fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 77

Chapter 77

Author’s Note: This takes place shortly after Chapter 76.

Mistress doesn’t speak during the drive. I hear the radio play her favorite songs from the front of the vehicle. I shiver on my knees in the pet carrier in the back, listening the sound of the tires on the road. The humming sound on asphalt. The subtle crunching as it crushes snow beneath the treads. My shoulders strain from the position of my wrists locked tightly behind my back.

I’m so happy to have her back. I ache knowing I have displeased her. I deserve this… all of it. Whatever it takes.

The vehicle slows to a crawl and lurches as it stops. I crane my neck to peer between the slats in the side of the carrier. I catch a minor glimpse out the window. I recognize the top of the building. This is Mistress’s shop. I hear her door open and the vehicle bobs as she departs, the door closing behind her. I shift my body in anticipation. The rear gate doesn’t open.

The chill I feel extends itself, creeping onto every exposed bit of skin on my body. I watch my breath form clouds that disperse quickly before my eyes. I lose any sense of time. I slump down into a more comfortable position. I chase away any thoughts of hoping Mistress would come and get me. I am in no position to make demands. She never does anything without a reason.

The gate releasing from its latch stirs me. I ready myself. I hear the click of the pet carrier’s latches.
“Get up.”

I slowly inch my way back while trying to place the voice. It’s not Mistress. I slide my legs down and my feet reach the ground. I remain careful to avoid looking at them. With my head down I see only two sets of boots with their bodies obstructed by full length fur coats.

“Get moving,” she says as she tugs on my leash.
I work my to the door, placing my steps carefully to avoid slipping on the densely packed snow while my two handlers follow behind me. I stop at the door while the other brushes past me. I catch a glimpse of her hair sliding off her shoulder and a whiff of her perfume. It is Lisa. The door opens and I move past her. A tug on the leash stops me at the first door and I move inside. It is the changing room that I have used before. A series of boxes sit upon the counter tops below the mirrors.

A hand grips my hand and unlocks my wrists. I flex my shoulders as the strain dissipates. Lisa is the next to issue a command.
“Hang up our coats.”
I nod and help her out of the long coat, handling it carefully before placing it on the hanger at the rack in the corner of the room. I approach the second women and her long black hair helps me recognize her. It is Sasha. I help her out of her coat.

“I should swat you for making me wait.”
“But then I would have had to wait.”
“Then you could have swatted him.”

Lisa lets out a cute laugh before getting to work unlocking my padlocks.
“You know, fur, Cassandra told us all about how naughty and disloyal you were while we were in Europe. I have to say that I’m very disappointed in you.”

I nod without looking up. My face flushes a deep red. Sasha interjects.
“I’ve known he was a slut since the first day I met him. This latest uniform revision was long overdue.”

I remain motionless as they undo the buckles and strip me naked, tossing each article of clothing onto a table behind me. I feel exposed and vulnerable but keep my eyes glued to the floor. I feel like a piece of meat. I watch their boots as they pace around me. Gloved fingers drag across my skin.

“Such smooth soft skin needs to be toughened up.”
I tremble at Sasha’s words. Lisa caresses my rear with her hand.

“You deserve every one of these bruises,” says Lisa before delivering a quick smack that makes my body tense. I nod and let out a sniffle. The guilt rushes in and overwhelms me.

“First thing’s first.”
I feel the touch of cold metal around my neck as Sasha closes the rounded collar. It fits snugly. I feel the metal all the way around me.
“Your Mistress wanted a constant reminder of ownership.”

Lisa stands in front of me while Sasha moves behind. I hear her pick up something from the table. A mechanical whirring comes from behind me. It sounds like a drill. A pull on the collar presses it against my throat. I hear the whir and metallic grind. The sound slows and stops. A series of tugs on the collar follows. The collar pulls again and the grinding sound returns. Clack, clack, clack, whir.
“Look in the mirror.”

Lisa steps aside and I raise my eyes and see the steel ring around my neck.
“This ring signifies you as your Mistress’s property. I just stripped the bolt at her request. It won’t be coming off.”
My heart flutters a bit knowing that Mistress wants to keep me. I love her.

Lisa’s gloved hand grabs my chin and she points my face to hers. A smirk forms across her lips as she arches one eyebrow. I blush and tremble as her gaze pierces mine before she shoves my face away.

