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fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Author’s note: This takes place roughly a half an hour after Chapter 77. I fight to retain my balance in the pet carrier. The bells jingle with every turn, start, and stop. If I relax and slump forward, the wire brushes dig into my nipples. I try my best not to think about … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 9 – Chapter 78


Why the fur and hats?

While a few of my readers here are familiar with my backstory, I know that a number of people here are more recent followers.  I will do my best to explain this without having it turn into a 10k word biography.  If anyone has further curiosities or questions that they wish to leave via comments … Continue reading Why the fur and hats?

Winter and Sissy Humiliation

Seeing as the weather has turned foul here with single digit temperatures and snow, I thought this would be an applicable topic. Winter is one of those times where form and function collide.  There is a practical purpose:  to keep warm and be comfortable.  This tends to trump the ideal sense of figure since natural … Continue reading Winter and Sissy Humiliation

Fantasy Drawing – Public Sissy Humiliation

Fantasy Drawing – Public Sissy Humiliation

I enjoy doing group drawings but they end up being so time consuming both in finding reference models as well as assembling them.  I spent a few days on this one.  I hope you enjoy it.  I have included both caption and caption-less versions.   I have also added a page that includes (the very … Continue reading Fantasy Drawing – Public Sissy Humiliation

Thoughts on Forced Feminization

There are a large variety of reasons that people engage in forced feminization and sissification.  I do not plan to write about them all in this post.  These are how it has pertained to me in the course of my D/s relationships and life. A specific form of forced feminization has been the strongest control … Continue reading Thoughts on Forced Feminization

Drawings June-November 2012 are now Up

This batch represents the last set of drawings that I did before taking a multi-year break from both blogging and drawing. I had tumbled into a pretty severe depression and just sort of shut down to everything. The drawings were few and far between, but November and December of 2012 were two of my top … Continue reading Drawings June-November 2012 are now Up

Drawings January-February 2012 are now Up.

While the Humiliation Boutique era represented the peak of my blog’s popularity, I did not continue with the series and left the final group unfinished.  By the time January rolled around I was getting a lot more requests and a lot more mixed feedback.  It was easy when people were encouraging.  It was great when … Continue reading Drawings January-February 2012 are now Up.

Drawings October-December 2011 are now Up

By the time this group rolled around, I had become fairly popular in the Forced Feminization / Fur Fetish / Humiliation F/m blogging scene.  I began to receive more requests than I knew what to do with.  I had no interest in doing the majority of them. I also started receiving criticism for “fetishing wrong.”  … Continue reading Drawings October-December 2011 are now Up