Uhh… Really?

My fur fetish and interest in humiliation tends to keep me a bit on the lookout for oddball things when I’m browsing pinterest and the like.  I was going to give a big build up to this but it’s easier to just show it.


Is it just me, or does that poncho sort of make her look like a penis?


PS.  I apologize to those who are getting tons of emails as I finish the process of converting fs01 from pages into posts.  I am done through Arc 5, still have 50+ chapters left to go that I will hopefully finish sometime this weekend.


15 thoughts on “Uhh… Really?

  1. If you search for Creapulka, you’ll find more of these, but as far as I know they are out of business for a long time now :(.

    However there are items with similar design still available, ponchos with oversized fox fur trim looking similar to this were very popular maybe 3-5 years ago. Search for “lafuria poncho”. Probably they would be willing to make still if someone asks them :). (Nowadays capes are more popular than ponchos.)

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    1. Thank you, Kvaat. The design of this one jumped out at me because its design is really unique, especially what it does to reshape the appearance of the body.

      I have seen a lot of those Lafuria ponchos on my pinterest feed, but this was the first of this type of sweater 🙂

      Take care.


    1. I know you have been talking about that jacket for quite a while now, Kvaat.

      For a trimmed item I would probably be more drawn to one of the military parkas that are popular right now.


      1. Yes, they are more popular now, especially with furs with wild colors :). But I believe those are made from a more rugged material, at least the ones I have touched. I prefer the jacket itself to be very soft and silky too :).

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