“Put your hands behind your back.”
I do as I am told. I feel the metal close around each wrist as the handcuff latch locks into place.

“Have you ever seen his sissy clit before?”
I hear a quick gasp and click of the tongue. I imagine Lisa’s blush that accompanies those sounds.
“Did you hear that? Lisa is very excited to see your unimpressive manhood.”
My cheeks burn like fire and I close my eyes.

The lock on the chastity belt turns and I feel the front plate release my member from its prison. It stirs in the open air. The chain between the handcuffs rattles as I instinctively want to cover myself.

“Is it everything you hoped for?”
“Umm… I like… bigger.”
“Don’t we all?”
“And he can’t even use his normally anymore. It should be locked up.”

Their words fill me with shame. My chest aches.
“Should we shave him first?”
“Cass said we could if we wanted to.”
“For having such fine body hair I’m a bit surprised.”
“At his thick man-bush?”
“It’s fun to make you blush. I wonder if it would scare him if I shaved him with a straight razor.”
“Umm… probably.”

Sasha lifts my chin.
“Would that scare you?”
I keep my eyes closed and nod. She laughs in my face.
“You’re in luck. I left my blade at home.”
I breathe a sigh of relief.

She turns and opens a box on the counter, hiding its contents from me before presenting it before my face.
“We had this plate custom made by the chastity belt manufacturer.”

The plate looks similar to the old one with the addition of an eyelet mounted on the front and an open slot over the tube area. Sasha holds up a small spiked metal plate.
“With this attachment, your Mistress can add spikes to your tube in seconds without having to remove the whole plate.”

I squirm and let out a light gasp. I watch her hands at work as she replaces the front plate and locks it in place. Moments later she carefully fits the spike plate and secures it with its locking mechanism. I feel the metal points against my flaccid member.

“I think it needs a test run,” announces Sasha with a twist of sarcastic humor in her voice.

She leans into me, breathing heavily. Her fingers find my nipples and she gives them a gentle twist. She moans in a breathy and seductive tone.
“What do you think, sissy? Could I take you home and sit on your face while you taste my sweet sex and make me cry out in pleasure?”

She gently touches her lips to mine and dances the tip of her tongue. I blush as I take a deep breath. I feel my sex twitch. I let out a squeal and buckle over at the waist as the pain stabs my tender flesh.
“I think it works.”
“You’re such a bitch, Sasha.”
“You’re only saying that because you just soaked your panties.”
“It’s cute the way you pretend to be a prude sometimes. You forget that I’ve seen you when you’re drunk.”

Their banter gives me a moment to regain my composure. I feel a sense of guilt creep in that she was able to arouse me so easily.
“That was amusing, but now the real fun begins.”

I watch Sasha return to the counter with Lisa as they begin to open the rest of the boxes. The uniforms no longer shock me but I feel a sense of dread building up within me. The sound of jingling bells soon drown out my thoughts.

“Version 4.0 has a number of improvements.”
Sasha holds up the modified maid’s dress in front of me. It looks similar to the one I wore earlier in contrasting shades of pink with the addition of some large brass jingle bells attached at varying parts. She continues talking as Lisa removes my handcuffs and helps guide the dress onto me. I notice a few of the ‘improvements’ even before she says anything.

“The punishment lining has seen a significant upgrade. It should itch, chafe, and prickle even more than before.”
I feel Lisa buckling the straps at the back of the dress and my skin responds to the irritation of the lining. It feels like burning.

“The area over the nipples has been upgraded to very prickly wire brushes that can be rotated by twisting the pom poms on your nipples.”

The final straps tighten behind me and Sasha steps forward. She grabs the pom poms on the front of the suit and presses them in. The bite of the metal makes forces a strong exhale. She gives them a twist while pressing and I let out a screech. The metal prickles and feels like it is tearing off my skin. She twists them back the other direction. I contort my face and choke back a cry. The bells jingle loudly as my body spasms. I hear her smirk. If I know Sasha, she is proud of this invention.

She places the hat on my head as Lisa finishes the straps on my wrists. I hear the locks go in place one by one. Sasha gets pulls on the earmuff harness and adjusts it to fit. I notice the leather straps are now covered with fur on the outside.

