fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 83

Chapter 83

Punishment Day 12.

The last day. Finally. The last day. My body aches all over. The skin below my uniform burns. My bottom will have scars once the bruises heal. I long to touch her. I want to taste her. I want to feel her. I want to see her. I stop myself. I no longer feel like I should. I want it so badly. I do not deserve to want things. Stop thinking. It hurts too much.

I distract myself with Mistress’s instructions. I prep the serving trays. I prepare snacks and refreshments. Cheese. Crackers. Bread. Wine. Fruit. I assume she is having guests. As I slice the cheese I am particularly aware of my hands. Mistress removed my mittens for this task. Is it strange to think that I should not take my thumbs for granted?

I finish arranging the tray. The doorbell rings. I scurry to the door and open it.

“Hello, little one.”
I let out a nod of acknowledgment while keeping my eyes on the floor. I crack a smile that I fear is completely hidden by the gag.

Dominique enters and I close the door behind her. I turn to take her coat but she quickly hooks her finger through the ring on my collar and pulls me closer to her.

“Look at me.”
I slowly lift my head. Her expression is warm. I fight back tears. She drags her gloved finger across my cheek. I close my eyes and appreciate the contact.

“Hi, Dom.”

Mistress’s voice startles me. I instinctively lower my head and move to help Dominique with her coat.
“Cass. I see the little one is still being punished.”
“That he is. My slave forgot his place.”

Dominique chuckles as she slides out of her coat, leaving it in my hands. I quickly take it to the closet and return with a robe and slippers.
“It feels like ages, Cass. How was your trip?”
“It was lovely but tiresome. I worried a lot about him while I was gone. I couldn’t really enjoy myself between business meetings.”

I gently slide the robe onto Dominique’s extended arm and wrap it around her. Her motions are so natural it’s like she knows this routine by instinct alone. I cinch the belt at her waist and go to my knees to exchange her boots for slippers. I trail behind as they move to the living room.

“Serve the refreshments, slave.”
I nod and head to the kitchen, returning with a full tray. I place it on the coffee table and serve the wine along with small plates of mixed items. I move to an attention position while being as out of the way as possible.

“Have you seen his eyes, Cass? You’re breaking him.”
I hear Mistress let out a gentle sigh.

“Part of it is your fault, Dom. Most of it.”

Dominique lets out a loud laugh. It feels cruel and derisive.
“You’re supposed to be the clever one, Cass.”
“And by that you mean?”
“You should know better than anyone that I have no responsibility in this whatsoever. I told you years ago what I would do to him if given the chance. You knew that. I make no secrets of what I do, nor do I apologize for who I am. It was you that made him what he is. It was you that left him behind.”

Mistress remains silent. She does this when she’s processing her thoughts and emotions.

“Also, you knew full well how I felt. I hated him for resisting me. Respected him, too. I rarely respect men, you know that. So I had to break him because I could not have him. I would never take him from you, so I made him something I did not want. I’m not clever, like you. I don’t control my emotions. I burn up like I’m on fire. You handed him to me, ready for sacrifice.”

“Thank you, Dom.”
“For what?”
“For looking after him while I was away.”
“You would do the same for me.”
“I would.”
“In all of my life you are the only one I’ve truly seen as a friend. You get me.”
“I do, Dom… and you’re amazing.”
“Fuck. You’re going to make me blush.”

“But there is one thing.”
“There is.”
“You know that I have to break him now.”
“He knows this, too, deep down.”
“If I don’t do it, he will never forgive himself.”
“Tell him, not me.”
“He hears everything.”

I feel my chest calm a little. I already knew this but it feels good to hear her say it. It feels like an eternity since we were close.
“Finish it, Cass.”
“With you here?”

Dominique laughs.
“You know I live to hear the little one scream.”

I shiver at her words.
“Let’s go.”

Mistress and Dominique rise from their seats and head for the basement stairs. I follow them. I’m not sure what to feel. They banter together like the old friends that they are. The tension is gone. What is coming will hurt. It will hurt a lot. I will suffer. This is my penance for her. I let her down. After this I can love her freely.

In a matter of seconds I find myself suspended from the hook, straining just to reach my toes.

“Can you remove his gag, Cass? It just doesn’t feel right without screams.”
Mistress lets out a hearty laugh and approaches me with keys in hand. A few clicks and she retracts the penis gag from my mouth and tosses it across the room. It lands with a series of jingles before rolling to a stop.
“Danke,” she replies, in a cheeky voice.

Whir, crack. The whip lands on my bottom. I let out a cry and thrash against the chains, bells jingling loudly. Whir, crack. Tears fill my eyes as my voice breaks. Whir, crack. Whir, crack! I scream out as the tears roll down my cheeks and a warm trickle of blood down the back of my legs. Whir, crack. I begin to wail and sob.

I catch my breath and brace for the next. And I wait. And wait. As the bells come to a rest the faint sound of buzzing carries through the dungeon. Dominique lets out a deep moan.
“Really, Dom?”
“What are you doing? Don’t stop.”

Mistress lets out a loud sigh.
“Yeah, yeah, I have no shame, blah blah blah. Keep going!”
Mistress responds with a laugh. I form a grin between the tears. The whip cracks against my bottom.

I lose count as I lose my strength. Dominique has her first orgasm between whip cracks 12 and 13. Another before Mistress switched to the paddle. The stinging, throbbing, pulsing, and aching cloud my brain. I find myself dangling from the hook, barely able to support myself.

“Ugh! Cheap crappy Chinese batteries.”
“Having troubles?”
“I know better than to travel with only one vibrator.”

The buzzing resumes as the cane bites me. I would probably laugh if not for the horrible pain coursing through my body. With each blow I find myself sliding out of conscious thought. Pain becomes me. I collapse completely limp.

Eventually, it stops. The incoming pain stops. I let out some small gasps. The bells come to rest. I hear Mistress’s sobs. I hear Dominique’s moans and the buzzing of her toy. The whir of the motor lowers me to my knees. I can barely keep my eyes open.

Something enters my mouth. Cool water flows from it. I gulp it down and Mistress’s perfume fills my nose. She moves like lightning. She opens each lock, loosens each buckle. Moments later I feel the uniform pulled up over my head. The bells jingle as it clatters across the floor. I feel her hands at my waist. The teeth of the spikes leaves my sex. I hear the metal clatter across the stone floor. She takes my head in her hands.

“Look at me, pet.”
I force my heavy eyes open. I see her tear-filled eyes looking back at me.
“I love you, Mistress. Please forgive me.”
“I forgive you, pet. I love you.”

Her arms close around me. I bury my face in her collar and breath deeply. I close my arms as well as I can.

Dominique clears her throat loudly.
“I hate to interrupt this Hallmark moment, but Sammy and Gordon have been waiting out in the car with it running. I brought your guitar. Do you want it here or should I store it at my house?”
“I thought his guitar was here. The package he bought the day he went to the bookstore.”
“Oh, he didn’t tell you?”
“Tell me what?”

My mind races in a panic. I forgot to mention it.
“pet, what didn’t you tell me?”
I begin to sob and tremble.

“Yeah, I’ll just take it home with me. It was nice seeing you, Cass. Bye little one.”
“Thank you, Miss Domnique.”

My voice squeaks a little.
“I’m sorry, Mistress. I forgot.”
“Tell me about it later.”

She pulls my head into her chest, burying my face in her fur collar and cleavage. I take deep breaths in and out through my nose, relishing the closeness. Mistress squeezes me tight and kisses me on the cheek. I feel my sex strain against the belt.

I love you, Mistress. My Queen. My Goddess. You are my everything.

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