fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Today will be Mistress’s second “class.” I can tell she’s excited. Her mood has been cheerful and fun all week. She spends a lot of time with Brittany. I feel them becoming close and sense the foundation of some very strong bonds forming.

This is different from how I have seen her. She isn’t romantically involved with Brittany and she isn’t gone all the time like when she was with Tristan. While Mistress has many friends aware of our lifestyle, I feel that she specifically holds back around them. Around Lisa she always wishes to look in control. Around Theresa she tries to remain “appropriate” within the boundaries of their friendship. With Dominique she remains steadfast, determined to appear as an equal but also a bit protective of both herself and of me. With her lovers, she doesn’t want to scare them away so she dribbles out our lifestyle in small, compartmentalized segments.

With Brittany, Mistress doesn’t hold back. While Brittany hasn’t fully immersed herself in the lifestyle on her own terms, I gather the impression that Mistress sees a lot of similarities between them. The logic behind the cruelty… the desire to push, poke, and prod… things that can’t be taught or sold on merits. It’s like Brittany lights a fire in Mistress and she makes no effort to contain the flames.

This brings about a state of extremes for me. I spend my days immersed in pleasure or pain. The lack of downtime is exhausting but life feels almost like a fantasy… even more so than before. Each day Mistress makes sure to spend some time teaching her about the tools, toys, and tricks behind our lifestyle. I’m torn because I don’t mind. I should mind though, right? Am I being unfaithful to Mistress to feel this way?

I save these thoughts for the few moments when I have time to let my thoughts wander. They are in frequent and I have begun to appreciate them greatly when they are there. The only things I remain absolutely certain of are that I love Mistress with all of my heart and that I am happy.

I make sure to fluff my fur today while I prepare myself to venture out into the world. Remembering this makes me feel like a good sub. A good sub doesn’t make the same mistake twice… those are the words I tell myself. I quickly finish my inspection and go to present myself to Mistress.

I help her into her coat, hat, and boots, completing the ritual with a kiss to her feet.

“You haven’t forgotten your respect violation yesterday, have you, pet?”
“No, Mistress.”

She presents a silver metal bulb from her pocket.
“Bend over.”

I cringe and whimper as I grab my ankles. I hear her spit and the sound of friction. I let out a sob as the cold steel comes into contact with the flesh of my thighs. My buttocks still throbs from the daily beatings that have carried over day after day. I’ve grown spoiled because of actual lube. I whine and cry out in pain as the bulb penetrates me.
I hear a clicking sound coming from behind me. I feel the bulb expand and I groan in response.
“Give me your hands.”

I struggle for balance as I raise my arms behind me while remaining bent over. I feel a tug on my wrists. A chain rattles and grazes the skin on my rear before the click of the lock holds me captive in place. I glance down as Mistress secures the chain between my ankles.
“Try to walk.”

I raise my upper body and yelp. My wrists are chained to the plug. I force my shoulders back, shift my weight to my heels and waddle a few paces using tiny steps. Mistress lets out a hearty laugh.
“You look fabulous, pet. I don’t think we’ll need your cape today.”

She continues to giggle as she connects the leash to my collar. My face grimaces in anguish. I open my eyes and find her face to face with me, leaning in close. My chest heaves with each breath as her eyes pierce mine. A tug on the leash lurches me forward and her lips meet mine. Her tongue enters my mouth and I feel her consume my soul. My sex strains against the belt. She abruptly pulls away and I whimper with my mouth open and desire in my eyes.
“My pet. Feeling a little aggressive today?”

I feel the touch of her leather glove on my nipple. She gently takes it between her thumb and index finger and rubs it gently. I let out a low moan.
“Do you want more, pet? Do you want me to touch you?”

Her voice is sultry and easily seduces me. I whimper again. She drags her lips across my cheek, teasing me with anticipation. I tilt my head back and moan again. A chunk of silicon forces its way into my mouth, pressing my tongue down as it barrels its way in. Mistress pulls tight on the leash, causing the spikes to dig in as the gag mutes my whine. Click, click.
“Naughty boy. Maybe the little slut will be better behaved with a cock in his mouth. That penis gag is perfect for you.”

