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fs01 – Arc 7 – Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Over the past few days Mistress and her friends split their time between skiing and the spa. Thankfully there were no repeats of the earlier events but just to be safe, Mistress bought me a new outdoor outfit at one of the local shops that is passably male. She also changed up my … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 7 – Chapter 53

fs01 – Arc 7 – Chapter 51

Chapter 51 I wake up perched on the very edge of the bed. Lisa’s sprawled body manages to occupy the majority of it. She snores lightly with a faint nasal whistle. It’s cute. I roll off the bed and tumble onto my side with a thud. My hands are still locked inside the muff that … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 7 – Chapter 51

fs01 – Arc 7 – Chapter 50

Chapter 50 I wake gently, my eyes blinking rapidly as they adjust to the light. The room is empty and quiet except for the sound of my breathing and the light crackle of the fireplace. The cage door stands open with a glass of water sitting within arm’s reach. I shake the cobwebs from my … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 7 – Chapter 50

fs01 – Arc 6 – Chapter 34

Chapter 34 I wake the next morning to a locked cage. Mistress was here. I force a smile behind the gag as I wait patiently for Mistress. Our upcoming separation leaves me anxious. I want to be with her. I want to protect her. I want to be of use to her. Time passes. I … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 6 – Chapter 34

fs01 – Arc 5 – Chapter 31

Chapter 31 I wake abruptly to a boot to the ribs.  My eyes dart open.  The light hurts.  I squint.  It’s cold.  Disorienting.  I glimpse Mistress through the bars.  She stands over me in the full-length fur coat she wore earlier.  The lock releases and the cage door opens.  I don’t know what time it … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 5 – Chapter 31

fs01 – Arc 5 – Chapter 29

Chapter 29 I cook Mistress’s breakfast.  She gives me instructions while I work.  If she rings the bell I have 10 seconds to respond and be kneeling at her feet.  I prepare nothing for myself today.  I don’t dare to without instructions. I wait at attention while Mistress eats.   She eats slowly.  I imagine … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 5 – Chapter 29

fs01 – Arc 5 – Chapter 28

Chapter 28 I wake early.  It’s freezing.  My naked body shivers and curls up for warmth.  So cold.  The metal bars press against my skin.  It was so warm when I fell asleep.  It must be in the 40’s, 50 max.  My hands rub my arms up and down.  I cross my arms over my … Continue reading fs01 – Arc 5 – Chapter 28