More Crafting – Cuffs Version 2.0

More Crafting – Cuffs Version 2.0

I had a lot of crafting time this weekend and spent it working on perfecting a double-layer cuff that will not separate and slip sideways out from under the locking strap.  If you have had this happen it can be quite painful on the tendons and nerves and also puts a tremendous strain on the outer-strap.  A lot of the cuffs out there are designed primarily for women and the inner-strap just isn’t long enough for bigger wrists.

After 6 test versions that were unsuccessful in some way, I finally figured things out by experimenting with how close to the ends of the inside layer I had to rivet the locking strap.  The end result is a cuff that is less adjustable than most off-the-shelf cuffs, but much more secure in that regards.


I plan on trying to add a fur lining to the next pair.

I have also been working on some adjustments/additions to the existing pieces I have made.  A new blindfold for the head harness is in the works.  I completed a simple, yet effective option for the bondage muff as well.  While the original design allows for the wearer’s wrists to be secured inside with straps, I wanted an option that would accommodate for existing wrist cuffs or other secure options.  With this new design, each cuff can be attached to its own D-ring or a chain can be connected and run through the center O-ring.  I went with the larger O-ring instead of a standard D in the middle because I wanted to make sure that a standard pair of handcuffs could be threaded through as well.  They will both interface with the outer-wrap in the same way and can be secured to the locking belt or chest harness.

This is a picture of it compared to the original internal harness:

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