When she enjoys fur

NOTE: The pictures on this post are animated .gifs and are fairly large in size.  They may take a while to load and may not display correctly on the mobile reader.  If they aren’t moving on the mobile app, there should be a visit option or opening it in a browser should make them display correctly.

One of the things that I very much enjoy is the act of a woman enjoying her fur.  A part of me has a twinge of jealousy as being a man does not allow me the opportunity of wearing it, nor openly enjoying it when it is present.


When a woman touches the fur she is wearing, it’s not a conscious effort to make others jealous.  It’s not an attempt to seduce.  It is merely their subconscious enjoyment of a tactile pleasure.  They touch it because it feels good to touch it.

At the same time, when I have talked about this to the Dommes I have been with (who all enjoyed wearing fur), they began to enjoy it even more.  It would start innocently enough, but their expression would quickly change as they realized that I would be watching.  Their eyes would fire up as it became something conscious.  It became seduction.  It would fuel their Domspace.  It would make me lust for them.


As this goes on, it becomes a bit symbolic.  It is like she is saying, “I get to enjoy myself.  This is meant just for me.”  She tells me this with her eyes and the grin across her face.  I just blush and remain silent.  I have learned to be careful what I wish for.


This is just one of the small joys of the dynamic and a symbol of the inequality between us.  It is magnificent.


Note: I made these gifs from a movie that I don’t really like, they just captured the essence of what I was going for.




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