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Erotica Snippet: Chastity

Author's Note:  This is too short to call a blurb, so I shall call it a snippet.  I got the impulse to write something again from a Domme's POV.  I'm not sure if this will become anything, but I thought people might enjoy it.    There’s something about the excitement of a new boy. You … Continue reading Erotica Snippet: Chastity

Erotica Short: A Quick Scene

Author's Note:  I almost decided not to post this.  I wrote it quickly because I was wanting to feel something other than what I was feeling but I wasn't able to channel my writing mental space nearly as well as I would have liked.  I figured I should post it anyways.  It is written from … Continue reading Erotica Short: A Quick Scene

fs02: A Domme’s View – Arc 4 – Chapter 45

Chapter 45 We sit in silence at the grave. I just hold him. His trembling soon slows. I pet his hair. I lose myself in thought and realize another missing piece of my dominance. Even with James I never really saw my role as being a nurturing force as much as I saw it as … Continue reading fs02: A Domme’s View – Arc 4 – Chapter 45

fs02: A Domme’s View – Arc 3 – Chapter 30

Chapter 30 I prepare myself for Michael’s arrival. I don’t do it for him. This self-care is all for me. I want maximum confidence. I want maximum power. I want to feel my best. My eyes and body have felt ‘on’ for the past hour. The electricity courses through me. I am alive. I am … Continue reading fs02: A Domme’s View – Arc 3 – Chapter 30

fs02: A Domme’s View – Arc 1 – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 I’m not usually a clock watcher but today time just can’t move fast enough. I came in early so that I could leave early. I have my appointment at Cassandra’s shop this afternoon. I almost wish I would get handed some crappy task that would numb my mind for the next few hours. … Continue reading fs02: A Domme’s View – Arc 1 – Chapter 7

fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 84

Chapter 84 I stay still. My breathing holds a steady and relaxed pace. I lie on my side, watching Mistress as her chest rises and falls with each passing breath. A tiny and adorable little snore flows through her nose with each breath. The fatigue has me feeling exhausted. My mind is wide awake. My … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 84

fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Author’s Note: Sorry for the extended break. This takes place several hours after Chapter 75. My head slumps on the horse as tears flow down my cheeks. I feel her guide the Reverb out between my thighs. I let out a whimpering as it tugs against the tender flesh. I feel the touch … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 76

fs01 – Arc 9 Bonus Extra – Chastity

Author’s Note: This bonus chapter is a mock Question and Answer session done by Cassandra on her blog. It could take place at any time after Arc 1. Q & A: Chastity Dear Ms. C. You write about keeping your sub chaste on an almost permanent basis. I’m new to the lifestyle and just don’t … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 9 Bonus Extra – Chastity