fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 78

Chapter 78

Author’s note: This takes place roughly a half an hour after Chapter 77.

I fight to retain my balance in the pet carrier. The bells jingle with every turn, start, and stop. If I relax and slump forward, the wire brushes dig into my nipples. I try my best not to think about our next destination. Sasha and Lisa parading me around the back offices and asking the employees for their opinions frazzled my nerves. Telling them I couldn’t say ‘thank you’ because I had a cock in my mouth was even worse. Mistress didn’t speak to me. She laughed when she twisted the brushes until I screamed but she never once allowed me to look at her.

My stomach growls. I’m starving and worn down. The car lurches as we go around a turn. I tip to my right and back, sending the bells jingling. I deserve this. The car slows and shifts. It feels like we are parking. Mistress’s door opens and I feel the shift as she gets out. A moment later I hear the release of the back gate as it slowly rises. I respond to the click of the gate on my pet carrier by shuffling slowly backwards. The chain connecting my wrists to the plug has no give in it and keeps my hands pinned tightly to my back. It makes this difficult. I slowly lower a leg until it contacts the ground. The flop onto my stomach as I remove the other leg sends pain shooting through my nipples. I let out a whimper before gaining my footing and rising.

“Sit and present your ankles.”
I lower myself onto the bumper and lift my feet, leaning back against the edge of the carrier. I stare at her body, her figure sculpted by the cinched cashmere coat, trimmed in fox fur. Mistress quickly locks a small chain to each of the D-rings hidden in my boot cuffs and covers the locks with their decorative fur hearts. The chain has a bell at its center and it jingles as I lower my feet to the ground. All of the bells jingle as Mistress tugs on my leash and I rise to my feet.

I recognize where we are. It’s the bookstore.
“Didn’t that used to be the chicken place that you like so much?”

I turn and look across the street. The building stands empty and stripped of its signage. A ‘For Lease’ sign hangs in the window. I nod in disappointment.
“They must have known the slave was being naughty.”

I lower my head and look at the ground. My stomach growls again. Mistress gives a tug on the leash and begins leading me up the block. I struggle with tiny, mincing steps, every motion causing the bells to jingle in a humiliatingly festive way.

“I’m almost too embarrassed to be seen with you when you are dressed that way. I’m sure you’ll be just fine if I tie your leash to this street light.”
I furrow my brow and let out a disturbed whimper. I want to disappear.

“How I’ve missed teasing my sissy slave.”
I crack a small smile from behind the gag as I feel warmth rush through my body.
“But you haven’t suffered nearly enough to have earned my forgiveness.”
My spirit sinks. I deserve this.

I steal a quick glance of Mistress’s reflection in the window. She’s wearing her collar turned up and her matching fox fur headband pulled a little lower than usual. Large mirrored sunglasses completely cover the upper half of her exposed face. She planned ahead so that on one who didn’t know her would be able to recognize her. I struggle to keep up with my labored shuffling and jingling bells. If she didn’t have a means of concealing herself I believe that she might be too embarrassed to be seen with me by the general public.

I hear the whispers of the bystanders and passersby.
“Maybe he’s in some kind of show…”
“What a faggot…”
“I wouldn’t be caught dead…”

I cringe and blush. Half a block never felt so far. Mistress stops me in front of the bookstore window.
“Is your girlfriend working today?”

I quickly look through the glass before returning my gaze to the ground. I nod.
“She’s cute. I think next time I’ll keep you chained to the wall in the dungeon so you don’t flirt with the other women.”

I know that she’s being sarcastic but the pain twists again in my chest. She gives a quick twist to the nipple brush that makes my eyes begin to water. Mistress opens the door for me and nudges me to go in first. I shuffle my tiny steps, filling the entryway of the store with my jingling bells.

“He’s back!” Dawn shouts from behind the counter and begins a nervous sounding laugh that makes my face burn red. I have nowhere to hide… and I can’t run. Memories of feeling her scathing words and judgments leave me trembling. I barely glance up as I watch her move towards me from behind the counter.

“Did you miss me?” Her tone feels sly and cheeky. I glance up just enough to see the smirk on her face.
“You must be Dawn,” Mistress chimes in from beside me.
“Are you the Mistress?”
“I’m Cassandra. I wanted to meet you in person and apologize for my slave’s rude behavior.”
“Wow… he wasn’t lying then.”
“I’m not sure what he told you exactly, but I took your suggestion and he is being punished severely. I would have him apologize but I have taken away his speech privileges for at least the next ten days. Lower your head and apologize.”

I bow forward and hold that uncomfortable position. The wrist chain tugs against the plug. Dawn lets out an ecstatic laugh and claps her hands. I’m so embarrassed.
“Can I touch him?”
“Feel free and make sure to enjoy yourself.”

I straighten upright and close my eyes. I begin to shake as I feel her hands pet the fur on various parts of my uniform. The bells begin to stir but don’t quite ring out. I feel the brush prick my nipple and I let out a whimper from behind the gag. Dawn quickly retracts her hand.
“The nipple discomfort is part of his punishment. Don’t let that stop you. Give them a twist if you want to see real pain.”