“Your Mistress wanted this version to be a bit more discreet, so we made an effort to conceal the straps, buckles, and locks from view as much as possible. The locks can make you look like an unwilling participant. Your Mistress thinks it is much more humiliating to make it look like you dress this way by choice. Don’t you agree, Lisa?”

“Definitely. A slave locked in a maid’s dress almost makes you feel bad for them, but a sissy in a maid’s dress just looks pathetic.”

My face blushes. My mind races, realizing that Mistress may be bringing me out in public even more often. I deserve this. I let her down.

“Put these on.”
Sasha hands me a pair of panties and some thigh high stockings. They jingle as I take them in hand and carefully pull them on one leg at a time. The panties have extra room for the bulge of the chastity belt and a hole in the rear. The fur cuffs at the top of the stockings are now adorned with the same brass bells and pom poms as the dress. She gives me a large petticoat. I slide it up under the hem of the dress. It is thick enough to where it suspends the dress in a ‘flared’ look. Based on the air flow, it must be just long enough to cover up the panties. The boots follow and they too include bells and pom poms. Lisa buckles the straps snugly and locks them in place.

“Since visible locks are unavoidable in this case, Cass designed these lock covers for public use.”
She holds out her hand and I see pink heart-shaped pieces of fur. She passes some to Lisa and they begin sliding them over each of the visible padlocks. I find myself trembling in anticipation of the embarrassment I am certain to experience.

“She also gave us instructions to get you pretty and prepared for an adventure out in town today. Lift your head and hold still.”
She presents a tube of lipstick and guides it over my lips.
I do as I am told. She pats a brush several times on each of my cheeks.
“Close your eyes.”
I feel an unfamiliar sensation on my eyelids and the edges of my eyes.
“Look at yourself.”

I open my eyes and stare into the mirror. I furrow my brow when I see the glittery pink makeup that Sasha used to decorate my face with. My pulse rises and the heat rushes to my face. I’m so sorry, Mistress.

“Don’t you think he looks pretty, Lisa?”
“You put on too much makeup, he looks like a gross whore.”
“That was the look I was going for.”
“You’re such a bitch.”
“Make him look you in the eyes.”

Lisa steps between me and the mirror and lifts my chin. Our eyes meet. Her face shows a huge grin and her body’s quiver tells me she is holding back a laugh. She shakes her head before composing herself and her eyes pierce mine.
“fur, you look absolutely pathetic.”

My chest knots tightly within my chest. Lisa is usually so sympathetic. Her reactions are so different. I want to cry because I know she speaks the truth. They continue by helping me into my mittens. They are thick and the lining slides inside so that I can’t close the mittens. There aren’t any thumb-holes but a pair of stuffed ‘dummy’ thumbs sit on the outside. These connect to the sleeves of the dress with hidden straps. My hands are absolutely useless.

“Stand there, fur.” Lisa points to the wall. I take my position. She picks up an SLR camera and snaps a series of shots, the flash blinding me and making me blink.

Sasha approaches me with another jingling item.
“Open your mouth.”

I do as instructed. As her hand approaches I see the large end of a penis gag before it enters my mouth. I glance in the mirror and see its back end holds another bell and a pair of dangling pom poms.
“This isn’t the locking version but Mistress wanted something to keep your mouth occupied.”

I nod and blush. The flash blinks again as Lisa takes another set of pictures. I want to die.
“Time to secure your hands.”

I look to the counter, expecting to see a locking hand muff like I have worn before. Instead Sasha retrieves a large metal bulb. She presses a lever, making it open and close. My heart sinks and I want to run. It’s a locking plug but almost twice the size of the one I have worn before. She bats at the dangling bells, making them jingle as they sway back and forth. I cringe as she nears me. I don’t want that inside of me.

“Don’t worry, it has a large bunny tail cover that hides the fact that it’s an anal plug. Bend over and grab the counter.”

I lean over the counter. My body quivers as each breath makes my chest heave. I hear the snapping of several sets of rubber gloves being pulled on. My face flushes red with shame.

“Cass already has him plugged. Lisa, would you do the honors?”
“Me? But…”
“Just take it out.”

I close my eyes as she grips the end of the plug. I feel it pull. I let out a low cry.
“It’s stuck.”
“Pull harder.”
“I am.”