I hang my head in shame as she gives me a light smack on the cheek. She raises my chin with her finger and her intense eyes stare into mine. With a slow motion of her arm she caresses my cheek with the fur cuff on her coat sleeve. I close my eyes and rub my face against it and make a gentle cooing sound that is muted by the gag.

Her red lips form a wide grin.
“Oh my sweet pet just wants to show some affection. How do you feel?”

I let out a small distraught whimper as the gag allows and rattle the lock and chain behind my back.
“Do you want me to take it out, is that it?”
I nod and rattle my wrists again.
“Why didn’t you say something?”
“Mmmph.” is all I can muster.
“Well, pet, all you had to do was ask, you know how important your comfort is to me.”

She cups her hands under my chin and plants a small kiss on my cheek. I let out a low moan. Mistress removes her hands and her boots click against the floor as she paces around me. I bend over awkwardly and raise my hands as far as I can. I hear the rattle of the keys in her hand.

Across the room I hear a bang and then a clatter along the floor.
“Oops. Those were supposed to land on the table.”
She smacks me on the rear. My face frowns and I hang my head, dejected.
“That’s much better. Those keys weigh so much that they were making my coat sag on that side.”

Without warning she strides forward and scoops up my leash and heads towards the door. The abrupt tug pulls the spikes to life and I stumble a little, waddling behind her. The first step outside meets me with a biting gust of ice cold wind. I let out a small muffled cry. I shiver as we make our way to the car. I miss my cape. I miss underwear most of all.

I watch as the back gate opens. I shuffle to it and make an awkward effort to climb in. I twist and I turn but I can’t get my knee up high enough, today’s ankle chain is shorter than usual.
“I’m going to count to five. One… two… three…”
I whine and turn around and sit. The force of the plug causes a grunt and the weight of my body falls onto my wrists and hands. I raise my legs and fall onto my side, shimmying myself into the carrier. The back gate closes.

The drive to the club feels like an eternity in this position. Either my weight bears down on metal or I have to contort myself and strain my back. The sudden lurch of the vehicle sends me sprawling but I sigh in relief. Getting out of the vehicle proves much easier than getting in. Mistress takes the leash in hand and takes her time. I look on as she flips up the collar on her coat, shielding her cheeks from the bite of the cold wind. That same wind easily finds its way to my bare skin under my dress and my nipples harden and sting.

Without the privacy of my cape I feel horribly exposed. I hurry and waddle along behind Mistress, wishing I could cover my face to hide my embarrassment. The cold soon robs me of my self-consciousness; I just want to be inside where it’s warm. We finally make our way inside the club and head to the same table as before.

The club owner turns back and grins as she escorts us in.
“Was the little boy naughty?”
“Yes, he is quite the little trouble-maker.”
“Well I’m sure he’s getting what he deserves.”

Mistress lets out a small laugh while I blush and struggle to keep up with her long strides. She finds her seat and pulls me close. I drop to my knees and she pats my head until I come to rest with my chin on the table. As the other group members file in, it’s the first time I really get a good look at them. I don’t remember much from the first meeting after Mistress set them loose on me. I spent most of that time with my eyes closed.

I do notice that the group size has dwindled. I remember Katelyn, Sarah, and of course, Brittany. Most of the younger members did not return. A new woman I do not remember sits across from me. Our eyes meet and she blushes. I blush and let out a small smile that is blocked from view by the gag.

They start in immediately with questions for Mistress.
“So where is everyone else?”
“I do not think they will be attending anymore.”
“Various reasons.”
“Like what?”

Mistress shifts her tone to a forced nonchalant attitude with a hint of sarcasm.
“I just wanted to learn how to tie my boyfriend up and spank him, not come up with fantasies. This was a little bit more serious than I was anticipating. It really freaked me out that you brought your sub along. Things along those lines. It’s fine, I expected this to happen which is why I came off a bit strong last week. If someone is just going to dabble, there isn’t much that I need to teach them.”

A chorus of agreement and understanding resounds.

“Did everyone have time to do some fantasy work and think about what they were looking for?”

I glance around and most of them not or gesture in the affirmative.
“I can start.”
“Sure, go right ahead Katelyn.”

