Returning to fs01

I finally have published Chapter 76 of fs01.  I had to go back and check, but this was by far my longest break.  I originally published Chapter 75 on February 12th, 2017.  For those readers who haven’t followed the story while I have been actively writing it, I have had a number of breaks along the way.  I apologize in advance if the writing style feels different.  I will do my best to keep it as similar as possible to what I have done so far, but I will likely slip up in that regards.  I hope to keep this up as I go as I do have the events for the rest of the Arc in my mind.

I hope that you enjoy it.  As of this time, Arc 9 is the final planned arc for the story.

If I had to guess, there will probably be 8-10 chapters remaining depending upon how long it takes me to write through the plot progression.

Here is a link for the Table of Contents for fs01.


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