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Uhh… Really?

My fur fetish and interest in humiliation tends to keep me a bit on the lookout for oddball things when I'm browsing pinterest and the like.  I was going to give a big build up to this but it's easier to just show it. Is it just me, or does that poncho sort of make … Continue reading Uhh… Really?


fs02: A Domme’s View – Arc 1 – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 I wake up and the world seems overly bright today. I think I stayed up too late last night. I want to sleep more but the room is way too bright. “Leo, go close the blinds and I’ll give you a treat.” He looks at me like I’m stupid. I let out a … Continue reading fs02: A Domme’s View – Arc 1 – Chapter 8

fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Punishment Day 7. I rattle around the pet carrier in the back of Mistress’s SUV. The bells jingle softly in rhythm with the rumbling of the tires on the road. I don’t know where we are going. I only know that Mistress told me to be ready to go out and that she … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 81

fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Punishment Day 5. The days drag on. Part of the punishment period has been the order to complete all of my chores every day. If I normally do something once or twice a week, I now do it every day. Constant stress. Constant pressure. Constant limitations of time. My standard routine is easy. … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 80

fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Punishment Day 2. My body aches. Yesterday’s beating was harsh. I stayed up late scrubbing the dungeon out with a toothbrush as ordered to by Mistress after my bladder accident. I am an emotional wreck. I deserve this. I spend the day grinding away at my extensive chore list while Mistress is at … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 79

fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Author’s note: This takes place roughly a half an hour after Chapter 77. I fight to retain my balance in the pet carrier. The bells jingle with every turn, start, and stop. If I relax and slump forward, the wire brushes dig into my nipples. I try my best not to think about … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 78

fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Author’s Note: This takes place shortly after Chapter 76. Mistress doesn’t speak during the drive. I hear the radio play her favorite songs from the front of the vehicle. I shiver on my knees in the pet carrier in the back, listening the sound of the tires on the road. The humming sound … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 77

fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Author’s Note: Sorry for the extended break. This takes place several hours after Chapter 75. My head slumps on the horse as tears flow down my cheeks. I feel her guide the Reverb out between my thighs. I let out a whimpering as it tugs against the tender flesh. I feel the touch … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 76