She pulls out a small sheet of paper and unfolds it.
“In my fantasy world, I rule it like a Queen while my submissive serves and protects me like a loyal knight. He’s chivalrous and polite, thoughtful and obedient. He doesn’t nag or resent my choices nor try to question and belittle my reasons for wanting what I want. I want him to love me and I will love him. He doesn’t ask for much and is grateful for what I give him. He is a perfect gentleman.”

She puts the paper down and the group gives a small round of applause. Katelyn blushes a bit. I can understand why, sharing these types of thoughts out loud for the first time can be a bit of an emotional hurdle.

“That sounds very lovely, Katelyn. It sounds like you will be seeking someone that has interests falling in with being a service submissive but one that isn’t looking for a slave-type dynamic. Those types of relationships are often very pleasant with a deep loving bond. Have you given any thought on how you would present that on a personal profile?”

“I was thinking about just going with this. Is there anything you think I should add?”
Mistress pauses for a moment.
“Possibly. You may find it easier to narrow things down if you include a bit about the things that you like and dislike. What do you do for hobbies? Favorite types of food? That sort of thing. As important as dynamics can be, you have to remember this person will be your partner, hopefully for a very long time. For things to be truly happy, both parties should feel like they are a good fit for one another. Also… there’s the matter of kinks. Most sites will have a checklist of some sort where you can list and browse interests. Others prefer to list in their written profile. I know others that prefer to keep those details secret and only reveal them if they take interest in a potential sub.”

“I can do the hobbies and interests no problem. As for the other… I haven’t really gotten that far. When I mentioned that I wanted to find a relationship that was similar to the one that my parents had, I don’t really know what went on behind closed doors.”
“That is understandable. Just be prepared that many of the potential submissive men will be interested in some spice in the bedroom as well. You could even put that you are in the process of discovering that side of yourself and possibly list some things you would be curious to try.”
“Thank you, Cassandra. When I saw some of those lists they kind of freaked me out. I thought that I would probably look awful if I listed that I wasn’t sure.”
“Trust me. As long as you list yourself as a Dominant Woman, there will be no shortage of suitors.”

Brittany’s eyes light up.
“Oooh. Can I share mine? I wrote a profile.”
“Go ahead, Brittany.”
“Okay. Let’s see. Beautiful Domme seeks live in male sub. I am extremely cruel and demanding. Your life will be hard. You will do anything I ask and provide me access to your body at all times. You should expect to cry a lot. Chastity is a must. While you may be milked periodically, do not expect to have an orgasm for the duration of your service to me. Be physically flexible and capable of handling long periods of extended bondage. Cooking and cleaning skills are a must. No masochists. If I choose to hit you, I don’t want you to like it. No sissies. If I want to dress you up, I want you to hate it. Do not expect me to fall in love with you. While I may develop feelings for you over time, you should expect that I don’t give a shit about your feelings. Read my interests to see what I like. Local subs only unless you are willing to relocate immediately.”
“Oh dear…”
“Is there something wrong with it?”
“Let’s just say that you cracked the fantasy can wide open on this one.”
“Well, yeah. But this is what I want.”
“If you don’t mind being patient and wading through a sea of messages, it will be fine. What you are asking for is a pretty tall order out of the gate and it may be difficult to find a sub that is actually capable of serving you in that capacity. In some cases it may be easier to work your way up to that.”

“Damn. I already posted the profile.”
“How long ago?”
“Two days ago.”
“Have you received a sea of messages.”

Brittany looks down at the table.
“Thousands… upon thousands… upon thousands.”
“Did any of them look promising?”
“I think I’m going to take your advice and tone it back a little bit. How bout that weather?”

Sarah taps her palm on the table.
“You can’t just say that and then not tell us.”

Brittany rolls her eyes and pouts her lips, blowing her bangs around.
“Not a single one. Not one. I got like 2000 dick pics. I’m not even shitting you. TWO-THOUSAND in a day and a half. Like 5000 of them weren’t local or willing to relocate.”
“Did you get any local messages?”
“About a dozen.”
“What was the best one?”

Brittany peers down at her phone and reads.
“Hey babe. I wun 2 shot my cum in ur face.”

She presents her phone as proof.
“I meant best, like in, most promising. Not the funniest one.”

