fs02 Arc 4 update

I was very uncertain about whether or not I would publish Arc 4.  I started writing it without having a plot line in mind, merely picking up after the end of Arc 3.  A few very unexpected things happened.  The Wanda inside of me began to evolve and the path became clear.  It was a struggle for me to try and put this down on paper.  Arc 4 started with a rather drastic feel change compared to the previous Arcs.  It was different.  It felt strange.  I wasn’t sure that it would work.  I wasn’t sure that it would be interesting or entertaining to read.  I also worry a bit that too frequently this story is turning into more of a character drama than an erotica work.

My greatest fear in writing fiction is that what I write will be bad.  People won’t like it.  People won’t want to read it.  People will move onto something else and I will never know why.  At the same time I get insecure about praise.  I worry that the people that I am close to are “just being nice” and wouldn’t tell me if something sucked, or they somehow make themselves like it because it’s me.

While I’m very rational in many areas, confidence in my creative areas are not one of them.

I decided to hold off from publishing Arc 4 because it gave me the freedom to trash it if it didn’t turn out right.  As I pressed onward it started to come together and the story finally reached a point where I was certain that I wanted to publish it.

That being said, I will likely wait until I have all of Arc 4 completed before publishing it.  Wanda’s emotions have again taken over my pen and the planned plot got all messed up.  I feel like I’m going to have to write it all the way through to make sure that things remain consistent.

I should have it posted by the end of the week.  Thanks for being patient.


6 thoughts on “fs02 Arc 4 update

  1. Hello, my friend! Your writing is brilliant….I wouldn’t say so otherwise. But, I did take a break from reading fs02 as I’m just not in a place right now where I want to absorb sadness in my reading material. Call it self-preservation. In any case, I do hope you continue to write! All the best 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Nora. I saw that you had stopped at 16. I can understand though, that arc was excruciating to write. If/when you do pick it back up, I almost didn’t publish the Arc but after writing Chapter 17, I decided that I had to. I believe that Chapter turned out beautifully even though it isn’t very fun. I will say that Wanda does get back on her feet. I wanted that process to be the focal point but things probably got a little bit too difficult during the early chapters of the Arc.

      Take care.

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        1. Thank you, Nora. I understand. I should have Arc 4 done within a few days. I’ve been having to force myself to go to bed or I would keep writing well into the night (last night it was 1:45am).

          Take care.

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  2. If you feel that slowing down a bit all this rather rapid publishing process is good for clarity of arc and will help “things remain consistent”, then let it be. But pulishing chapter by chapter will (probably) bring you more comments and discussions with your readers which you always craved. Either way will be good. Your lack of confidence in “creative areas” especcialy writing is unfounded. Your stories (chapters) are like a little gems. Whether you put them on display one by one or in “the end of the week” they will shine out their beauty.
    (Non)patiently looking forward for the end of the weekend –

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    1. Thank you, Peter.

      The first half of this arc has a very strange flow to it. It’s hard to describe but I was kind of afraid that it wouldn’t stand on its own until I had some of the “meat” out there. I finished chapter 43 earlier. Things are starting to wind down. I should be posting a lot of it if not all of it very soon.

      Take care.


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