fs01 – Arc 8 – Chapter 68

Chapter 68

Brittany hasn’t been around since that night at the bar. She isn’t avoiding Mistress, she has just been busy meeting with subs and looking for a house. Mistress has spent more time at work lately and things have returned to our version of “normal.” Today is another one of Mistress’s classes. I made sure to prepare myself in advance, again hoping to pass her inspection without a penalty.

“Watching you shiver out in the cold the other night got me thinking I should really get you a going out coat. I wouldn’t want you catching a chill and getting sick on me.”

I stifle any sort of reaction both internally and externally. I know better than to get my hopes up for anything normal and if she doesn’t wish to use my shoveling coat then I can only guess that it will be just as awful if not worse. The only hope I cling to is that it is long enough to cover myself. Even the long version of the maid’s dress doesn’t leave much to the imagination and without the privilege of underwear that is the first spot that gets cold.

I retrieve the garment bag to the closet and watch my singular hope crumble before my eyes. It’s pink, puffy, and cropped at the waist. I try it on for her and discover its shortened sleeves and open collar area. This was obviously designed with the maid’s dress in mind; the bondage rings and fur trim sit fully exposed even with the coat on. In any case, I’m glad that it’s not a onesie.

“Thank you for taking my comfort into consideration, Mistress.”

Mistress smiles at me.
“If you’re a good boy, maybe I can have Sasha design some special panties for you as well.”

I feel my chest tighten and I’m uncertain if I should be happy or sad.
“You adapt too quickly, pet. I had sort of hoped to see a glimmer of hope on your face. It’s so amusing to watch it fade into horror.”

Soon after I find my wrists locked behind my back with a short chain and a similar length between my boots. The ride to the club passes much more quickly today. We are the first to arrive and Mistress has me kneel beside her at the table.

Before long a few bodies filter in. Brittany, Katelyn, and Sarah take their usual spots at the table. Mistress starts the meeting soon after.

“I’m sorry to say that this will be the last meeting of the group. I was informed yesterday by the leader of the BDSM group that the majority wish to drop out and so they are canceling it indefinitely until they can find my replacement.”
“What? No way. Did they say why?”

“Apparently they started receiving complaints during the first week and received even more complaints after the second week, with most citing they would not attend future meetings. Most were expecting some lessons in bondage and spanking and other play activities and didn’t care for my methods or how I planned to guide you through the process.”
“That’s really a shame. I’m learning a lot.”
“Well, seeing as I’m already married, these early meetings don’t pertain much to me but I understand the foundation you are going for and a lot of it I could integrate into how to build things at home.”

“Thank you. If you would like we could still meet on our own, it just wouldn’t be sanctioned by the group and it couldn’t happen here at the club. Send me a message if you are interested. We could even keep the same day and time.”

Mistress seems a bit disappointed. She was teaching them D/s. They wanted to learn knot tying. Mistress continues.

“I figure with this meeting we can keep it open-ended. With such a small group I figure we could just talk about what’s on our minds or bring up questions.”

“I have a question, but it might seem a bit personal.”
“Sure, Katelyn. The worst I can say is no.”
“So do you know Brittany? It seems like you guys already had a connection.”
“Brittany and I are friends and we have been acquainted since before the group started. It was an internet friendship but the longer connection is between her and my slave.”

Brittany raises her fist in the air.
“I used to bully the shit out of him back in high school.”

Sarah speaks voluntarily for the first time.
“I have a question actually. My husband has me reading all of these articles and blogs and such and they keep talking about the lifestyle that you brought up the first week, Cassandra. I guess I don’t understand what is going through their minds or how this works out for both sides. Are you able to shed some light on it?”
“Are you talking about a submissive performing the cooking, cleaning, and daily chores while the Domme relaxes?”
“Yes, that, and the sex stuff. Like, having amazing orgasms every day but rarely allowing the sub any sexual pleasure.”
“It might be best if we ask my slave directly.”