Brittany ruffles her hair with her fingers before picking up her phone and scrolling around.
“Shit on m chest plz.”
“I’m going to shove my cock in your mouth and break you like a little bitch.”
“Sho me yr tits. Ur hot. I wanto fuk u.”

The laughter roars across the table.

“I will shove my cock up your ass and make you beg.”
“Im a natty sissy. Spnk me.”
“All femdomz r just stupid bitches. Fuck you u greedy cunt. I hope u die.”

“Did someone really write that?”
“Yes. bigcockman69 really has a way with words. I should probably delete this profile and write one about long walks on the beach, world peace, blah blah blah.”

Mistress intercedes.
“Before any of you laugh too hard… especially those that are looking for a sub… be prepared. While your profile hopefully won’t bring out the absolute dregs of humanity, even a blank profile with ‘female’ and ‘dominant’ selected will still get hundreds of messages a day. I do suggest you network together. While you may be technically in competition with one another, it will save you many headaches if you work together at least a little bit in terms of filtering. I can almost guarantee that all of you will receive the same message from the same guy on the same day. I can even guess what it will say. ‘Dear so and so. I really enjoyed reading your profile. You seem very interesting and you’re very beautiful. I would like to meet you.’”
“What is wrong with that message?”
“Copied, pasted, and likely sent to 50 plus Dommes in a row. If they don’t give ANY details about what drew them to you, don’t bother.”

“So is this how you found your sub?”
“Yes. It was hellish. Easily one of the worst experiences of my life.”
“But you found him, right?”
“I did… seven weeks after he wrote to me. It took me that long to sift through men that I thought were potentials… only to have them all let me down.”

“I don’t want to break the subject, but I have a quick question, Cassandra.”
“Sure, Jessica.”
“I just heard from Amanda as to why she didn’t come this week and she says that she think it’s sexist and demeaning to women the way you dress your sub. Do you have any response for that type of thinking? I mean, I kind of agree with her on some level.”

Mistress taps me on the shoulder and then makes a lifting motion. I struggle to reach my feet. My face burns red as that feeling of being on display hits me full force.
“Do you know any women who dress anything like this?”
“No way.”
“Would you ever dress like this?”
“I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that.”
“So is he dressed like a woman?”
“Well, he’s in a dress.”
“You’re wearing pants today. I’m wearing pants today. Actually, all of us are wearing pants today except for my pet. Since we are all women, wouldn’t it be more woman-like for him to be in pants?”

I watch Jessica process her thoughts as the edges of her mouth curl into a smile.
“I had never really thought about it that way. He isn’t dressed like an actual woman.”
“I’m glad that you understand where I’m coming from. Don’t get me wrong, the way he is dressed is supposed to be demeaning, but it’s only demeaning to him.”

I frown and lower my eyes. My cheeks throb. Mistress taps my back and I return to my knees.

“I have a question if that’s okay.”
“Sure, Haley. And you don’t need to raise your hand.” A few giggles follow. Haley grins and squints for a moment.
“I’ve been doing a lot of reading on all of this… and I mean a LOT of reading. It seems like I keep coming across the topic of ‘I don’t want a sub that’s a doormat.’ I don’t quite understand what they mean in that. Like, they want a sub that is obedient but not a pushover? Aren’t those things similar?”
“That is a very good question. I believe that is mostly a criticism of personality, or lack of. Would you want a life partner that never had a thought or opinion on something that was worth sharing?”
“No way. That would be boring.”
“Exactly. A doormat is a sub that is uninteresting. They have nothing to offer to a relationship except a body willing to obey commands and most just don’t find that attractive as a life partner.”

“But isn’t your sub a doormat? I mean, he just sits there gagged and in chains.”
“That is a very good question but my pet is not a doormat. His behavior is a reflection of the dynamics of our relationship. He’s devoted and loving and he’s actually very interesting. The fact is that I suppress his personality much of the time.”
“So if you were going to do that, why didn’t you just choose someone that had no personality from the start?”

