Thoughts on the second half of Arc 9

For those who didn’t follow my old Blogger blog, something that I often do is to blog about my thoughts as I go, often revealing little tid bits or background info about events or characters or just how I am feeling about parts of a certain arc.

I can tell that I am motivated to write again because I actually wrote chapters 79-81 out of order.  78 foreshadowed the events of 79, but I write 80 and 81 first because those themes were more inspiring.

I am severely regretting having Cass put eye-contact restrictions and forbidding fs to look at others back in Chapter 75 (That I wrote in February 2017).  It has taken away a lot of the available descriptive writing as it is told from his point of view and quite limiting since he can’t look at anyone above the waist.

I’m dealing with that decision now.  I hope that people still manage to enjoy these sections. I’m actually feeling a bit afraid now that I am nearing the end.

The intensity level of what is going on in Arc 9 is actually turning out to be a bit higher than I had originally intended.  I realize now that I have managed to mix in the themes that felt okay that I had debated about putting in a 10th Arc.  This actually gives me more of a feeling of closure on the story as a whole.

Just a few more chapters to go.  I am guessing that chapter 84 will be the finale.


12 thoughts on “Thoughts on the second half of Arc 9

    1. Thank you, Nora. I may be able to write more bonus chapters but from the standpoint of evolving their relationship, this Arc is feeling like the limit of how far I can take them. I don’t want it to feel like some serial drama that keeps going with a weak story because the ratings were too high to cancel it. A spinoff may be in order 🙂

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        1. Thank you, Nora. That was a possibility or having it be someone new but in the same city. I will have to think heavily about how to write it. If it will be more of a traditional style or from a specific character’s point of view. I am almost tempted to write if from a dominant’s perspective.

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