Mistress turns to me.
“Why do you clean?”
“Because it is my duty and if I don’t I get punished, Mistress.”
“Because my Mistress is my Goddess and I couldn’t bear the thought of her having to do something so unpleasant and mundane.”
“And… because it actually turns me on to feel subservient to my Mistress in that way.”
“Anything else?”
“I’m not sure, Mistress.”

“It turns him on? How does that work?”
“That’s his subspace, Sarah. It’s sort of his psychological cycle of arousal and submission. The more submissive I make him feel, the more he gets turned on, and the more he gets turned on, the more submissive he feels.”
“So does he do those things because he wants to do them? Or because he has to do them?”
“It’s a little of each. He wants to do them, but he doesn’t necessarily like doing them. No one ‘loves’ to scrub floors. Knowing that he ‘has’ to scrub floors ‘or else’ makes it a D/s activity and pushes him into subspace. So even if he actually hates scrubbing floors, the act of doing it gives him other feelings that he does actually crave.”

Sarah sits back in her chair, processing. I lean my head against Mistress’s arm. She describes it admirably.
“So if I unfairly deny him an orgasm, while he misses out on the physical pleasure, he still gets some form of psychological pleasure from that?”
“Exactly. It’s especially fun to make a cruel mind game out of it. If you get his hopes up and then crush them, the negative feeling actually gives him a different feeling that he wants and turns him on. That is his subspace.”
“Are all men wired like that?”
“No. Each man will be different in their own way. Some will respond more strongly to specific activities… ones they associate with their submission. Others, like my slave, respond more to ideas and themes.”

“What kinds of ideas?”
“Sort of like… my slave loves it when my pleasure is all that matters and his pleasure gets completely ignored.”

Mistress pats the fur pom pom on the top of my hat as she speaks. I blush, feeling a bit more exposed than I’m comfortable with.
“Interesting. I think my husband is that way. He keeps wanting to call me his Queen and have me treat him like a lowly servant.”

Mistress lets out a small laugh.
“You’re very lucky, Sarah. It sounds like he has the potential to make you a very happy woman if you are able to keep him in line and on the right track. There are a lot of subs that just want to be spanked or kept in chastity without truly wanting to serve.”
“Amen!” Brittany’s voice booms as she smacks the table with her hand. I take it her luck over the past few days with potential subs has remained the same.

It isn’t long before Katelyn speaks up again.
“When I was very young and my parents thought I was asleep I decided to sneak around the house one night. My parent’s room had two doors to enter and when I peeked in, my mother was getting all dressed up in one of her fanciest dresses while my father stood in the corner wearing a bra and panties. She kissed him on the lips when she left and I followed her through the house. A big fancy car was parked in the driveway and she got in the car and left. When I checked on my father he was on his knees still in the bra and panties and was shining her shoes and boots. Was this that cuck, cuck-holding thing or something?”

“I believe so, Katelyn, and it’s pronounced, cuckold, named after the cuckoo bird that would sneak its eggs into a different bird’s nest to be fed and raised. It sounds like your mother was a hotwife and your father was a cuckold. Were you very young when this happened? I hope it didn’t have any negative effects on you.”
“Actually, it was weird. The next morning my dad said that my mom was out running errands. He took me to an amusement park and we rode some rides and later we got ice cream. He was looking super happy and in a great mood. When we got home my mom was also in a super good mood and they were very affectionate. I actually learned to get excited when I heard a car arrive and leave late at night. The next day was always super fun and I got a lot of presents. I didn’t really put a lot of thought into it until I started doing some research on all of this.”
“Does the idea of cuckolding appeal to you?”
“Not really… but I love the idea of a man loving me so much that he would let me do anything I wanted in order to be happy.”

“That’s one of the reasons that I love my slave.” Mistress pets my head. I smile.
“I don’t want to be too forward about this, Cassandra. But do you think it would ever be okay for me to just sort of… like… see how you guys live? I could basically be like a fly on the wall and watch. I know I’m probably asking too much and I really didn’t give this a lot of thought…”
“Yes. You already have seen us. We have made our lifestyle open to you. I like you and that wouldn’t be a problem.”

