fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 79

Chapter 79

Punishment Day 2.

My body aches. Yesterday’s beating was harsh. I stayed up late scrubbing the dungeon out with a toothbrush as ordered to by Mistress after my bladder accident. I am an emotional wreck. I deserve this. I spend the day grinding away at my extensive chore list while Mistress is at work. I’m grateful for the lack of distractions.

Tonight she is on a date with Dawn. I think it’s a date. I’m not sure. Dawn seems like the type that might be bi-curious if she hasn’t experimented already. I never know what Mistress is up to on that front. I try not to think about her ravaging another woman when I have the spiked chastity tube on.

It’s easy to lose myself in thought while cleaning. I shudder at the thought of ten more days of this. I accept it and agree with her judgment. Mistress knows what is best for me. I deserve this. I still feel shame and regret for my weakness.

I continue my progression, room after room. My nipples are burning. My armpits sting. My elbows sting. My neck stings. The punishment lining on my uniform lives up to its name. This would be a lot easier if I had full use of my hands.

I hear the front door open and I hurry myself down the stairs. The voices are loud and bordering on rowdy.

“OH MY GOD, that wine was so GOOOD! I can’t believe I drank so much. I don’t usually drink this much.”
“You’re adorable, Dawn. It really glad you loosened up and talked to me.”
“You’re so beautiful, Cassandra. I can’t believe I said all of those things. It was the wine talking. I’m too drunk.”

I find Mistress helping to steady a very tipsy Dawn. My jingling down the stairs catches their attention.

“Slave, take our guest’s coat and fetch her a robe and slippers.”
I nod. Dawn’s arms flail as I guide her out of the coat. She reeks of booze. I quickly hang her coat in the closet and return with a purple robe and matching slippers. I open it and guide her arm into the sleeve.

“What’s this?”
“A guest robe.”

I wrap the robe around her and slide her arm into the other sleeve.
“It feels like heaven.”

Mistress responds with a laugh. I get on one knee and cinch the belt at the waist. Dawn’s hands immediately begin to pet herself and cooing noises follow. I shift to both knees and take hold of her Ugg boot. She kicks her leg awkwardly to remove her foot. I slide the slipper onto her foot before repeating the process.

“Aww, I feel like a princess. I need a slave.”
I quickly place her boots neatly in the closet. I return and help Mistress out of her coat. I hang it up and bring her robe to her. She extends her arm. I gently slide the robe onto her. I wrap it around her and lift her hair from inside the collar. Her perfume intoxicates me. I move in front of her and cinch the belt around her waist. I drop to my knees and carefully unzip her boot and guide the slipper into place. I do the same with her other foot. I bow my head and press the front of the gag as if I was kissing her feet. First the right foot, then the left.

“That’s so fucking hot, Cassandra. Does he do that every time you come home?”
“Every time. I beat him if he doesn’t”

I keep my head down and nod, feeling my cheeks blush red as our secret ritual gets made more public. I rise slowly and side step to get out of the way. Mistress steps in closer.

“Dawn has something to say to you. Look her in the eyes while she speaks to you.”
I nod. I feel Mistress’s hands on the side of my head, guiding my view upwards until my face points towards Dawn’s. Her cheeks are rosey-red and her eyes squint a little. A grin spreads across her face.

“You look fucking ridiculous. I thought you should know that.”

I feel my lip quiver behind the gag and my brow furrows. Mistress releases her hands and my gaze returns to the floor as the redness returns to my cheeks. The past two days have made me keenly aware of how other women see me. I ache inside a little knowing that I have just been shamed by a drunk girl in her early 20’s.

“Dawn here was very excited at the idea of watching me punish you. I specifically delayed your beating today just in case. Since she’s already seen this much of you, I suppose that letting her see you sobbing and screaming won’t be too much worse. You want to make amends for bothering her at work, don’t you?”

I nod and blush.
“He didn’t really have a choice, did he?” Dawn whispers trying to sound sly.
“He did not.”
Dawn responds with a giggle.

“Meet us in the dungeon, slave.”

I nod and head towards the stairs. I hear their parting words before descending.
“Is he always in such a rush?”
“Of course. That’s how I trained him to be.”
“That’s so cool.”

I descend the stairs with a twinge of fear. I’ve accepted that I will be beaten. Being beaten in front of a stranger unsettles me a bit. I trust that Mistress wouldn’t do something that I can’t handle. I shiver a little as I enter the dungeon. Mistress likes to keep it chilly. I wonder if she will be warm enough in her robe.