Dawn lets out a small giggle and twists both brushes. My face contorts and my body shakes with pain, filling the air with jingles again.
“This outfit is so terrible. Where did you get it?”
“I had it made for him at my shop.”
“You have a sissy shop?”
“Not quite. A leather and fur shop that happens to deal with specialized clientele.”

Dawn’s hands glide over me. She teases the bells. She bats at the fur heart locks.
“Are those padlocks?”
“They are.”
“Does that mean he can’t take it off?”
“Not without the keys.”
“Dawn, is there someplace that we can talk in private?”
“The break room.”
“Are you able to take a break right now?”
“Yeah, just let me find the other girl.”

Dawn walks towards the other end of the store. I find myself able to regain a semblance of composure. I want to go home. I want to be anywhere but here. I hear Dawn’s voice from a row over. She seems to struggle controlling her excitement.

“Kirsten! Do you remember that gay guy that came here a couple weeks ago?”
“Vaguely. The one you took into the break room?”
“He’s back and he actually does have a wife. Well, I think it’s his wife. He has a woman that he’s with that is way too hot for him and she wants to talk to me. Can you cover the register for a couple of minutes?”

I hear a loud sigh.
“Fine, but don’t blame me when you’re dragging ass later and can’t have a break.”
“I promise.”

Dawn returns and waves to Mistress. Cassandra leads me with her but stops near the counter. She turns to Kirsten that is now behind the register.
“I’m really very sorry for intruding like this. Cleaning up after my servant can be a messy endeavor. If I leave him here can you keep an eye on him and make sure that he stays out of trouble? Here’s some money… think of it as payment for the inconvenience.”

I watch as Mistress places a twenty-dollar bill on the counter. Kirsten slides the twenty and places her hand in her pocket.
“If by keep him out of trouble you mean make sure he doesn’t leave, yes, I can do that.”
“Thank you. I really appreciate it.”

Mistress drops the leash and follows Dawn through the doorway to the break room. I keep looking at the ground. Discomfort creeps into my heart and my nerves begin to fire. How dependent I have become on having Mistress nearby or one of her trusted friends.

“Cute pacifier.” I blush and close my eyes tight.
“So are you like, one of those adult babies?” I blush again and shake my head ‘no.’
“Did Dawn get you in trouble when you were here last time?” I nod.

Kirsten lets out a small laugh.
“Do you want me to report her to the owner? I can have her written up.” I shake my head fervently, causing the bells to jingle.

“No offense, but seeing you dressed like that makes me absolutely glad that I’m a lesbian.”
I cringe. How am I not supposed to take offense to that? I try to remain motionless as time crawls by. I hear Dawn laughing from the back room.

A throat clearing startles me and I stand up straight, causing the bells stirring. I didn’t notice this woman’s approach.

“I have to say, Kirsten. The caliber of clientele that frequent this shop must be in severe decline. Don’t you have a dress code of some sort?”

Her words make me feel small.
“Only when it comes to shirt and shoes.”

She turns to face me.
“Your presence here offends me. Your existence offends me.”
I glance in her direction.
“Did I give you permission to look at me?”
I lower my eyes and shake my head.

“I am a woman. I am proud to be a woman. I marched, rallied, and protested for women’s rights. You are a disgrace. Disgusting.”
I nod firmly, causing the bells on my gag to jingle. My face burns bright red. I want to go away. I want Mistress to be here.

“Are you ashamed to exist?”
I nod.
“At least you know your place.”

Kirsten chimes in again.
“Would it make you feel better if I banned him from the store?”
“Hey sissy, smile for the camera.”

The flash pops, blinding me for a second. I hear the churning of the photo printer attached to the camera. I glance up as she holds the photo in front of my face. My heart sinks.
“Welcome to the wall of shame. You can stay here until your companion returns, but if you ever enter the store again we will call the police.”

“Thank you, Kirsten. You’re such a sweetie. I’ll see you next week when those special orders come in.”

My empty stomach begins to twist and churn. I want to disappear. I perk up at the sound of Mistress’s voice.

“It was nice meeting you, Dawn. I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 8?”
“Yes. And remember, it better be someplace fancy.”
“Of course, I know just the place. It looks like my servant shrunk, doesn’t it?”
“He does look rather defeated.”

“He was bothering a regular so I banned him from the store,” adds Kirsten.
“That’s disappointing to hear. I’m going to have to add another day to his punishment schedule.”
“That seems fair. The other customer found him very rude and offensive.”
“I guess I’ll have to make it two days. He really can be a slow learner sometimes.”
“I was half-joking.”
“I’m not.”

I let out a whimper. Mistress takes my leash in her hand and smacks me firmly on the rear. The jolt through my body sets the bells jingling. She takes the lead and I shuffle my steps behind her. She opens the door for me and whispers in my ear as I pass through it.
“I’ll be adding 20 lashes for your poor manners. Even while gagged you should have found a way to display your thanks to them.”

I cringe and hang my head in defeat. My stomach growls.
“That reminds me. I should probably stop somewhere and get myself some lunch before finishing my errands.”

I love you, Mistress.

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    1. Thank you, Nora. One of the perils of writing it purely from his point of view is that he can’t hear what he can’t hear… and I’m fairly sure it was by design to leave him standing out in the store by himself.
      It will have to remain a mystery for the time being 🙂

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