My EE Portraits are now Up

Following a very bad experience on the home front with T, I found myself alone one night and scouring the internet for some form of human contact.  I found a forum that I had been to before and there was a link to a social network type of site with a cadre of Dommes and subs interacting.  They had a chatroom and I hopped in and was welcomed by some friendly people.  I was feeling so down and it really picked me back up to have people notice me.

I later found out it was tied to a Femdom PSO network, but I didn’t really mind.  They never pressured me to call and the fact that I had legitimate lifestyle experience actually helped a lot.  I visited there on and off over the years, helped out where I could, and made some internet friends.  I drew all of these portraits as thank yous to the women that I interacted with there at some point in time.  They are some of the works that I think turned out the best out of everything I have ever done.

While I posted them on the social network site, I have never shared these on my blog before.

I will be posting the older drawings in the Femdom Drawings section.

Or here is a direct link to the collection of portraits.


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