fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 66

Chapter 66

The next few days with Lisa turned into an extended “practice session” for her newfound Domme persona. Her instincts are sharp, she just needs to learn to trust them and gradually get over the guilt hurdle. I remain present as Lisa recounts the experiences of the week to Mistress upon her return.

I feel a bit uneasy as things go, constantly worried that something I did will appear as disloyal to Mistress. I know I should have more faith in her and trust that she is rational enough to appreciate that she gave orders to obey, no matter what that might entail. She seems more focused on Lisa’s progress and applauds her masterful handling of me.

Mistress brings Lisa up to speed on how things are going with Brittany. They moved a large amount of items from her home with them and managed to hit every fetish hot spot along the way. It sounds almost like the tales of some college students and a crazy spring break road trip.

I would be lying if I said that I haven’t been curious about where the Brittany situation will finally end up. They are growing inseparable, but unlike in the case of Tristan, Brittany is an active participant in regards to me as well. I get no indication she would want to take Mistress away from me and if anything, it feels more likely that she will insert herself into our lives even more.

As Lisa departs I wish her farewell with a modified ritual of her own creation. She displays it for Mistress to see. After I complete the kisses upon her feet, she lifts her foot and places it on the back of my head, while I kiss the ground where her foot stood, a proper way to “worship the ground she walks on.” It also serves to remind me to keep the entryway floor spotless as allowing any sort of slush buildup from tracked in snow leads to a rather unpleasant experience during this ritual.

Mistress startles me as I rise from my knees. She leans into me, pressing my back flat against the wall, her hand clasping my wrist and pinning it back. Her breathing is heavy as her nostrils flare each time she inhales. Her eyes pierce mine as she stares in silence, her red lips pursed in such a way that I am unable to read her expression. I tilt my head back as my eyes open wide, surprised and a little bit afraid of her demeanor.

“Are you happy to see me, pet?”
I nod slowly, without breaking eye contact. She presses in closer and I feel her ribs expand and contract as her breathing remains heavy. Her other hand lifts the front of my dress as she glides her hand down my naval and onto the front plate of my chastity belt. I feel her nails tapping on the tube.

I’m completely entranced by Mistress. I dare not look away but her gaze makes my heart quiver and my hairs stand on end. She touches her forehead against mine, the angle of her head looking down upon me makes me feel tiny in her presence.

“What do you want to do today, pet?”

My breath shudders as I’m unable to respond. My mind falls blank. I can’t remember the last time she asked me this, probably years. I’ve disciplined myself not to want anything for myself. I answer the first thing that comes from my heart.

“Something that you will enjoy, Mistress.”

Her lips part into a wide grin as she leans her lips close to my cheek. The smell of her perfume makes me dizzy.
“I want to make you ache for me.” My heart flutters as warmth rushes through me. It has been a while since I felt like she longed for me as much as I do for her.

She releases her grip on my wrist and calmly grabs hold of the leather strap on the front of my uniform. With slow steps she heads up the stairs and I follow behind her. I am hers…

Before long I find myself in the bedroom, free of the confines of my uniform. I breathe heavily as she buckles a leather collar around my neck. Wrist and ankle cuffs follow. Mistress motions with her head. I climb onto the bed and turn onto my back. She secures me spread eagle with locks to the bedposts. I tilt my head back and wait. I know better than to get overly anxious.

Moments later she climbs into the bed and kneels beside me. She shifts her weight and adjusts her legs, the black leather knee high boots press against the sheets. A fur stroller hangs open, displaying her naked body as her hair drops down around the collar. She cups her breasts in her hands, the black finger-less gloves on her hands… her favorites… the ones with fur on the palms. She takes a deep breath and shudders as she exhales. My sex strains against the belt.

My Goddess sits before me. She leans down and kisses me on the mouth. My eyes close. Hers remain open. That glare… predatory… piercing. I open my eyes and her gaze locks upon me. Her tongue violently enters my mouth. I feel my lungs fill with her air. I heave through my nose, drunk on the scent of her perfume and sex. As she pulls away she bites my lip and giggles.

She quickly shifts and straddles my naked thighs. I feel my skin scorched by her heat. She again cups and caresses her breast. Mistress arches her back and lets out a deep moan. I tug against the chains. I want to touch her… feel her… taste her. Her eyes lock onto mine again. Her lips part with a sly grin, her white teeth flashing from behind her red-painted flesh. She gyrates her hips, grinding in the air, stopping an inch above the metal plate imprisoning my crotch. I look down my body. My penis presses itself firmly against the shiny metal. Mistress, I want you.

She lurches forward, continuing to gyrate. She extends her hands, parking them and supporting her weight on my chest. It is hard to breathe. I don’t care. Her fingers find my nipples and they pinch, tease, and twist. They harden in her fingers. I tilt my head back and moan. Please, Mistress, free me from this belt.