Mistress lets out a small chuckle. I can tell she’s enjoying herself.
“I really do love this group. You are asking exactly the right questions. I would have to answer that question in two parts. First, I had no idea our relationship would reach this point when things got started. I had an idea of what I wanted but in the beginning it was a lot less formal. We would go out on dates, have long talks before bed. It was a lot of fun. The other part is that during my screening process and testing out other potential subs I learned something. Intelligent subs are more capable both in learning and capacities. Also, subs with a lot of interests and experiences are often more focus and meticulous. If my pet wasn’t as detail oriented as he is, he would either have been beaten to death by now or I would have moved on. I tried out a few subs that were more like doormats and into the fantasy of being controlled but when it came to actual performance they were sloppy and unable to stay motivated without my constant supervision.”

“Okay. I guess I will take your word for it.”
“Give me a second.”

Mistress retrieves a set of keys from her pocket and unlocks my gag, slowly removing it from my mouth. I flex my jaw and my face flushes red as I overhear snickers about the gag being shaped like a penis. My shame is interrupted by the harsh realization that Mistress tricked me, convincing me that she left the keys at home when she actually had two sets of keys in her pocket.

“pet. What movie won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1937?”
“The Great Ziegfeld, Mistress”
“Who starred in it?”
“Myrna Loy and William Powell, Mistress.”
“What about 1947?”
“The Best Years of Our Lives, Mistress.”
“In the Heat of the Night.”

“Do you know the answers too, Cass?”
“How do you know they are correct?”
“Because if he wasn’t sure, he would respond that he doesn’t know.”

A voice rings out from across the table.
“He’s right. I just looked it up on my phone.”

“Who wrote the opera Dido and Aeneas?”
“Henry Purcell, Mistress.”
“Who were Dido and Aeneas?”
“In Greek mythology, Dido was the first queen of Carthage, Mistress. Aeneas was a mythological hero of Troy and the son of Aphrodite.”

“Who was the 14th President?”
“Franklin Pierce, Mistress.”

“Who won the American League Batting Title in 1985?”
“Wade Boggs batted .368, Mistress.”
“National League 1987?”
“Tony Gwynn batted .370, Mistress.”

“Who won Super Bowl IX?”
“The Pittsburgh Steelers, Mistress. 16 to 6.”

“In Einstein’s famous E = mc-squared equation, what do the variables stand for?”
“E is kinetic energy, m is mass, and c is the speed of light, Mistress.”

“What year did King Edward III ascend to the throne?”
“1327, Mistress.”
“1327… are you sure?” I let out a small whimper.
“I don’t know, Mistress. That one might be wrong.”

“It was actually, 1327.”
“Poor little pet, so quick to doubt himself.”

I close my eyes and the joy fades from my face. That mistake will come back to haunt me later.

“Do you still think he’s a doormat?”
“Seriously? He’s like a fucking trivia bot.”

Mistress lets out a light chuckle.

“He’s not perfect, but he’s not boring either. I choose to suppress his personality when he is around others. That’s something I keep all to myself.”

She pauses to pet my head.

“My pet is actually quite funny as well. He has this very dry sense of humor but that started getting him in trouble very early on, so I buried that as well. It’s enough to me just knowing that it’s there.”
“Will you tell us about that?”
“I’d better not, let’s just say he thought it was ‘cute’ to every so often try to create some humor at my expense. He’s learned his lesson since then.”

I hear the owner’s voice behind me giving the group a five minute warning. Mistress rises and continues speaking.

“Thank you everyone for attending today. As for next week, keep working on your profiles. Also, try to come up with five behaviors you would like your sub to have or not have and if you anticipate having to train them to make that happen.”

I remain kneeling while the others rise, attempting to keep attention away from the anal plug. My legs and back ache and my wrists have been battling the constant pressure of the spikes. I close my eyes for a moment to rest. I feel the touch of the silicon jab me in the lip. I open my eyes and my mouth as Mistress pushes it back into place.

We are the last ones to leave. Mistress paces herself to accommodate my labored steps. At the car, I brace myself for the discomfort as I sit and flip myself into the back. I’m not surprised when Brittany enters the vehicle with Mistress.

“Damn, Cass. Could you have walked any slower? It’s colder than a witches’ tit outside.”
“I’m sure there’s room in the pet carrier back there if you’d prefer to huddle with my pet for warmth.”
“That was a pretty good comeback.”
“I know.”

