can tell she’s excited. Her mood has been cheerful and fun all week. She spends a lot of time with Brittany. I feel them becoming close and sense the foundation of some very strong bonds forming. This is different from how I have seen her. She … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 64

fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 63

Chapter 63 At dinner, Mistress and Brittany talk about all sorts of things while I lurk in the background. Movies, books, television, music, fashion, shopping, vacations, and a lot of things that you hear new friends talk about while they get to know each other. They really have a lot in common. After desert they … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 63

fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 62

Chapter 62 I stand at attention as Mistress eats her breakfast while she scrolls through her tablet. I’m unprepared for what she brings up next. “I’m taking you out today, pet. A new local Femdom group has formed recently and I was contacted through my blog several weeks ago to see if I would be … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 62

fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Today is a slow day. A lazy day. Mistress has lounged about and read. She keeps me from my chores to kneel next to her, keeping her company with my presence. She pets my collar while she reads. I simply watch and adore her. “Rub my feet, pet.” “Yes, Mistress.” “Gently, no tongue. … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 61

fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 60

Chapter 60 My nerve endings fire in anticipation. My hands fidget as Mistress paces behind me, her boots clicking against the wooden floor. I shiver a little, my naked flesh in the exposed air… the hard wooden stool presses coldly against the backs of my thighs. I can’t remember the last time I was this, … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 60

fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 59.2 Bonus Extra

Chapter 59.2 – Passing Tests Author’s Note: This is a continuation of Chapter 59.1, taking place roughly two weeks later. This takes place several years before the start of the first arc. I tug again in vain, rattling the chains above my head. The shackles hold firm as my muscles continue to ache and throb. … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 59.2 Bonus Extra