I kneel under the hook in the dungeon with my back to the door. Several minutes pass. I can’t help but worry that I won’t finish my cleaning. The worry vanishes at the sound of footsteps on the stairs. I tense myself at their approach. Dawn breaks the tension.

“Oh, wow. An actual dungeon. I thought you might have just had like a room that you called the dungeon.”

I picture Mistress smiling without a word. They enter the room. Within moments I hear the whir of the electric motor lowering the hook above me.
“Day-um. You don’t kid around.”

I hear the click of boots on the stone floor behind me.
“Rise,” Mistress’s voice commands.

I stand and lift my arms. Mistress locks the first chain to the D-ring on my wrist and threads the chain over the hook. The second lock clicks into place. She pulls my panties to the floor. I step out of them and kick them to the side. Mistress tugs on my boot cuff, connecting a chain. I hear her drag it through the floor ring before securing the free end to my other boot.

“If you didn’t secure him like this, would he try to run away?”
“He wouldn’t want to run away, but the body doesn’t always respond under severe duress.”
“You mean pain.”
“Pain. Anguish. Suffering. The training of a slave utilizes all of them.”

I feel her clip the rear of my dress to my belt before her steps move away. The whir of the motor begins, raising my arms above me and continuing until I am on my toes. I let out a small gasp at the strain.

“Are you going to leave the gag in?”
“Yes, dear. I have a feeling that his screams might upset you.”
“Do you like to hear him scream?”
“I do very much.”
“So you’re a sadist.”
“I am.”
“Wow. I feel like I’m watching that book happen.”
“101 Shades of Beige.”
“Ah, yes. Although you’ll find that actual punishments are a little bit less elegant and romantic.”
“Why are you punishing him?”
“I was out of the country for a few weeks. I left him alone and the slave was a very naughty boy. Bothering you was just one of several infractions that he is being punished for. So many that we had to stretch out the punishment for 10 days… well 12 days, after the situation at the bookstore.”
“So he deserves it.”
“Yes, he definitely deserves it. Right, slave?”

I nod vigorously, causing the bells on my hat and gag to jingle.

“Almost forgot.”
I feel Mistress fidget with my plug.
“I wouldn’t want the fur to get ruined.”

Dawn laughs.
“First up, is the whip. You are in for a bit of a treat, Dawn. I’m not going to claim to be masterfully skilled, but using a single-tail does require a significant amount of practice to do so safely.”
“Safely hurting someone, you mean? Er… wait… what?”
“You are correct. It will hurt. A lot. There are areas where you can hurt someone safely and other areas that can pose serious health risks. The last thing you want is to damage a kidney or cause some form of lung or spinal injury. It was nearly a year before I felt secure using one on my slave.”

Whir, crack. I scream into the gag as my body bucks, sending the bells jingling and the chain clinking against the hook. Tears well up in my eyes. Whir, crack. Another scream as my back and neck arch. Whir, crack. I wail and sob, shaking against the chains. The bells don’t stop.

“Those bells are kind of loud, aren’t they?”
“They’re new. We’re just getting used to them. I kind of like them. Normally I use his screams to gauge the pain, but they seem to be a good barometer.”

Whir, crack. I sob heavily as the tears stream down my face. A trickle of blood rolls down my bottom. Whir, crack. My body shakes and quivers. I wail.

“How many left does he have?”
“15 with the whip. Then 10 with the paddle, 10 with the strap, 10 with the cane, and 10 with the flogger.”
“Oh my God. That’s a lot. Won’t that like, kill him?”
“It didn’t kill him yesterday or the day before.”

Whir, crack. I shriek and shake. The sobbing and jingling continue. Whir, crack. My skin burns, stings, and throbs.
“Do you think I could see the other things? They don’t hurt as much right?”
“Yes, dear. Each of them hurt in their own way, but this is definitely one of the worst.”

I hear Mistress set the whip down. I barely have time to hold a conscious thought. Smack. The strike of the wooden paddle forces me to exhale. The bruises and welts from yesterday erupt in a pulsing throb. Smack. I let out a grunt and continue to sob.

I hear the paddle hit the table. I brace myself as best I can. Whir, smack. I cry out in agony on the strap’s impact. The deep sting shoots through my body. The bells jingle as my arms swing against the hook. Whir, smack. My mind blanks and I sob, engulfed in the flaring pain.

Whiz, snap. Whiz, snap. I recoil from the sting of the cane. It bites in leaving the skin pulsing and ready for welts to form. Thud. I cry out and shake. The heavy impact of the flogger lands and its beaded tips strike in a wide spread. Thud. I bawl.