“Just don’t let her hit on you. Cass can be like a dirty old man at times. Whoo. Sick burn.”
Brittany pumps her fist.

I look up at Mistress and watch as she can’t contain her smile. Her face turns bright red and she covers one side of it with her palm.

“I did it. I finally made her blush. High-five.” Brittany holds up her hand to Sarah, who leaves her hanging. Undeterred she points directly at me.
“I’m dedicating this moment to you, Francis!”

I blush. I hate that name.

Mistress regains her composure.
“Don’t worry, Katelyn. I won’t try to hit on you. I reserve that for lil Miss Peaches over there.”

Brittany’s face flushes red as she clenches her hands into fists and makes an angry smile.
“Could I visit as well, Cassandra? Would you ever be open to meeting my husband? We’re both so new and sort of lost in all of this.”
“That would be fine, Sarah. As long as he is aware of the level of discretion that we require.”
“I will make sure.”

My mind spins a bit as I wonder what it would be like to have another man present while I serve Mistress. I’m used to Sammy and Gordon by now and the one time I met Lisa’s husband he was basically a wallflower. My thoughts are interrupted by the owner’s 5-minute warning.

Mistress rises and hugs them each individually, thanking them again for sticking with the group. My thoughts now turn to the immediate future and whether or not Brittany will be joining us for the evening.

In the pet carrier in the back, I’m not surprised when she enters the vehicle with Mistress. They small-talk on the way home. Inside the house Brittany stands in front of you.

“That’s a cute new jacket, fur sissy. I was going to say that it makes you look like a sissy slut that takes it up the ass, but I guess I could just say that it’s very ‘you.’”

I lower my eyes and blush. Brittany seems like her old self as usual.
“I was wondering, Cass. Does he actually spend more time with his hands behind his back than in front?”

Mistress laughs.
“I’d say it’s probably about 50/50 if you count when he sleeps. For some reason I’ve had this recent fascination about making him feel completely helpless, ya know?”
“I do love that all of his outfits have a ring on the belt that let you secure the chain to. When I was flogging James last night he kept trying to cover his ass with his hands.”
“You know that if you just beat his hands for long enough that eventually he’ll try to get them out of the way.”
“Fuh. Why didn’t I think of that? Is there a good gym around here, Cass? I don’t know how you do it but ‘these guns’ get tired after a while.”

Brittany rubs her arms as she makes the guns reference.
“There is. I can give you a card for them. If you focus on your technique, you can hit harder and for longer with less effort.”
“Okay, coach, put me in, I’m ready.”
“Hells-yeah. Peaches has bark AND bite.”

“That reminds me, did you hear from Randi?”
“Yeah, we hung out the other day. That chick has the most amazing collection of 90’s Riot Grrrl music and is super fun to chill with. She nearly lost her shit when I showed her my Reverb. It’s kind of weird, I always thought that lesbians were like… going to be like super different from other people.”
“Earth to sheltered suburban white girl. Gay people are people too.”
“You are the grand master… or grand Mistress of making me feel dumb sometimes, ya know?”
“But you love me for it.”

The grunts and half-words leave Brittany’s mouth as she fails at an appropriate comeback.
“Hey, fur sissy. How about my coat?”

I pull my hands against the chains, making them audibly rattle and I wince as the spikes dig into my skin.
“No one likes excuses, sissy. I give you a ‘Z’ for effort.”
Mistress lets out a small laugh.
“Cass, can your psyche degrees tell me why low-hanging fruit always tastes the best?”

Mistress laughs again as she unlocks the chains from my wrists and ankles. I tend to their coats and boots and help them into robes and slippers before meeting them in the living room. I’m a bit surprised when Mistress cuts right to the chase.

“Have you given any more thought about being my roommate?”
“I have obsessed about it since then, you have no idea. I have gone over it a thousand times in my mind. It wasn’t until I talked to Randi about it that I figured out what was going on. The truth is, I want to say yes but I have to say no. I wanted to make sure my thoughts were sorted out on it before giving you an answer.”

