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Fur 11/29/19

I know that I have been neglecting this blog pretty badly.  In the absence of new fiction, I tend to stay away from the topics that led me to split my blog into separate entities.  Posting my leather crafting has been fun, but I can't help but feel like I'm letting a part of me … Continue reading Fur 11/29/19

Bondage Creations 08/18/19

Bondage Creations 08/18/19

I have been getting commissioned by local friends to make some new gear that is different from the existing designs I have been working with. One is a fur-lined locking aviator-style blindfold:   The is a set of wide basic locking cuffs made with extra heavy leather.  The ankles were commissioned first and when they … Continue reading Bondage Creations 08/18/19

Crafting Fantasy Fiction to Reality II – fs’s Locking Bondage Muff

Crafting Fantasy Fiction to Reality II – fs’s Locking Bondage Muff

This was another labor. For those who have read fs01, this device first makes an appearance in Arc 3's park bench chapter. This comes in two parts.  The wrist harness goes on first and then the outer muff part wraps around it.  The leather wrap is very heavy and all buckles are locking.  The D-rings … Continue reading Crafting Fantasy Fiction to Reality II – fs’s Locking Bondage Muff


It’s always great to see a Domme with a love for fur.

Journey to Submission???

Fur. It’s sexy and feels good, especially when rubbed against my breasts.

What is the fascination with fur? There are a great many men who have a fur fetish and a great many woman who, if not have an obsession, at least take immense enjoyment from wearing it.

It’s understandable. There is nothing else like the feeling of fur against bare skin. The soft, silky texture of it, running your hands over it, watching the fur ripple as you do. Delicious.

I have two fur coats in my possession. A short mink and a long beaver (I am Canadian after all!) When I wear them, I feel sexy and somehow powerful. I have worn them during a scene to put me on the mood. However to be honest I don’t keep the fur on for very long because I get a bit heated.  Just long enough to feel the fur…

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