Brainstorming Ideas

Today is the first day in a long time that I feel like I could write some fiction.  During that lull in time I have been thinking about what to write next.

I’ve dabbled with the idea of writing a 5th arc to fs02, but I’m not sure where I want to go with it just yet.  I have a number of ideas for a starting point but I’m feeling limited in where to take it.  I’m not sure that I want to just have Wanda become Cassandra 2.0 and to avoid that will require some events to stir the pot before Brendan’s arrival.  Unless people would want to read that.  I don’t really know since the feedback I have is somewhat limited.  I’m currently up in the air on it.  I had one twist in mind but I feel like it violates who Wanda is on a fundamental level, so that is also something I have not wanted to pursue.

I’ve also been considering writing a new story with from the perspective of a Domme character that I have been conceptualizing for the past few weeks.  It was exploring ideas through her eyes that allowed me to have a bit of a eureka moment that I share on my main blog in post 428.  I’m hesitant to go down this road, though, as I do not think that the protagonist will be someone that readers like or can empathize with.  That doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy reading it, but it has the potential to be off-putting in a certain way.  Basically, the character has a bit of a twisted world view due to her experiences and will probably appear arrogant and immoral in some ways, while human and real in others.  I may write a pilot chapter and an introduction chapter (like fs02’s chapters 1 and 2) and see how it goes.

If anyone has any input, I’m open to suggestions.


15 thoughts on “Brainstorming Ideas

  1. I repead after SG – write what you think is right, have fun with it. We all know your writing style and like it, that’s why we are here to this party. Having said that I would advise to not mixed Wanda’s and Cassandra’s characters together – they are quite different type of Dommes so let them stay in their respective roles. You can either develope Cassandra’s character by adding some new chapters to fs01 (but I don’t think you will as fs01 got its closure in chapter #84) or create some new situations involving Cass and her friends (Dominique?, Lisa?, Theresa?, etc.) in fs02. Cassandra mentored Wanda a bit and they all met together as a ‘sirens group’ so the possibilities to create a plot are endless. As fo for a new story with ‘a bit of twisted worldf view due to her experience’… we shall see when you’ll published it. I’m sure your readers will accept whatever your imagination will produced. I for one am looking for a new story with great interest and anticipation. As for ‘arrogant’ and ‘immoral’ you know my taste – arrogancy might be a privilege/trait of Dommes but immorality should has its limits even in the D/s set up.
    I wish you a fruitful inspiration.

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    1. Thank you, Peter.
      Where I left Wanda was in a point of transition. Her sadist is starting to emerge and flourish and it is just a matter of how to develop that. The idea of breaking character was a brainstorming idea I had about possibly introducing a female sub that she meets at a play party, but that goes against how I have established her to be wired.

      As for the other potential work, exploring certain questionable topics in fantasy fiction is probably the best place to explore them since it doesn’t involve any actual harm. Looking into ideas that blur or ignore consent lines is something that may exist within her character. That in itself will cause some red flags for readers, but they may still find it compelling.


  2. Ok, red flags pulled on masts, we are prepared for everything and (un)patiently waiting for your story. Let a good Muse guide your pen then.

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    1. Well, my latest attempt didn’t go so well. The ideas were there, but the writing quality was not. I will give it another go when I am feeling more driven to write it.


  3. No rush, Fur. Take your time and wait until the right mood appears. I wonder what is that right trigger which let you start writing a good fantasy stories. Is it a present of the right ‘sub space’ about which you deliberated so many times here or is it rather a want/need to get into this space while writing? Are there any other, more trivial factors like, let’s say, a glas of scotch, good smooth jazz music in the bacground, a cup of good coffee, a hight pressure weather outside, etc.? I guess it might be a combination of all of it to some extent. Would you, please deliberate a bit more on this topic?

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    1. I have to be capable of “becoming” the character in my mind. I can’t really access it at will, but when I get into the mode, it goes. I have forced it on occasion, especially when I would force myself to finish stalled arcs of fs01, but I always felt those chapters were weaker than the ones where it was flowing better.


  4. OK, my thoughts (I commented already on the Wanda story before): the issue I see with Brendan is that he is already a perfect submissive. Wanda, can still go further, but she is also on a good way and nothing hindering her to reach perfection also. In a way both are a top couple in their respective domains.

    What would be exciting and instructive is to have something less perfect, something to work on. What, for instance (just an idea), if Wanda and Brendan are together (rather quickly) and the daily routine is laid out. Why not a perfectly trained robot slave, similar to Cassandra’s husband, but with some specific nuances?

    But then Wanda is promoted at her job and has to travel a bit. One of her clients is a rich woman, named Paulina, and they get to know each other better at evening dinners. This woman confides in Wanda that is unhappily married, having a husband just dreaming about submission but never being serious enough to keep it for a longer time. Wanda helps her to get serious with her husband, providing tips and advice, how to turn him from a “dreamer” into a real submissive. This could easily turn into an advice book for the not so top advance BDSM couples reading this blog. How to train a willing, but possibly a bit too lazy husband?

    Then, one day, the two couples meet, and surprise, Paulina is in fact Polly, getting a surprise encounter with Brendan. What are her feelings towards him after so long? How are his inner feelings (for her)? Can Wanda keep her submissive? Wanda needs to impose herself in face of Paulina, and becomes the role model mistress at the end…similar to what is Cassandra for her now…

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    1. Is this Emme again?

      Thank you very much for the input. I do agree that a major flaw of the story is the fact that the major romantic interests as subs arrived “pre-trained.” The original plan for the work as a whole was to have it lead up through the training of James/Fred. Writing arc 2 drained me deeply and I ended up going in a different direction, focusing on Wanda’s development as a sadist and again on the courting process. I also didn’t want to write chapter after chapter of “happily ever after.” The story ended up being more of a case of discovery of self and finding the right partner.

      Part of the problem is that all of the sub characters are in some way based off of aspects of me and it is significantly harder for me to write from a different submissive mindset than it is to imagine a Domme’s mentality. I’m not sure if this is just me making an excuse or not.

      I will definitely keep this idea in mind, although it may be part of a future work.

      Take care and thank you for the feedback.


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