Erotica Short: A Quick Scene

Author’s Note:  I almost decided not to post this.  I wrote it quickly because I was wanting to feel something other than what I was feeling but I wasn’t able to channel my writing mental space nearly as well as I would have liked.  I figured I should post it anyways.  It is written from a Domme’s point of view. I hope that you enjoy it.

His naked body spreads out before me. The chains clank gently against the bedpost as he shifts his arms, waiting. I can hear him breathing. The ring gag holds his mouth open and parts his lips into an inviting ‘O’ shape. I can feel my nostrils flare as the pace of my breath increases. I hold back to savor the moment.

I feel everything. I see everything. My eyes are alive. I am a predator. He is… meat.

My stomach tightens as I tingle. I bite my lip and press my thighs together. My eyebrows slant. He’s almost ready.

My fingernails tease his nipple with a series of light scratches and taps. It awakens under my touch. He lets out a slow moan through the gag and his chastity cage dances for me as its engorged skin presses tightly against the bars. My fingers give a gentle twist. He groans and lifts his hips.

Smack! A firm swat on the thigh. He yelps and bucks. Another smack. I watch his jaw muscles tighten as he bites down on the gag. I test his resolve. Smack! His breath shoots out of him with a rapid exhale. His leg quivers in place. Good boy. Sometimes it’s obedience to the simplest of commands that please me. How quickly he forgets. I enjoy reminding him.

I release his nipple and lean my face near his. It’s beautiful to watch the lines of his face shift and tremble. The blindfold keeps him guessing. My breath glides gently over his cheeks. I place my lips over his and plunge my tongue through the ring into his mouth. He tilts his head back and his tongue meets mine.

I cup my mouth over his and give both nipples a hard twist. He squirms against the chains. I twist them harder. I watch his nostrils flare as he tries to cry out. My mouth devours his his whimpers. They taste delicious. I blow them back into his lungs. His breathing heaves as his chest expands under my hands.

I release my mouth from his. He lifts his head, blindly chasing me. He knows he’s supposed to be still. I dig my nails in and twist again, holding them firmly in place. His body thrashes against the chains as a series of pulsed cries pitifully bark through the open ring. This boy lacks discipline. He will learn. My hands clench into fists. He tenses. I watch his hips buck once, twice… and they slow to a halt. He silences his cries to a series of small pants. Good boy. I reward him by releasing my grip and smirk.

I’m spoiling this boy with too much attention. It’s time to shatter the fantasy and teach him that reality is all about me. I feel the throb. It’s time.

I unbuckle his gag and gently remove it from his mouth. He flexes his jaw, trying to recover. I grin. My hand grips his chin as I plant my lips around his, smothering him with an open mouthed kiss. My tongue fights his. I will devour you, boy.

I pull away and place my finger over his lips. I hold it there as I climb onto the bed. His chastity cage dances for me. That’s cute. I straddle his body and slide up, dragging my wetness up his torso and chest. I pin his arms to the bed with my shins and hover my sweetness over his face. I’m sure he can smell my magic.

I grip his hair in tight handfuls and lower myself onto his mouth. His tongue eagerly parts my wet lips. I bite my lip and take a breath. I pull his head back and slide down his chin. Then I pull. His lips press in, as my clit rises to meet him. His tongue begins with small, gentle licks. I Tighten my grip on his hair and pull him in, giving his head a little shake. He responds in kind. He widens his lips and flattens his tongue against me and drags. I let out a moan and tilt my head back. The touch of his lips on my skin and his tongue on my sex makes me smile. I grind into his face.

His tongue swirls and glides, back and forth, up and down, around and around. My hands give a small shake. He presses harder. Good boy. I grind harder into him. My lips part and my mouth opens. Yes, boy. Show me you deserve to be used by me. I close my eyes and guide his head with my hips. I’m getting close.

I shorten the motion of my grind. I quicken its pace. I shake his head in my hands. He quickens. Faster and faster, his tongue moves over me. Faster. Harder. I pull him in and buck. Faster, harder, he licks. Back and forth, back and forth. My pelvis bucks as he catches the sweet spot. I tug his face in. Right there. Faster, faster. Harder. My hips bounce up and down as I ride his face. I point my face to the sky and let out a moan. Again. Again. I cry out and arch my back as the muscles spasm and I coat him in my juices. I release my hands and slow to a gentle sway. His lips give me a kiss. Cheeky.

I slide down and bring my leg over him. I lie on my side and press up against him. My hand glides over his skin. My breathing returns to a slow and deliberate pace. He breaks the silence. I need to train him better.

“Yes, boy?”
“When will you take off the blindfold?”
“When you’ve earned the right to watch me cum.”

I let out a small scoff.

“When will that be, Mistress?”
“When I no longer need to use my hands.”

He closes his mouth and stops talking. I smirk. These boys come in with such confidence. I enjoy knocking them down a peg. This one has potential. My eyes regain their focus. I give his nipple a little twist. His mouth opens but he stays still. Good boy. My nostrils flare as the tingles rush through me. I’m not full yet. I will devour you, boy.

I climb back onto my knees and straddle his body. I’m ready for round two.

3 thoughts on “Erotica Short: A Quick Scene

  1. Well, fur, I certainly enjoyed this little quickie. I was especially bemused by your recognition of the oft overlooked connection between a male’s nipples and his cock. Having his cage rattle at the touch on the nipples is very true to life, in my experience. After all, what else are male nipples for if not as a receptacle for male sub pleasure/pain? My husband would attest to that:)

    Also, the oh so brave effort by our victim not to make any “noise” at the end with that final (for the moment) twist. Have you been peeking into my bedroom again? So hard for the sub; such fun for the Dom:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey.

      I’m very glad that you enjoyed this. I have experienced the nipple phenomenon first hand quite a few times. I do prefer them for pleasure rather than pain though 🙂

      Take care.


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