She alternates between the fur palms and the sharp bite of her nails against my pointed flesh. She knows what this does to me. She continues to hover over my pelvis, gyrating and grinding… taunting me with what I want so badly. She retracts her left hand, leaving the right in place gripping my nipple. I watch as she cups her breast, rubs it in a spiral, and then slides the palm down her body. Across her ribs, past her navel, it continues to creep as it sinks below her waist.

She bites her lip and moans as her palm rubs over her clitoris and the opening of her sex. I feel her thighs flex against mine. Her grip tightens and pulls on me until I squeal. Mistress exhales hard out her nose, her nostrils flaring as her eyes stare through me. They regain their focus and she quickly leans in and rubs her left palm upon my nose.

“I’m so wet.” Her words pulse out unevenly, matching the awkward rhythm of her breathing.

It’s warm… moist… fragrant. I inhale deeply and savor the smell of her sex. She smears the glove on my face, leaving a streak of moisture on my upper lip, filling me with her scent. She retracts her hands and leans back. I open my eyes and watch her grip the shiny metal around her neck. She yanks on the thin chain, tearing it from her as her hands work rapidly, inserting the key into the front of my belt.

My ecstasy is interrupted by a quick return of my wits… knowledge… awareness… the front plate of my belt moves up, sliding my sex from its metal tube. I feel my cock pulse and twitch as it attempts to thicken itself and rise. She cups it with her palms and gently assists in its awakening. I let out a gasp as it returns to form. Mistress’s hands quickly leave my flesh. I raise my hips, begging for attention. She leans back, continuing to grind over me.

“How badly do you want me, pet?”
“Mistress… I love you.”
“I know you love me. Do you lust for me?”
“Yes, Mistress… I want to touch you… feel you… I long for you.”

Her hands return to my swollen member as she resumes the rubbing and teasing. Her left hand cups the base, moving in small motions. I watch as she inserts the index finger of her right hand into her mouth and pulls it out with a slurp. I feel her fingertip gently swirl the base of the frenulum.

I let out a cry as I raise my hips and attempt to fuck her hand. She makes a gentle circle with her finger and rolls it with her thumb.

“I actually love to watch you cum, pet. I want to hear you whimper.”

I relax my throat and mouth and allow the air to pass normally. I soon erupt with a series of moans and squeals as she continues her work. Her sex hovers above my thighs, I can feel her intense heat and moisture.

“How much do I mean to you, pet?”
“Mistress, you are my entire world.”
“Will you cum for me, pet?”
“Yes, Mistress.”

She builds up her speed and rhythm, both hands tightening their grip. My dribbling sex lubricates her hand as she continues the stimulation. I feel my brain slipping away. I want her. I want to cum for her. Soon it is blank except for the primal instinct to keep going. I bounce my hips, increasing the speed of progress within her grip. My breathing becomes staccato and my moans pulse violently.

“Cum for me now, pet.”

My head tilts back. My back arches. My toes point straight down. I feel it build and I force it to erupt. I can barely remember these feelings.

A final deep breath. I feel her hands around me. She presses her thumb firmly against its base.

I let out a panged cry. The muscles contract and pulse and pulse and pulse. Mistress begins to laugh. I continue to buck my hips but she lowers herself onto me, pinning me to the bed. Pulse, pulse, no relief. Finally the muscles stop their seizures. She releases her grip. I feel the fluid slowly dribble out. This awful feeling. I ache. I whimper. I cry out. I become very aware of my sex… it throbs. I am still erect. I can feel the slow leak dribbling down my scrotum and onto the bed sheet. I let out a small sob as I attempt to hump the air in vain. The ache remains.

Mistress’s laugh rings out loudly throughout the room. I open my eyes and watch as she holds her sides and howls. She regains her composure and quietly wipes my genitals dry with the sheet. A quick grip and slap of my cock renders it flaccid. The cool touch of steel returns as the lock clicks, securing the plate in place. I close my eyes and sob quietly.

“Oh my poor little pet. If you keep making that face I’ll have to beat you for being selfish. Would you really have taken an orgasm and deprived me of this much fun?”

A small tear runs down my cheek as her words settle into my heart. She’s right. I restore a poker face but I feel like an empty shell. With a few motions she releases my wrists from the chains and rolls over to do the same to my ankles.

“Hurry and get up.” She shoos me with her hands.

I rise and lower my head. She clears her throat.
“Thank you Mistress for such personalized sexual attention.”
I kneel and kiss her feet. First the right foot, then the left.

Moments later she locks me in the bedroom cage. My hands secured behind me. A gag secured tightly in my mouth.

She carries her toy bag from the dresser to the bed and sits. I gaze upon her with longing.

“Stay awake, pet. I expect you to count how many orgasms I have. There will be a quiz later.”

I slump down in the cage, thoroughly defeated. The hum of the toy reaches my ears. Her moans follow.

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