Lisa presses one hand against my bruised bottom and pulls firmly. I feel my bottom strain due to the size. I whimper in pain. Mistress used the large plug today, something I hadn’t experienced in over a year.
I let out a prolonged cry until the strain ceases.
“Damnit, it sucked back in.”
“You may have to re-lube it.”
“Ugh. That’s disgusting.” Sasha lets out a laugh.
“You’re the one who has been inside of him before.”
“How did you know?”
“You told us when you were drunk.”
“Fuck. I need to quit drinking.”
“Get the lube.”

I hear the lube squirt from its tube. Her fingers dance around my hole, coating it and the end of the plug. I feel so helpless and violated. I feel her pull on the end of the plug again. It begins to strain but then snaps back into place. I let out a grunt with the discomfort.

“I can’t grip it now. It’s too slippery.”

Sasha scoffs behind me.

A firm tug on the end of the plug forces me to straighten my back. This pull isn’t gentle. I let out a whine as I feel the uncomfortable stretch. She shimmies the plug back and forth, pulling. Her hip presses against my rear. I hear her exhale slowly in a strained way. My whine becomes a cry as the pain sets in.

“If you don’t relax we’ll take you to the ER to get this out. I’m sure all the pretty nurses will love seeing you in your new outfit.”
She tugs again and the bells jingle.
“If you are trying to relax him, I don’t think that is helping. I’ll be right back.”

I hear the snapping of rubber of Lisa removing her gloves. I glance up in the mirror and watch her depart from the side door.
“I thought you’d be a lot looser seeing as how much use you get.”

I blush and lay my head down on the counter, the bells jingling as it comes to a rest. Lisa enters soon after with something folded in her hands. I watch her unfold it in the mirror as she holds out Mistress’s day robe. She presses the fur collar against my face. I inhale the scent of Mistress’s perfume.

“You have to relax, fur, or you will disappoint Cassandra.”
I nod and close my eyes. I keep disappointing her. I try to loose myself in nothingness. I try to fade away. Sasha resumes with her pulling.

“Hold his waist.”
I feel hands grip my sides. I take another deep breath through my nose. The scent fills my nose and I feel dizzy. I love you, Mistress. I feel a mild strain but tune it out. It’s unimportant. I want to see her.

“And it’s out!”
Sasha holds up the plug in a victorious pose. I exhale and lift my head. Lisa puts her hand on my neck and holds it down. I hear the squirt of lube again. Cold metal parts my thighs. I let out a whimper.

“Blush, sissy. Whimper, whine, and squirm. Or did you forget how embarrassing it is to have a pair of beautiful women violating your hole?”

I let out a muffled cry as she forces the new plug inside of me. She isn’t gentle. The bells jingle as she guides it all the way in and moves it to its expanded position. I groan with discomfort. I hear the click of a lock and the clink of chains.
“This dress has a slit in it to run a chain to lock to your wrists.”

My hands are forced behind me and together as they lock my wrists to the chain. I feel pressure on the plug. I assume that is Lisa putting the bunny tail cover onto the plug. The flash of the camera follows.

“Stand up.”

They pull me upright and park me facing the mirror.
“Take a good look at yourself. You will want to remember what everyone else sees when they look at you.”

I raise my eyes and cringe at the sight. Sasha is right. The padlocks and buckles are all hidden from view. The new bells jingle with every move I make. I want to hide my face. My hands tug on the chain and discomfort fills me along with the jingling of bells. This is part of my punishment.

Lisa clips the leash on the ring hidden in the fur collar.
“I’m sure you’ll have ‘fun’ today, fur.”

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9 thoughts on “fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 77

  1. Lol. Plugs are awesome. So are jingle bells. And the twistable pom pom things that torture his nipples. I like SO much about this chapter.

    I can imagine how mortified he will be going out in public in the new uniform…I’m looking forward to reading the next chapter.

    (Wouldn’t it be so nice if someone could make a uniform like that for you?)

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  2. Magnificent chapter, furcissy! The way you wrote the scene with the two women removing the plug…beyond humiliating! I was squirming and blushing as I imagined being in fs’ place…the removal of a large plug is almost as violating as having it put in. Oh…and the penis gag…nice touch!!! I would imagine that fs is firmly planted in subspace once again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Nora.
      I am very glad you enjoyed that scene. I was a bit worried it would kill the momentum but that is where the story took me while I played it through in my head. I had figured he would struggle to relax while this occurred with women that weren’t Cass.

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