Erotica Short: In the Hands of a Sadist

I tremble as I feel the cool leather of her gloves take my wrist in hand and close the padlock, locking chain to wrist. Her eyes consciously avoid mine. Her face is calm and stoic. My naked body shivers in the cool basement air. The quiet hum of the electric fan whirs in the distance, the cold breeze traces goosebumps along my arms. I swallow as the second lock clocks, suspending my hands above my head.

She looks above my head and bites her lip. I feel her finger grip the ring on my collar. She tugs and leans in. Her eyes close as her lips engulf mine. Her tongue forces my mouth open as she plunges it deep into my mouth. She’s aggressive. Hungry. I want her. I feel my cock twitch and rise. She eats her fill from my soul and releases, taking a step back. Her eyes glance downward, noticing my throbbing sex. She smirks.

Her hand cuts through the air, delivering a firm slap to the head. I squeal and buck, as it returns to its resting position, dangling against my thigh.

She speaks in a calm voice.

“I don’t remember giving you permission to be aroused.”

She pauses, looking away for a moment before turning back to me.

“I am going to hurt you.”

I inhale with a sharp gasp. I watch her eyes change. My body instinctively creeps away. The jingle of chains grants me awareness and I stop.

She extends her hand and traces her finger down my chest. I squirm and teeter under her touch, letting out a sharp exhale as I tremble.

Her eyes meet mine. I glance away. Her hand grips my jaw and forces my face to hers. Her hunter’s eyes pierce me. I feel myself shrink. My brow furrows. My breathing becomes heavy. The sides of her mouth curl into a grin.

“I am going… to hurt… you.”

I let out a small whimper and her white teeth peek from behind her lips.


Wrong answer. She leans in and bites my lip before pressing in with another open-mouth kiss. She retreats and her tongue traces an outline around her deep red lips.

“You act like I need a reason. Remember your place.”

Her left hand grips my nipple and pinches. I let out a whine. Her right hand slaps my cock and I yelp and jerk the chains above. She follows it with a firm slap to the face. I melt into nothing.

“I am going to hurt you.”

I nod and lower my eyes. She smiles wide as she caresses my throbbing cheek. I close my eyes and stabilize my breathing. I feel the blindfold slip over my face, the familiar gentle pressure settles over my eyelids. My senses awaken. I feel my nostrils flare with each heaving breath. The scent of her perfume fills my nose. The scent of her sex drifts in.

The chains rattle as the squeak of the pulley hoists my hands above me. It strains. Higher. Higher. Onto my toes. I strain as gravity does its work. The slightest shift pulls hard on my wrists. The chain bobs a few times as she secures its height.

My breathing shudders as my ribs pulse. Fear. Anticipation. I feel her energy engulf me. My ears play sonar as they trace the click of her boots across the cold floor. She stops. The rapid pulsing of my breath fills my ears. She inhales and exhales deeply through her nose. I picture her nostrils flaring. I’m scared. The light motor of the fan is all that is left besides us.

I feel her teeth against my neck as she marks me with a gentle bite. The heat from her sex radiates against my skin. I sink deeper. I am at her mercy.  I give in and fade away.  I am hers.

11 thoughts on “Erotica Short: In the Hands of a Sadist

  1. Hey and I totally loved your post. I just started a new blog and if your interested come check it out. It’s a bit bold, sexy and fun. A page for women to read some short erotica stories I wrote. Let me know what you think if you check it out it’s new and a bit different. Thanks 💕

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