Drawings January-February 2012 are now Up.

While the Humiliation Boutique era represented the peak of my blog’s popularity, I did not continue with the series and left the final group unfinished.  By the time January rolled around I was getting a lot more requests and a lot more mixed feedback.  It was easy when people were encouraging.  It was great when people said, “OMG, this is the closest thing to my fantasy that I have ever found.”  It got tiresome when the majority of my feedback was about how my fantasy pictures were inadequate and what they SHOULD include.

In this period I slowed way down.  I did a handful of requests and some additional attempts at drawings I did early on and wanted to try them using my current techniques.  I also began to focus more on shading and detail.

As a note, the “mirror” drawing got the most negative feedback out of anything I have ever drawn.

I will be posting the drawings in the Femdom Drawings section.

Or here is a direct link to the collection of Drawings.

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