They share laughter as I struggle to ease the discomfort. My bottom is beginning to ache and my wrists feel raw. My desire for a quick ride home is squashed by a stop for coffee and a slew of random other errands. It’s freezing back here. Mistress’s vehicle has climate control for individual zones and it’s pretty safe to say that I have no heat right now.

We finally arrive at home and I hurry to prepare myself, excited to return to warmth. Mistress takes my leash in hand as I find my feet on the ground.

“Oh my God, are his wrists chained to his butt?”
“So you finally noticed.”
“Doesn’t that hurt?”
“I love you, Cass. I swear that you are my hero. When I grow up I want to be just like you.”

Mistress stops and laughs. I let out a whimper as the cold stings against my exposed skin. I have to wonder if she’s stalling on purpose. Mistress leads the way as I waddle along behind her. Brittany follows me, oohing and ahing at my predicament.

In the entryway I breath a sigh of relief as my body begins to return to its normal temperature. I turn and bend over, attempting to raise my wrists as high as I can.

“I don’t remember ordering you to do that, pet. Or am I mistaken?”
“No, I’m pretty sure you didn’t ask him to do that.”
“Just however should I deal with a slave that doesn’t know his place?”
“There has to be something hanging on the dungeon wall that could help teach him.”
“That goes without saying. I was planning on unlocking him in a few minutes but now I’m tempted to leave him like that all day. I suppose I could handle the mundane burden of hanging up my own coat just this once.”

Brittany bursts out laughing. I slowly rise and turn to face Mistress. I hang my head, dejected.
“But if he isn’t doing his job, I think that deserves some extra punishment.”
“I’m glad we’re on the same wavelength, Brit. I was thinking an extra dozen.”
“An extra dozen for each of us. He’s technically failing twice.”
“Sound logic. I’m sure my pet would agree that is more than fair.”

I groan from behind the gag.

“You know, Cass. I’ll bet if you shortened that chain you could probably keep him hunched over and locking his ankles to it would be hilarious. He wouldn’t be able to get off of his knees.”
“My my, Brittany. You’re so cute when your inner sadist starts to shine through.”

Brittany’s face lights up a bright shade of red.
“God, why do you have to do that?”
“Do what? I’m merely giving you an innocent compliment.”
“You know exactly what you’re doing. Ugh.”

The way that Mistress playfully teases Brittany is very cute. I let out a small giggle that barely escapes the gag. It takes me less than half a second to regret that. Both heads turn to face me.

“I think my slave has decided to be disrespectful yet again. It’s almost as if he’s having trouble remembering my punishment policy on repeated infractions of the same rule.”

My face instantly contorts into a regretful frown.

“I think some nipple clamps will help keep him focused, what do you think?”
“I think that’s a good start, but knowing you, I would have thought you would be looking more along the lines of ‘making him sorry he was ever born’ kind of a level.”

Mistress responds with a laugh.
“Just what kind of person do you see me as, Brit?”
“Like a big bottle of awesome sauce.”

Mistress laughs and takes a few steps closer to Brittany. I watch as she places her hand on Brittany’s ass over her coat. Brittany’s face again lights up red in an instant.

“Umm… please move your hand.”

Mistress begins rubbing in a circular motion. Brittany raises her face to the sky and lets out a sigh.
“Just keep going until you’ve had your fill. I totally walked right into that one.”

Mistress giggles as she circles her hand a few more times and then gives a cupping squeeze before sliding her arm up and giving a slight squeeze on Brittany’s shoulder.

“You are so much fun. Now, about my slave. Unlock him or keep him locked?”
“What am I, your magic 8-ball?” She continues blushing.
“I guess we’ll leave it up to fate.”

Mistress heads for her wallet and presents a shiny coin.
“Heads we unlock him, tails we leave him locked.”

I hear the ding of her fingernail against the metal. The coin clatters its metallic tone against the hard floor. I watch as it spins and bounces along the grout between the tiles.

“If we leave him locked, who’s going to cook us dinner?”
“I can order delivery or take-out.”
“Sounds good. Won’t he get sore?”

The coin tips and teeters… gradually slowing itself. I watch intently as it flips and it slowly chooses its side.

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