Crafting Fantasy Fiction Into Reality – fs’s Head Harness

Crafting Fantasy Fiction Into Reality – fs’s Head Harness

One of the frustrations about my fetish set and the way that my brain works is that I dream up a plethora of devices that I would love to see, have, and experience in reality that simply do not exist because what I want falls so far off the beaten path that there isn’t enough demand to justify making it.

Similarly, I’ve often found that most available BDSM gear is never quite designed the way that is “perfect.”  I’m guessing I’m not alone in this and at times you may have seen something and thought something along the lines of, “Wow, those would perfect if they had locking buckles instead of regular ones.”  At other times it may be from a functional standpoint, like, “Why has no one made a gag like this that can’t be spit out unless you crank it so tight that it causes skin damage?”

Recently I have attempted to solve these problems by learning to do leather-crafting and making my own bondage gear.  While it has been a bit of a challenge and learning curve, in addition to the number of specialized tools required, I have finally been able to create some things that not only meet the specs that I wanted but are also custom sized for optimal fit.

A while ago I made a post about my drawing technique that included a drawing of a version of fs’s uniform from fs01.  As you know if you read the story that it was designed to maximize his discomfort, humiliation, and self-consciousness while being virtually inescapable.  Later versions also included the ability to add a locking gag and a blindfold without having to remove it or release any of the locks in place.


The uniform itself was meant to serve as a form of mental bondage, being so awful and embarrassing that he could never “get used to it,” and elicit such strong reactions from the people he encounters that the idea of being around people other than Cassandra becomes terrifying, unpleasant, and full of anxiety.  Meeting new people would sting particularly badly, as this would bring a fresh level of shame and rejection to the surface.  For most, being denied human contact would make them suffer.  For fs, being forced into human contact is worse than isolation.

It took a few design prototypes and a bunch of frustration, but I managed to create his head harness.  note: the fake head is much smaller than a real head so the harness buckles are tighter than they would be when actually worn.

The two biggest challenges were figuring out how to hold the hat on as well as how to secure on the earmuffs without damaging them.  Once I figured out the logistics on that end, it became a bit easier to figure it out.  The most frustrating part was the final step, which was adding the ability to lock a gag and blindfold on, which took roughly 5 tries to get the straps right.

I may at some point remake the gag and blindfold.  These were taken from an existing set designed for a bondage hood.

Overall, I am happy with how it turned out.  To my joy/terror, if it is secured tightly and locked, both the harness, hat, and earmuffs, cannot be removed without releasing one or more of the straps.  My only regret is that it didn’t really work out well with this design to add D-rings, but its primary purpose was to lock on some embarrassing things and having it serve as a bondage anchor point was way down the list of priorities.

And yes… every buckle is locking.

Added 06/29/19:

I have completed a new blindfold for the head harness that will replace the one in the photos:


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