The Most Complicated Leash in the Whole Wide World

The Most Complicated Leash in the Whole Wide World

For some reason my brain just doesn’t accept simple when it comes to designing what I want to make.  If it was simple, it would be readily available and affordable… so there would be no point in making it, right?

Leashes can be fun, but they really don’t get used that much… but what if, it was useful for other things?


The leash handle can be unbuckled and buckled around something sturdy (e.g. a pole, bed-post, etc.) and then locked in place to act as a tether.  It has an additional post that gives an added level of support to reduce strain on the buckle when the handle is pulled.  All tension points have been double-riveted for added strength.

The end of the leash is modular, which is where things can get a bit creative.  The picture shows the standard snap-hook type end attached.  This end is also lockable and shares the same support post as the handle end.  As of now, I have created four different ends for this leash, two of which with snap hooks and the others with D-rings for situations where padlocks are more appropriate.

The collars I designed do not have a centered ring, so I created one with dual leads to attach to both rings (these also work with the belt I designed in an earlier post).  I can imagine a very large number of activities where these options would work well.

I also made a collar and cuffs set as a gift for a friend.  I really hope they will hold up under heavy use.





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