“It’s not because I tease you so much or that I flirt with you, is it?”
“It’s definitely not that. To be honest, Cass, being around you is the most fun I’ve had since I was in high school. You accept me for who I am. I’m a foul-mouthed spazz that has no brain to mouth filter and a sadistic streak. No one our age usually likes me but you seem to encourage it and play off of it. With you it feels like… home. And if I did go lesbian, I could totally see myself falling for someone like you. It’s just something else. Is it okay if I have some wine?”

I look to Mistress and she directs me with a small motion of her head. I hurry my way to the kitchen and retrieve a bottle of wine and a pair of glasses on the silver tray. I’m back and ready to pour in under a minute. Brittany takes a large gulp.

“I’m going to be honest, Cass. Every time I’m here I have the time of my life but when I get home it hurts. I ache and want to cry… and sometimes I do. After a while I realized the reason. I’m envious of you. I’m envious of what you have. I think that’s why I keep ripping through subs like cheap toilet paper. You were right. I want my Francis 2.0.”

Brittany pauses for another large gulp of wine.
“When you offered to have him serve the both of us if I lived here my heart jumped for a minute. I thought that would be perfect but something didn’t feel right. Randi pointed it out when I talked to her about it. What you are to fs… I can never be. And if I was… then you wouldn’t be that to him anymore. Does that make any sense?”
“It does. Even if he serves you, you would never feel like he loved you like he loves me. And if he did love you that way, then it would mean he no longer loved me like that.”
“Exactly. How could I ever feel good about that? I mean, I enjoy fucking with him and teasing him… like I REALLY enjoy it, but… he’s not mine. I need one of my own if I’m going to be as happy as you are.”

Brittany starts to sniffle a little bit.
“I’m a terrible person.”
“You’re not terrible. You are being honest… being true to yourself and true to your heart. It was insensitive of me not to realize what this means to you.”
“I don’t know if I’m being selfish or not. I know that I would have a lot of fun living here, but I think I would probably just be content without being fulfilled. I think that I need to feel like I’m pursuing what I want… and what I want is my own version of what you have. God, why do I feel like we’re a couple of fat kids bawling our eyes out on an after school special right now? Am I really this melodramatic?”

“I think it just shows how important this is to you. It wouldn’t be difficult if it wasn’t and it wouldn’t seem so huge unless you really cared about the outcome.”
“It is okay if we keep hanging out right? I wanted to make it clear that it’s not like I don’t want that.”
“Of course. Besides, I’m sure my pet would be sad if you weren’t here to help torture him.”

Brittany laughs. I zone out a little bit as they talk about the subs Brittany has lined up to evaluate. She also mentions a house hitting the market a couple of streets away. I have a feeling that we will end up as neighbors.

“So, now that we have that out of the way, is there anything you’d like to do?”
“What ever happened with Lynn?”

Mistress grins.
“We have been chatting a bit. Nothing serious, just feeling each other out a little bit. She wants me to bring my pet in to her shop for the total package. Branding, bar-coding, chastity piercing, and nipple piercings.”

I shudder and immediately feel every nerve in my body fire. This is news to me.
“Jesus, Cass. That sounds terrifying. Can I watch?”
“IF I go through with it, I’m sure that can be arranged.”
“Sweet. As for doing stuff… I know that normally we would go and ravage fur sissy in the basement but I wasn’t joking when I said that my arms were tired. Any chance we could just veg out with some pizza and watch some movies?”

“What do you think, pet? Would you be feeling neglected if we just relaxed this evening?”

I breathe a heavy sigh of relief.
“Relaxing would be great, Mistress.”

“Do you like your pizza crust, Brit?”
“No, why? I usually throw them away.”
“My pet needs to eat, too. I think we are all out of saltines.”
“That’s so mean. I love it.”

Mistress picks up her phone and begins to scroll through it. I close my eyes, feeling so very lucky to be surrounded by these women.

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