“Yes, dear?”
“Umm, I have a confession to make.”
“When I took his phone and sent that text it was meant to be a joke. He wasn’t really bothering me. I was just having fun with him. I couldn’t believe he came back again and again. I enjoyed it.”
“I figured as much. I know my slave is rather well-mannered.”
“So why are you punishing him like this?”
“He needs it.”
“Wait, what?”
“You might not have found him to be a bother, but did you think about why he kept returning?”
“I have no idea.”
“Did you tease him?”
“Yes. I felt bad afterwards. I completely insulted him.”
“Yet he came back.”
“Why do you think that was?”
“I don’t know.”

I hear Mistress gently tapping the flogger against the palm of her glove.
“I wasn’t here. He missed my dominance. You gave him a taste by humiliating him. He went back and he used you to get his fix. This happened without your consent and more importantly, without my consent.”

I begin to cry again. Mistress’s assessment is correct.

“Yes. Right, slave?”

I nod, sending the bells jingling again.
“Should I be pissed off?”
“What does your heart tell you?”
“I liked teasing him. It made me happy when he came back. I felt alive.”
“Then you have your answer. Just remember that each person acts with their own motives.”

“I feel kind of guilty… like I conned you into taking me out to dinner. An expensive dinner at that.”
“Don’t be. I had a wonderful time. I was very intrigued at meeting the woman that managed to entrance my slave. And you never know, I may have some motives of my own.”
“What kind of motives?”
“Don’t play coy. A cute young woman such as yourself. You’ve been giving me signals since I met you.”
“What? I’m not a lesbian.”
“Do you find me attractive?”
“You’re beautiful. I’m awe-struck.”
“When is the last time you had sex?”
“Umm… is that any of your business?”
“That long, huh? I haven’t had good sex in almost a month.”
“But isn’t he your husband?”

Mistress approaches and lifts the side of my dress. She knocks her knuckles against the metal belt.
“I keep him locked up full time. Besides, while the slave is on punishment, the sex is anything but intimate. It’s up to you. I don’t want you to feel pressured. I wanted to wait until you sobered up to ask. If you would rather go home, I can drop you off. If you would like to share my bed tonight, I promise to be gentle.”

I imagine Dawn is blushing rather profusely right now.

“Can I think about it?”
“Of course.”
“I didn’t think watching him get whipped would upset me this much. Could we just talk instead?”
“Don’t you have to finish punishing him?”
“I will leave that up to you.”

I hear some steps and the whir of the motor as the hook descends. I shift to my knees leaving my hands suspended above my head. The immediate pain from the damage done by Mistress’s strikes has mostly faded but the swelling continues to throb.

“Face us, slave.”

I unhook the chain from the hook and shift on my knees.
“You may look at Dawn.”

As I raise my field of vision I catch a glimpse of Mistress from my peripherals. As expected she had changed. I see the outline of her knee high boots and leather pants with a full length fox fur coat draped around her. I shift my attention to Dawn where she sits on a chair. She’s dressed in jeans and blouse but wears one of Mistress’s furs and leather gloves. I look up at her and our eyes meet. I’m sure mine are swollen and red.

Her expression is a bit concerned.
“It’s your call, Dawn.”
“I think this is enough for today, if that’s okay.”

She smiles at me. I prostrate myself and bow to her.
“Lucky boy. Please approach him Dawn and let him show his thanks.”

Dawn rises from her seat and paces slowly across the dungeon. She stops near me. I rise and bow again. This time, I press the front of my gag to the top of the slipper that covers her foot. I repeat the process with her other foot.
“That’s so fucking hot.”

Mistress approaches and I see her arms embrace Dawn from behind. She buries her face into Dawn’s collar and begins to rock back and forth. Dawn speaks quietly.
“You smell so nice, Cassandra.”

Mistress makes a deep husky sound of thankful approval. I see the shadow of her arms moving over Dawn’s body. Some gentle moans follow.
“It’s my turn.”

Mistress steps in front of me. I bow my head and press the front of my gag against her foot. First the right foot, then the left.
“God, that’s hot.”
“Yes, it is.”

I watch their feet turn as they walk away.
“Are you just going to leave him there?”
“Of course. It is more comfortable than putting him back into his cage.”

The lights go out leaving me in darkness. I watch their shadowy outlines shrink from view. The basement door closes. I turn onto my side and curl up as best I can. I love you, Mistress. I don’t feel jealous but I’m not sure why. I want Mistress to be happy and fulfilled. I know I deserve this. My heavy eyes close and sleep finds me.

Punishment Day 3.

I wake to Mistress nudging me as she unlocks the chain from my ankles.

“Breakfast for two.”

Those are the only words she speaks before walking away. I smile behind the gag while I hop to my feet and make my way to the kitchen.

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